The National Review is ratcheting up and odd theme… see the lead story when I click to the website…

Hillary Clinton’s Uber Speech Belongs in 1930s America.
That’s better than what Bernie Sanders gets, which has him — again in the 1930s — chewing over a “Nationalism” with his “Socialism”.
To be sure, neither one is too hairy, and what really bugs me more is this fixation within the article on the preponderance of political bumper stickers on the cars of people attending Bernie Sanders rallies…
The bumper stickers on the mainly foreign-made cars of his followers tell the story: One of those “Peace” (not the more popular “Coexist”) slogans made of various world religious symbols, “Clean Water Is for Life!” and “The Warren Wing of the Democratic Party,” sundry half-literate denunciations of “Corporate Oligarchy” . . . “Not Just Gay — Ecstatic!”

Sure.  Tells a Story, indeed.  I suppose the bumper stickers on the cars at a Ted Cruz for President rally are any less detoxicating?

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