like a rolling stone

2 guys walk up to me.  Seem to be people who should know the answer more assertively than I.  (They’re wearing leather in a couple spots?)

“Hey.  What band did Keith Richards play for?”
Me… just a tad uncertainly and afraid I’m wrong with something that ought be obvious… “Rolling… Stones?”
“Right.  Guitarist, Right?”
Me:  “Er… Sure.”

“Who was the lead singer?”
Me:  “Can’t remember.”

“Something like… Nick… Rick… this is killing us.”

Me:  Shrug.

Minute passes by.  I think “Oh, crap!”  Have to run over to them.  “MICK.  MICK.  MICK JAGGER!!!”

“Oh.  Wow.  Thanks.”

I shake my head.  Have to turn in any card signifying me as some classic rock aficionado… but again… SHOULDN’T THOSE TWO KNOW THIS CRAP?

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