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So.  Lincoln Chafee out in the hustlings in New Hampshire

Chafee told the group he wants to bring National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden home, dropping all charges against him. Paula Trombi of Meredith said she liked some of what he said but was taken aback and disappointed by his position on Snowden. She also can’t understand why he keeps talking about the metric system, of all things.

Because he’s UNAFRAID!

This next one is … telling.

Dave Pollak, chairman of Belknap County Democrats, said he agreed with Chafee that Snowden is a whistleblower and should not be prosecuted. With Chafee’s background in different parties, Pollak sees him as someone who could bridge the ideological divide between Democrats and Republicans. He even likes the metric system idea.
But Pollak finds other aspects of Chafee’s campaign peculiar.

“Clinton’s campaign is in contact with the group every week inviting its members to events, has multiple campaign offices open and created specialty groups for supporters such as “High Schoolers for Hillary.” The Sanders campaign sends regular “rousing” emails on issues, Pollak said. The campaign for another rival, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, also has staff in the state.
Chafee, on the other hand, has no campaign staff in New Hampshire yet and appears to be running on a shoestring. Although Chafee has a vacation home further north in Franconia, he said he hasn’t been staying there during the campaign. Instead, he drives to his New Hampshire events from Rhode Island, a five-hour round trip this evening. He was back in Somersworth, New Hampshire, the following day.
It makes Pollak wonder how serious he is.

Theater Review.  And “I need my neighbor with me”.  Then again.  Given that the act of being president is… an act… maybe such is a good measurement of this.  As opposed to where they stand on the metric system.

“What’s the organization?” he asks. “What gives you confidence that he can get the voters out?”
Chafee gets testy when asked about matters like that. He says it’s an “evolutionary process.”
“You guys never ask anything about the substance,” he told a reporter. “It’s always about how many people, how much money have you raised. Ugh.”


As he spoke, Chafee aide Jonathan Stevens handed out stickers saying “Trust Chafee.” The design and motto are identical to the one from his 2010 campaign for governor. Asked if they’re 2010 leftovers, Stevens replied, “We recycle everything.”
Stickers bearing this year’s motto, “Fresh Ideas for America,” were nowhere in sight.

Hey!  It’s the Kucinich campaign for congress, after he left the presidential bid because he had a tough primary.

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