Doc Hastings waffles a tad on Impeaching Obama

Interesting phrase here:
Murray and Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., have passed in the Senate legislation to protect the Middle Fork-Snoqualmie under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, and to put 22,000 additional acres of wild country in eastern King County into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.
“We’re waiting to see what happens in the House,” she said.  A wilderness-averse Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, did permit a hearing on the Middle Fork-Alpine Lakes legislation.  But the committee has yet to pass out the bill.

One item for consideration on that score:
Two… He’s complaining about road closures in Naches.  To which I can say… hm… except, it’s notable what a commenter springs us up with.
Gotta close those roads – can’t have the illegals planting crops and killing people for accidentally walking up on them. Oh…wait……..that’s right. Illegals OWN Yakima. Guess they should deal with that one, too.
I think this is single-issue voter.  Probably a single issue person, for that matter.

But the big issue on the plate, that which everyone wants to know… which will be coming up in Town Hall meetings from Republican districts all across the nation… when Republicans trudge before their constituents… er… Impeachment?

Hastings said he is completely against Obamacare, and at lunch in Moses Lake Monday, Moses Lake resident Julia Hodgson took it a step further, asking if it’s possible to impeach Obama.
Hastings said that although the House may vote in favor of the idea, the Democrat-controlled Senate would never support it, making impeachment impossible. Hastings also addressed immigration reform, which he hopes passes by the end of the year.

So Doc Hastings is in accord with Congressman Blake Farenthold in claiming that there may be enough votes in the House for the idea… not necessarily for the same “birther” issue… instead, if I follow the flow from this article it would be over Health Care… or, you know, whatever… whether Doc Hastings would be in the group of 218 to Impeach he leaves up in the air.

Mostly, what we see is Doc Hastings pandering to this lunatic constituency, not able to answer the question with … er… “no”.  Still, “speculators are speculating“, he might find himself in the position to move that line forward… in as much as he might jump into the House Oversight Chair now held by Darrell Issa.  So, if you want to Impeach Obama sometime in his last two years of office, for… er… you know… whatever… he’s your man to pester.

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