Star Trek Voyager star … stars in film challenging the theory that the sun revolves around the Earth… apologies later.

How the Big Overthrow of Obama went.
Now we enter Phase 2 in Overthrowing Obama...

Reality TV Show deal on a what network again?
In March, Kessler announced that he’d signed a development deal for a militia-themed reality show with Relativity TV.

Jim Webb for PresidentHm.

Ken Ham challenges Pat Robertson to debate.

Vintage Stalin Defending

Biden invited to the prom by … really strange kid, but god love her I guess.

Oregon Republican Party strange, says Rachel Maddow.  Cuing Lorne Parks.  Art Robinson.  No Delia Lopez.

The problem with the current college and other craze of “Trigger” warnings / allowances for students.

9/11 Truther brochure fighting it out with non 9/11 Truth brochure.



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