watching kids eat their broccoli

Behold!  Kids.  Complaining about having to eat their broccoli.  Politicized.  Because Michele Obama’s involved in it.

Other gripes involved the new bread, which students don’t want to eat because it’s brown wheat bread, and the new milk, which is skim or one percent fat, not two percent or whole. The cafeteria’s chocolate- and strawberry-flavored milk offerings are now nonfat.

What?  They really want white wonderbread?  Crust taken off of them?

Students can only have one serving of meat or other protein. However, rich kids can buy a second portion each day on their own dime.

It’s like … the free enterprise system pokes its way into this somewhere.

And into the comments section for one line of this after another…

“welcome to the USSR”
This is verifiably true. Obama is indeed a Marxist of the Pan Leninist variety; proof of this is staring everyone in the face if they choose to see it. This school lunch program is simply a part of the strategy to garner 100% control over the hearts, minds, and souls of the middle class.
And hold on a second…

If only someone remembered what the Tenth Amendment says, and why Madison & Co. put it there.

Because James Madison was upset that kids are being given skim milk instead of whole milk?

In other Pubic Education news… where you might have reason to poke James Madison into the discussion.
The Glendale Unified School District has hired a Hermosa Beach company to monitor public social media posts made by its students to find out when teens are in trouble or causing it.
Superintendent Richard Sheehan said Geo Listening is analyzing the posts of 13,000 students at eight Glendale middle and high schools.

The goal is to give school administrators critical information as soon as possible.
“The whole purpose is student safety,” said Sheehan. “Basically, it just monitors for keywords where if a student is considering harming themselves, harming someone else.”
He added, “We do monitor on and off campus, but we do pay attention during school hours. We do pay more attention to the school computers.”

Kids need to get used to the surveillance State.  They also need to learn their facebook pages ain’t private.  Also we may as well put “Requires Constant Supervision” as the default setting.

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