100 Years Ago A few Days Ago

Sooo… Was the Archduke Ferdinand Assassination an inside job?  There are just way too many holes and inconsistencies in the “Official” story, and too many interests who have things to gain from unleashing World War One.

Also, we see governments having done “Operation Northwoods” styles drills, acting out the scenarios of archduke assassinations.

… Interestingly enough, it probably would’ve been a “second half hour of the news hour”, and not shown as “Breaking News”… even if the “BBC in real time” idea is a good one.  (Though… it wouldn’t be on some nations’ channels.)

On a different note, I see that there’s a commemorative thingy magazine put out by Life on the checkout aisles.  The last 100 Years in pictures.  This can only mean starting with the start of World War One.  I don’t know what to make of the proliferation of these things — the other one out was one for Michael Jackson on the fifth anniversary of his death, similar to one released a couple months back.  And… why?  Is it worth noting that this “100 Years in Review after World War One” includes Sandy Hook but not Columbine?  (Or is that the fact that there needed to be something for this last decade and with the Florida Recount clogging things up about there, we might as well skip that one over?)

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