meanwhile, in Poland


“It is a time when evil has to be called evil,” said Krzysztof Szczerski, speaking for the party. “Mister prime minister, look at yourself in the mirror. You are like this alien which is sucking onto Poland and feeds on it.”

Check.  Call the prime minister Evil.  Call him a blood sucking Alien.  (What movie features blood sucking evil aliens?)

Leaving the chamber, though, did not sit well with the next speaker, Janusz Palikot, representing Your Movement.
“It’s really a serious thing when the biggest opposition party leaves when the floor is taken by the head of the third political power in the country, without which it is impossible to dismiss the prime minister,” he said. “It’s a cabaret!”

Evoke Liza Minnelli?

Mr. Tusk’s supporters did not try to hide their pleasure over the impact of the surprise maneuver.
“I am moved by the cries of the opposition,” said Slawomir Neumann, deputy minister of health. “For a few days, they have been talking about the vote of confidence for the government, but when this occurs, they say it’s too quickly. Big boys don’t cry.”

The Cure?

Oh maybe their reference points are different.  And people say our Poltiical discourse gets testy!

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