world declares war on Kesha Rogers, by covering Jeremiah Duggan in British Media

Votes will be counted on Tuesday, and the votes are rolling in as we speak.  Registered voters of Texas who did not vote in the Republican Primary in April can now vote in a Democratic Primary and take their pick of these two … “Interesting” statewide races.

For Agriculture Commission Democratic Nomination
Jay Hogan versus Kinky Friedman

For US Senate Democratic Nomination
David Alameel versus Kesha Rogers

It is a misnomer that Jim Hogan has had no campaign going.  I did see he accepted an attendance at a campaign invited alongside Kesha Rogers somewhere or other.  Don’t know what came of it, but it does fit the definition of “having a campaign”.  (A similar story happened with Alvin Greene in South Carolina in 2010 who did apparently show for a random newspaper endorsement interview… despite claims that he had no campaign).

And we see here that as David Alameel effectively looks past Kesha Rogers, Kesha Rogers makes her case with one of these…

Obama’s crimes take on genocidal proportions, much worse than Adolf Hitler’s.

Yes, I do think David Alameel is coming in on the victory.  There is no debate here, which in the theme of this  Democratic debates can be like this too. Just let the Larouchie candidate in the primary debate may be a shame.

The small doubt in my head comes out in this Charlie Rangel piece.  It’s still a bit too much of a crap-shoot for anyone’s liking — two bad statewide choices that determine who will lose in November.  Motivation a little weak.  And here we see the Larouchies online are playing up this curious angle

Remember, if your’re a Republican who did not vote in the Republican primary (and only a few percent of all voters did so) you, too, can vote in the Democratic runoff to impeach Obama

— you know… we can impeach the President.  And see here a fait accompli.

Rogers, a perennial candidate who is aligned with fringe political ‘philosopher’ Lyndon La Rouche and who has compared President Obama to Hitler and said one of her priorities is to colonize Mars, is running a close second to David Almelo
“Anthony Enos Wicher” makes his case for Kesha “transforming the Democratic Party”.
Comments:  . He will be impeached. Republicans, Democrats or anybody who doesn’t like Obama or what the Democratic party has become in the last 50 years since Kennedy, can strike a blow against this criminal administration.

Eye roll to this play of the “race card”.

UPDATE: I wrote this as a comment on a local left-wing blog the other day, and I think it fits here as well.
Even though I’m a Cornyn backer who endorsed him early, I might consider voting for Kesha in the general election just to watch the outpouring of racism that would come from the Democrats. I can see the headlines now — “Democrats Refuse To Allow Black Woman To Caucus With Them”, “Democrats Refuse To Give Black Woman Committee Assignments”, “Democrat War On Black Women Continues”, etc.
The words and actions of Democrats if Rogers gets the nomination — much less wins the general election — will be quite illuminating.

Interesting that the Larouchies and random bloggers go there…  See marisol chiming in with a ” we definitely need more white male Democratic candidates” — and see too here.

There might be something to the 2010 coverage of South Carolina’s Alvin Greene where there wasn’t much coverage of Oklahoma’s Jim Rogers.   Maybe?  But we’re not seeing that argument advanced here.  I doubt they even think of that argument — and marisol would be too wrapped up in the idea that Kesha Rogers is a real candidate of any worth (World Historical worth, as the Larouche “Irish Brigade” blog pepper her nomination on Tuesday as a culmination of events that include Putin’s diplomacy in China and India’s formation of a government) to take that tact of how different “embarrassing candidates” are treated.

And one more interesting bit of a sales attempt:  Democrats: are you ashamed of what your party has become? Are you sick of phony Bush Democrats like David Alameel and Barack Obama? Republicans: do you want to impeach Obama? Vote for the real thing. Vote for Kesha Rogers! It may be the most effective vote you will ever cast!

And let this be your warning siren“With voters not knowing anything about either of these two candidates, she could prevail,” said Harvey Kronberg, a longtime Texas politics watcher and editor of The Quorum Report.
It is interesting to see this daily kos poster attempt at deflating Alameel.  Curious to note the dearth of posting by him.  Other partisan spots — democratic underground — are working to get the word out as best they can.

No, not much on the hustlings of television ad buys, but she did make Iranian Press TV.  (I think pumping up Putin’s goals on Russia Today and Iranian Press TV is the main purpose of the Larouche movement right now.)  I’d like to pick up the point of thermonuclear war that you are saying. You are not the only one who is predicting that.

And in related anecdotal bits and pieces.

She was staying with an employer/friend who was funneling money to LaRouche. She and some of the cult members stayed at my house while I was working on a project. And I do say cult. The communication style was so weird. It was easy to recognize the hierarchical dominance. Some of the kids would talk, but it was easy to tell when a senior member came in the room, they would get very quiet. All of them knew the classics, could sing and play violin. And discuss fascinating, scattered topics. I think of them as Tea Party on Steroids.

And finally David Alameel speaks on Kesha Rogers… At 16:20  … “Kesha is someone who is representing… she thinks Obamacare is genocide.  Any democrat with any knowledge of what she represents, and what I represent will have an easy time to choose.”
A little too subdued.  How can that possibly compete against...

Now, what is so special about this race is that it will draw the line, whether America fights or flees. Survives or succumbs.

ITEM NUMBER TWO… Jeremiah Duggan Prompts Larouche Org to pump out nonsensical article entitled…
British Crown Declares War — On Larouche Specifically and on Humanity Generally

This appears to be the Larouchian response to any news coverage that comes in regards  with Jeremiah Duggangets us this headline.


Okay.  So what we see with this … EIR article… is Princess Diane tragedy and “cover up”, a denial of service hacking of a right wing British Party website — connected by the Larouchies by back channels over to the NSA…

all to stop Kesha Rogers from winning the Democratic nomination for Senate on Tuesday, and Vladimir Putin from carving out more of the Ukraine as Russian territory.

This is what the Larouche Movement keeps offering up to Erica Duggan.


Dateline Gunshow.
Supporters of US political figure Lyndon LaRouche passed out literature Saturday outside the gun show at the Paso Robles Events Center […]  The LaRouche Movement advocates establishing a human colony on Mars.
Just in case Cliff Kincaid can’t tell who the Larouchies aren’t aiming their appeals to at the moment.


Encounters on the Post Office Tour

I sometimes see them outside my local post office or at the county courthouse annex on N Shepherd.
Once at the post office they had a sign saying “Invoke the 25th Amendment.” That meant to remove Obama as incompetent. I told this guy Obama was competent. He got to talking, at last said the Euro would tank. I said Euro is exchanging at $1.39. He walked away. Entitled to his own facts.
I suspect these people live on the money the movement raises. One guy put a pen in my hand and tried to get me to sign a pledge to allow monthly withdrawals from my bank account. I refused. Apparently the movement gets too heavy-handed at times because LaRouche went to Federal prison on a conviction over fundraising.


To those who don’t know the Larouchies, (10 + / 0 -)  I first became aware of them in the 1970s, when the CT they were then espousing was that Henry Kissinger and Queen Elizabeth II had conspired together to control the world’s trade in illegal drugs.  They have only gotten crazier since then.

how it is that people keep falling for… (6+ / 0-) … Lyndon LaRouche, is beyond me.  He seems to be the perpetual political con artist with zero credibility.  The only thing he has going for him are enough CTs to hook practically anyone who is prone to conspiracist thinking. 
Some of them are obscure enough to be “new” to people who hear them, and thus sound “intriguing.”  For example, “the international drugs trade is controlled by the Queen of England.”
And as with potato chips, so with CTs: “bet you can’t eat just one!”;-)

Kesha Rogers gets routinely invited to speak at Tea Party events, so I’m particularly relieved that they’re too busy trying to win their own runoffs to mess with ours.

Part of the problem with running an ad campaign against Rogers is that folks who don’t know anything about LaRouche don’t believe that she’s actually saying and doing all of this stuff. They think it’s just another lying campaign attack.
I ran into that problem during a phonebank earlier this week, which is why I decided to write a diary that stresses asking everyone to contact their family and friends, who will be more likely to believe them than a stranger on the phone.

I would be shocked if Alameel comes within 10 points of Cornyn in November.
The goal here is to keep her off the ballot so that the media can’t focus on her ridiculous antics instead of Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte.

You would think these LaRouchies would… (5+ / 0-) …vanish after so many years. But their guru-Führer keeps them in thrall

Yes. One of those lieutenants used to… (2+ / 0-) …be an editor of mine. He went crazy around 1971 and hasn’t rehabbed since.

Dateline MIT.  The PAC, formed by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., believes that the world is currently under threat from a “British-Liberal” plot to drastically reduce the world’s population through a global thermonuclear war.



As the years pass, and the line on a “Larouche Youth Movement” becomes untenable, the Larouchies can now look back to the past to pluck out their candidates, no longer strapped to “youth”…

Bruce Todd?  Funning for the 3rd congressional district in NJ… to, I suppose, grab some mojo out of the big Diane Sare 4th congressional district attack…

Todd, 64, a retired millwright from Ocean Township, ran for lieutenant governor last year and said he previously ran for office on a LaRouche ticket in the 1970s.


Oh, my, god… Lyndon Larouche… was right… I guess?

Funny thing, Huffington Post had a new headline about man expanding beyond Earth this morning quoting Stephen Hawking. LsRouche has been talking about this for a few years…
They will say he’s a crackpot talking about nuclear war all the time but they don’t focus on the message underneath.
People have talked about going into space for time eternity.  Huh?

ANDNo, Queen Elizabeth isn’t a drug dealer, as Lyndon LaRouche has claimed, but the interests of the city of London’s international financiers are not always well-aligned with those of the citizens of Main Street.

Of interest, in trying to figure out the Zietgeist connection.

Sad shooting suspect from Michigan with a facebook page with “interesting stuff” on it.  You Can’t draw too much from this.  Public posts on Taylor’s Facebook profile indicate he was a supporter of controversial political figure and perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche and often posted about emotional and metaphysical topics.

The fringe movement working to destroy standard tuning.  (I suppose here we get into why this guy calls in comparing Larouche with Alex Jones… “More intellectual than Jones.“.. says … someone or other… Wow, he sure hates Alex Jones… and wow, he sure hates the Jews.   It’s worth mentioning that he’s annoyed that Larouche doesn’t blame the Jews, but sticks to the British Empre “true to a point”, when he should be focusing on the Jews that are the British Empire… ie: …)

This is worth a looksee, yes.
In the first section, they ask that you identify the verbs in a series of sentences, and tell whether the verbs used are transitive or intransitive. This is in reference to a section devoted to this distinction in Lyn’s manual, “So You Wish…” Jason Ross explains that in organizing, one should strive to use only transitive verbs, which communicate action and change on their subjects. […]
Click to read “10 Examples”…
I am not an educator, but I would like to think that a legitimate educator would be horrified by this. This is nothing short of blatant Thought Reform, in my opinion. They are asking their students, new recruits and older members both, to analyze these examples, hiding them among more innocuous examples. They are asking their students to think about the verbs, the pieces of these sentences, without applying their critical thinking to decide for themselves whether the sentences in their entirety are true.

Also worth a looksee… no, I don’t understand why this was posted.   Amateur Hour!

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