you know who hated kennedy?

One of the comment queries that I see from time to time leading to this blog runs along the lines of “Larouche views on FDR”.  I honestly think my blog post which simply posted excerpts from the Larouche book The Case of Walter Lippmann is amongst the most important items in my “Larouche Challenge” categories, as clearly it has cleared the air for a smattering of people googling about to find out Larouche’s historic views on FDR from when he was specifically targetting the far right as they differ sharply from post 1982 or thereabouts when he’s come to find some strategic use for Roosevelt.

I kind of think such a page, a bit more extensive, would be useful to put up on the “laroucheplanet” page (not much updated though it is, having fulfilled much of its perceived obligation in getting a bunch of information out there), as well as… it seems about time to put up a bunch of quotations on where stands Larouche on Kennedy.  Because, you know… what do we have here?

John Sigerson, who directed the concert, said that the concert hoped to expand people’s awareness of the importance of the arts in a classical sense, by reminding people of the high social, moral and innovative standards embodied in the leadership of President Kennedy.


From A note from Margaret Fairchild:
Long live Mozart and JFK!

Poppy cock.  Feel free to jump to the index page of the Walter Kippmann… looking up Kennedy, and just plucking out a random page number… 40
“the global pattern of the Knnedy administration period is waves of destablizations, tampering in foreign elections and other typically Rockefellar antics”

An interesting note in the review of this big concert, consisting of “mostly NEC students and Boston freelancers, with a smattering of Schiller Institute members”.  I like this one:

In the low-lying portions, he was not helped by the Schiller Institute’s campaign to lower modern pitch to 432 Hz in accord with Verdi’s dictum.

Ba de dum.

A bit of criticism found here.  And naming names.
The current lack of leadership from Cardinal Sean O’Malley.  Specifically, Cardinal Sean has erred by allowing a recognized cult (The Schiller Institute) to co-sponsor an event with the archdiocese in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.
If you said (d) you are correct.  Maybe you researched the Schiller Institute before answering (d).  If so good for you, it is far more than the Cardinal and his advisors did.
Yes, those LaRouche automatons.  You know them standing in front of your local post office.  They have eager smiles and glassed over eyes. They have a cardtable full of sundry conspiracy literature with large pictures of President Obama and President Bush with Hitler mustaches to attract your attention.  You can find out lots of information about cults and the LaRouche cult online.
So you think the mantle of credibility laid upon the disciples of Lyndon LaRouche is no big deal.  Sure there is something to be said for the fact that most Bostonians will be watching Tom Brady this Sunday afternoon instead of swooning over the symphonic strains of Mozart in the South End.  However, you can bet that this event will be rebroadcast all over the world on various LaRouche websites and maybe even on the Cardinal’s vanity television station.   I believe that Boston is the second diocese (possibly archdiocese) to be taken in by Lyndon LaRouche and the Schiller Institute with this Kennedy concert scam.  Shame on any pastor who lets these creeps into the sanctuary.  I hope this brief blog post will prompt a mea culpa from Cardinal Sean, but I doubt it.  Apologize to his sheep- no way.  It is easier to use his cadre of public relations professionals to explain away this ugly omission in leadership.


So.  Texas Elections calendarEarly voting for the statewide Democratic primary begins on February 18 and Election Day is Tuesday, March 4.
LaRouche activist Kesha Rogers is also running as a Democrat for some unknown reason.
The reasons are pretty well known, and I’ll get to them in a minute.

From a  blog I always end up linking when I get back to Kesha Rogers:

One candidate should come with glaring spotlights and screaming klaxons, to warn everyone in her path to stay the hell away. I speak of course of the LaRouche nutball Kesha Rogers, who for the last two elections managed to get herself and her message of impeaching President Obama nominated in CD22. That’s mortifying to say the least, but in the end neither nomination had any effect on anything. Nominating her for the Senate – even allowing her to slip into the runoff – would make all of us a laughingstock on a national scale with the force to knock Chris Christie out of the news cycle and with the potential to administer real damage to Wendy Davis’ campaign.

Actually, don’t kid yourself.  It’d be a headache if she were in the run-off, but how long did anyone remember the last Texas Senate run-off semi-embarrassing candidate from 2 years ago?  Grady Yarbrough.  It will be a drag on the ticket if she gets into the general election, and you don’t want her to get into the run-off, but don’t

Also nobody remembers the Larouchie who was the Democratic nominee for US Senator in Wyoming in 2000.

OuchWe only need to recall the failed challenge by the much more seasoned and credible Ken Paxton in 2011, at a time when Straus’ grip on power was far more tenuous than today, to realize that Democrats David Alameel or Kesha Rogers have a better chance of defeating US Senator John Cornyn in November than Turner has of vanquishing Straus in a battle for the speakership.

Hm…  Commentary and a half.

And even though I’m obviously more qualified than Democrat hopefuls Harry Kim, Kesha Rogers, Maxey Marie Scherr (fake name?), Michael “Fjet” Fjetland (super fake name), and David M. Alameel, and could very easily give Cornyn a run for his money, don’t worry. I’m in no danger of becoming a senator.
Campaigning where?  1300 Freedom Radio and a Danny Super Foods parking lot.  She sure is campaigning where the Democratic votes aren’t.  And talking before Tea Party groups.  It is where some money is, and that’s the purpose of her run.  See too here… All in the Tea Party Patriots Straw Poll results!
Interesting about this one.
On the day President Barack Obama was to give his sixth State of the Union address, there were two people in New Braunfels calling for his impeachment — before he embroils the United States in thermonuclear war.
Bill Roberts and Ema Reuter of the LaRouche PAC — that’s for onetime perennial presidential candidate and Libertarian Linden LaRouche — and supporters of “LaRouche Democrat” for U.S. Senate Kesha Rogers,  stood near the sidewalk behind the county tax office in the cold for hours handing out campaign literature — bookended by “Impeach Obama” posters that depict the president with an Adolf Hitler-style mustache.
Shouldn’t Bill Roberts be running for something in his home state of Michigan?
Apparently Diane Sare gets to stick in New Jersey.  She’s one up on Bill Roberts in the hierarchy.
On our latest episode, we sit for a chat with Diane Sare, 2013 candidate for governor of New Jersey, activist, and a member of the Larouche PAC. We discuss the latest tirade in New Jersey with Chris Christie’s traffic blockade, the core principles of the Larouche PAC, and Mrs. Sare’s economic and political philosophies.

Q and A Time.  Where does Kesha Rogers stand on Abortion?  Er… she’s for Impeachment.

And again and again and again…Rogers was in the area for an interview with 1300 Freedom Radio and a meet and greet at Danny’s Super Foods, 2003 Western Ave., West Orange. – See more at:
Rogers was in the area for an interview with 1300 Freedom Radio and a meet and greet at Danny’s Super Foods, 2003 Western Ave., West Orange. – See more at:
Rogers was in the area for an interview with 1300 Freedom Radio and a meet and greet at Danny’s Super Foods, 2003 Western Ave., West Orange. – See more at:
Rogers was in the area for an interview with 1300 Freedom Radio and a meet and greet at Danny’s Super Foods, 2003 Western Ave., West Orange. – See more at:
Rogers was in the area for an interview with 1300 Freedom Radio and a meet and greet at Danny’s Super Foods, 2003 Western Ave., West Orange. – See more at:

At the February 3, 2014 LPAC Policy Committee meeting with guests from around the world, Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche makes a chilling prediction that due to the US deliberately provoking Russia into a response, a thermo nuclear mutual extermination will be kicked off in March 2014.
LaRouche also predicts the official declaration by the Queen will happen in March.

Mark your calendars?
Leafing through the latest Press TV appearances by Bill Jones; there’s Syria and some coverage to align roughly with this “Nuclear Threat”  to Russia and “Russia to Retaliate” line.  Bill Jones is More Putin than Putin.
Historical Perspective.  Larouche sits along and debates with… The Nation of Islam?  (Just out of prison at the time.)

The fascist content of that revolution, the qualifications of the LaRouche movement to lead the fight against it, and the consequences of failing to defeat it, were the subject of a series of keynote presentations and panels, followed by a session devoted to open discussion
by members of the audience with the panelists.Opening keynote speech is by Lyndon LaRouche, following him is Health Minister Abdul Alim Muhammad of the Nation of Islam speaking on behalf of Minister Louis Farrakhan, and there is a short question and answer period after. Questions are about free trade, to Mr. Muhammad about the NOI statement that white people are devils, can we create a better music education system, why the founding fathers allowed slavery to continue, and what role does sense perception play in education.

Today we get this fight from the 9/11 Truth Movement … seems to be about Tarpley here.
 Somewhere along the fight for Glass Steagall, Lyndon Larouche goes to rehashing his “Monica Lewinsky was a British Agent” line to diss current Republican efforts at impeaching Obama.  So we get this from the “Irish Brigade” blog.

In light of Lyndon LaRouche’s remarks about former President Bill Clinton during the Monday, Jan. 27, policy committee dialogue, it is worthwhile to once again review the actual strategic context for the Republican impeachment hoax against the President. The strategic consequences of the Clinton impeachment are still reverberating in profound ways today.

So long as there’s a personality split between Clinton and Obama, there will be a way to claim to be siding with Clinton and making meat out of it.

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  1. Quarx Says:

    Cheers for the link. But I’d like to emphasize my blog is NOT a promotion of the “truth” movement; the contents of the Larouche post come from a defunct forum and predates my understanding the “truth” movement was a 100% right wing fraud posing as anti-war activism. Revleft has a mostly accurate analysis of how the fraud worked to recruit the left into 911 “truth”:

    The conspiracy peeps seem to have given up on progressive leftists as marks these days…we just can’t be counted on to turn a blind eye to Holocaust denial, etc. 😉

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