Death Metal Band to play in soundproof, airtight box.

What of that weird Facebook psychological test?

Oklahoma Republican Congressional loser challenges winner on grounds that he is dead man replaced by a body-double.

Hey!  Remember Blackwater?  Sooo…  A senior official with the private security firm Blackwater threatened to kill a US State Department investigator in 2007 for attempting to review the group’s performance in Iraq. Blackwater Threatened to Kill State Dept. Official in Iraq

ISIS Declares Victory.  Takes over Iraq and Syria.

Third Parties polling exceptionally and historically high.

Thad Cochran has one more term left… what’s he going to do with it?

An autopsy of Cochran versus McDaniels.

12 Worst Presidents ranked by their Inhumanity.

The Greatest Soccer Game Ever… 2 teams trying to beat themselves to advance

John Oliver and Uganda’s anti-gay laws.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Dissent on the Hobby Lobby ruling.

UK Sperm Donations dries up after anti-anonymity ruling.



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