paranoid lunatic, take 500 plus

Curious note from Alex Jones, begging a simple question.

“I’ve been racially attacked by black people, probably—let’s not exaggerate—thirty-five times?” Jones said. “I’ve been racially attacked by Hispanics, let’s not exaggerate, five times. Let me tell you, that’s when you really get hurt bad. Compound fractures, you name it.”

“I am sick of it,” Jones said. “I am sick of the fact that I have been racially attacked over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. And the politically correct thing to do is just offer your kids up to have their noses broken and their eyes blackened and their bones broken, because the one thing you don’t do is ever go stand up against it. That’s what political correctness is in this country.”

Er… if someone is physically assaulting you… shouldn’t you press charges?

Where are these 35 fights with blacks and 5 fights with Hispanics taking place?  Are these just bar-room brawls?  Or was did this happen outside the Bilderberg Group meeting?

I know Alex Jones lifts weights with his good pal, Charlie Sheen.  He made sure to mention that every third sentence during his (in)famous interview with the man, the first stop of the Charlie Sheen public melt-down tour.  Doesn’t that give Alex Jones an advantage against these 35 black men and five Hispanic men?  (I’m going to assume they’re men — sorry for sticking to my political incorrect gender norms.)

And are they asking for his kids as a sacrifice, or is offering them up without any prompting?

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