a nation is looking elsewhere for glass steagall. not at mcdonalds.


Kind of an interesting little portrait montage at EIR.  Start with the figure of Carter Glass, and it is quasi-ironic to invoke him as the FDR figure de jour, given that he — along with his fellow Virginia Senator — emerged as implacable conservative Southern foes of Roosevelt and the New Deal.
I like this headline — FDR or Fascism:  That’s the Question Before Us Today — because, you know, in the 1970s the Larouche org would say “FDR AND Fascism”.

Then there’s John McCain.  Unfortunatley, factnet has wiped out Part 6 of its larouche threads, and is intermittently down, so I can’t access the most recent description of John McCain as insane — to the point of being Larouchian, if you follow the description.

This is a step up from the previous motion from retiring Senator Tom Harkin, or the sudden Larouchie comment blasts to a youtube clip of retiring Senator Bryon Dorgan’s speech from 1999.  (When I look it up, I see a few vaguely familiar comments, but not the larouchies’ — were they tagged as spam?)

You know what Glass Steagall is all about, right?  Well, I have my own ideas on its significance, they have theirs… and it is as:
It’s amazing how the LaRouchies can take something that is a quite sensible albeit radical proposal (considering the power of the banks and their stranglehold on both parties) can make something realistic and sensible sound like angry fringe politics. Of course, again no mention of the LaRouche movement.
“Angry Fringe Politics” does not do this inanity justice.
Now, if you go back to the early period in Earth’s history, iron was there, from the beginning, so to speak. But early on, iron largely resided deep within the Earth. Maybe it made its way up to the surface and into the oceans, through certain kinds of upwellings, volcanic activity, and what-have-you. And whenever it did get into the oceans, where it became pretty abundant, it was in a soluble form, which meant that it was dissolved in the oceans, and it is fairly homogenously distributed throughout the oceans; and really existed in a form that was not very accessible, or wouldn’t be very accessible to human civilization in that state.
But the reality is, that, not to do this, means that, as he said, “you are betraying the nation.” Not to go with Glass-Steagall, you’re betraying humanity. You’re betraying the universe… […]  And to get back to Glass-Steagall, that’s what Glass-Steagall implies. Glass-Steagall implies that we’re going to move away from an animalistic state of existence.

And question:  Any reason anyone would want to mention the Larouche Movement?  McCain, your regular seated glass on all the Sunday talk shows, I do not see mentioning Glass Steagall at all.  So these things fall to Elizabeth Warren as the face of Glass Steagall.  Note another ad (ad sense, I’m sure, matching the topic) at the Thom Hartmann web forum, which we see here (as it is occasionally) invaded by the forces of Larouche.


And we do see her speaking on behalf of Glass Steagall, in one sense echoing the Larouche line (if you can call it that) of “Making it possible by bringing it up” — defeating cynicism, if you will.  But it stops there.  Fore we do not ever hear her go along with… oh…:
When Glass-Steagall is reenacted Wall Street will be shut down. On the basis of national security, the U.S. has the authority to orchestrate the great orderly Wall Street market crash. 

Thom Hartmann, I note, has referenced  Glass Steagall regularly.  An amusing moment of surreality came when the larouche movement — the Internet poster force of retour and etc — chided me to “Protest” the Multnomah County Democrats for passing a resolution in favor of Glass Steagall, when really what one should do is congratulate the radio hosts of Carl Wolfson and Thom Hartmann for pushing the issue (still on the air at the time), ignoring the protestations of the Larouche Movement who… I’m sure have set up a table somewhere along the line.

Curious, though
I spoke with my friend at LaRouchePAC, and his(LaRouche) position on the lame bill is don’t endourse it, don’t bash it, which makes sense. Too late I already bashed it […]
By my reconning, we have until around November, then a black swan event happens: the Petroyuan:

Since then, they’ve come around to a “Have 2 Weeks” and then if it’s not done then… ARMAGEDDON.
July 22—  Can Congress respond to necessity within the next two weeks, and rush through passage of FDR’s Glass-Steagall law, in order to save the United States and the rest of the world from an otherwise certain financial crash that will lead to global fascism, and perhaps thermonuclear war? 

Really motivates the troops, and has the congressional staffers barricading the doors.  And… spot their influence everywhere.  Even if no one is talking about Thermonuclear War, and Elizabeth Warren is sticking to a long time line.
See John Sigerson at the “9/11 and 7/7 Truth google group” speaking on behalf of EIR thusly:
So the only news here, is the fact that the Telegraph chose to print this just as the fight for the re-enactment of Glass-Steagall is getting very 
hot in Washington.

And the people are talking about the Larouche push for Glass Steagall!
Even a blind chicken will find a grain every now and then. Yes there just may be something his crazy followers are right about. That does not change the fact that they are totally nuts an should be ignored, along with their leader.
LaRouche was “out there” even before he hit the age of 90. If you read about his history he is really more a nut than anything else. The guy is one big conspiracy theorist and everyone is trying to kill him (according to him) but when he was in prison, he was unscathed so it appears he really is just a big nut job…of the highest order.
However, even a broken clock is right twice a day. If La Rouche and his followers get something right out of the thousands upon thousands of stupid things they have said over the years, more power to them but that does not make them any less creepy whack jobs.
Considering the fact that they are the followers of a total nut case. Well……..
I agree with Bibs that there is a tiny element of truth to what the larouchites say.
But overall, they are completely batshit crazy. Anyone who thinks the queen of England is the head of a new world order conspiracy of Platonists and Jews isnt worth listening too.
Plus it doesn’t help that they are quasi Fascists and anti Semites.

And another group of people are talking about the Larouche push for Glass Steagall.
Yup, the cabal must be defunded and bankrupted and public briefings must occur to wake up enough sheeple for the light to win, else we die and go to heaven. Only the cabal will go to hell regardless if they win or lose because they have already done so much evil.
For starters: *Global* reset of *all* country’s currencies to Gold Backed and interlinked in a new system of Basil 3 compliance, a security protocol, Babylon2 (security and safety almost beyond description), and this in addition to ancient global wealth (just one of which is 95 *bunkers* of gold)  be distributed via non-government controlled foundations to assist in rebuilding the planet starting with the children first, aged next, then the rest  us.  Actually 7 countries will lag behind all the others and  then revalue when they are ready, and join the rest of  the world.  ALL previous evil fiat (air backed only) currency manipulation will cease for all time, and the criminals who did the deeds will see prison unless they help (helped) clean it up. Timothy Geithner spent a recent *year* signing legal  affidavits against many many international criminals, including those in the US Gvernment.  Other dramas will be playing out as well, and will literally be Earth Shaking.

Letters to the Editor Thanks.  A conspiracy somehow crumbles momentarily?
I wish to thank the Marshalltown T-R for publishing my LaRouche Letters against the long-held secret of never allowing his name to be mentioned on national news. This is because he published the illegal operation of the big banks in the 1970s. […]
Which is exactly what the British Royalty want to happen, reduce world population from seven to one billion or less. All of this fanfare of the British Royalty on national news is nothing but a form of a Trojan horse. This is their plan for the world.
We in the LaRouche Movement have a Christian solution to our problem. By using our God-given creative minds creating solutions to our problem, we can create a “NEW PARADIGM” for the world. […]
Dan Schmitt, Marshalltown

Yeah, this 1984 Presidential candidate has the same problem.  Hm.  So he’s claiming that “Occupy Wall Street”, with Larouchies hovering on the edges, is gone and being replaced by “End Wall Street”, run entirely by Larouchies?  Talk about a degeneration.

ITEM NUMBER TWO:  Another odd comment from factnet.
It’s those kind of nuances that really show the cult-like nature of the organization. Those are the things that will really speak to current and former LYM. Not the hodgepodge of anti-semitic remarks lifted conspicuously from their context over the course of the 70s and 80s.

Hm.  I admit that’s a bit of a superficial purview — the “conspicuously out of context” is a misnomer — I had the distinct amusement on this blog and the factnet board of being accused of  a clipping a  thread to show show posters dismissing and not loving larouche, and when I pulled back from what revenire/retour clipped it showed once again… dismissal of Larouche), and no, I guess it’s not wholly effective propaganda… but what is to stop the miniscule populace of  youth who could possibly be attracted to this cult?

How about a hodgepodge of anti-semitic tracts from the 90s, 00s, and 10s — which then found their way into… oh… a Glenn Beck special?  (In reference to ”
Yeah, Larouche’s Legacy lies about there.

Okay.  Here’s a good spot to place the latest approval from the neo-nasis of St0rmfront:

They won’t allow a secession, no matter how many votes you cast at them. They’ll use tactical weapons against any rebellion, if they have to, and they’ll sleep well at night afterwards. […]
Here in America, we don’t have much leverage at this time, but we got some. The trick is, to side with the right people. Look at the NRA, few million members, if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have any guns anymore. Look at the LaRouche PAC, they’re fighting this administration every step of the way, and making a lot of progress too.
Our enemy doesn’t advertise themselves as Zionist/New World Order criminals, they pretend to be the victims in this game, but we’re allowing them, to label us any way they want to. As long, as they’ll be able to deal with neo-Nazis, skinheads, and racists, they can criminalize any Patriotic Movement, that’s right, better watch out what flag do you fly.

And, from the laconics forum… after discussing Right Said Fred… hm…
I missed the Poe reference, bad on me. LaRouche endorses Poe as a true patriot that included subtly progressive/humanist themes while dumbed-down schools poison interest in Poe w/their facile view of Poe as a “horror” writer. I like the Family Guy episode where Stewie is a Grammy presenter & announces the top prize should have gone to Nelly, heh.
I’m not up on Poe.  What’s his political value?
Poe knew that London/Jew/Banksters heavily used culture as a weapon to introduce poisonous ideas–both irrational Romanticism or pseudo-scientific Reductionism.  Sherlock Holmes is deductive/Reductionist–Holmes is not a genius, just solves cases with his photographic memory & flow-chart thinking.  
Poe created plots where true human reason defeats “British” deduction & article below goes into details of Poe’s work having strong political themes.  He engaged in a running debate w/Conan Doyle & wrote works directly opposing Doyle & other Brit culture tools.  Poe is buried in a vault next to a Baltimore church, the site is very peaceful despite being in inner city, unmolested by tourists.  Poe was killed by London-hired assassins, now he rests viewing the carnage going on outside.
Baltimore had world’s biggest steel plant, now they’re leaders in premature mortality, dope & crime.
[link to larouchepub thing.]
And it continues...

ITEM NUMBER THREE:  PO TOUR… now making appearances at… McDonalds???

Hi Canton,  Today until 5:00 p.m. on Rte. 44 in front of McDonalds is LaRouche Pac collecting signatures to Impeach Obama.  Stop by and hear why they are doing this and if you agree take a stand and sign this petition
I’m McDonald’s is thrilled to have its customers subject to partisanship when they are just trying to grab a sandwich or coffee.

Dateline Berlin:  So, I had been on one of my mad forays into Berlin at the beginning of July and this cute young Asian-American chick had caught my attention: “Ready to dump Obama?” She was holding a portrait of Obama wearing a Hitler moustache and I must say the image matched my thinking.  But perhaps more importantly, she was cute. And so it  was, Lyndon LaRouche’s prettiest Berlin groupie conned me out of a fifty euro Banknote. Now she will pay it back.
What likely she did not realize was, I recognized her companion, a perennial loser candidate for Bundestag (German Parliament) I had conversed with two years before. The guy has little appreciation for American history, or perhaps simply is uniformed as to the facts of Alexander Hamilton, his thinking having been shaped by an ideologue named LaRouche. But the direction he has taken can be  summed easily enough, does it make sense to turn from one form of tyranny to another? I don’t think so… at least I wouldn’t care to be Kafka’s ape in captivity, here we’ll presume addressing the Schiller Institute at behest of a LaRouche invitation
.. […]
OMG, this decrepit old woman with a smile indicating she has a mechanical thumb up her butt massaging artificial implant prostate glands, is the policy maker responsible for everything gone wrong in this world and the ‘bubble burst’ … and speaking of bursting bubbles (i.e. realities) … I mean how close is this to David Ickes ‘Lizard DNA’ ?

Dateline Stoughton
IF these are the same guys I’m thinking of, they are batshit crazy conspirists. They want you to PLEDGE money first and foremost, there is no real petition to sign. What they do hand you is a pledge form. Their “information” is way out there…it may be true, but it’s way out there. I can’t remember the organization, something with a L as the first letter of the name? LaRouche or something?
Anyway, they showed up very early this spring in Stoughton, right in front of the Post Office. I stopped by to see what was up, and did a lot of reading. They were certainly pushy, outright asking “Why aren’t you signing?” and stuff like that. I wound up just walking away. Their attitude was just nuts. Didn’t want to be associated with them.
It could be the LaRouche people. I used to think they were nuts, but then we got President Obama, so I question a hellava lot less now.

. two old guys at a traffic light holding a huge sign saying “Impeach Obama” “Worse than Watergate” “Sign here”. LaRouchies, most likely.

Dateline Santa Barbara  (Hm.  Back on campuses?)
Any questions, comments or alternative ways of thinking are met with their belief: “You are just a product of the corrupt American School System.” And they simply scoff at the notion that the freedom of speech they enjoy in this country that allows such expression would be denied and likely punished severely in many other places around the world.
We’ve run into LaRouchies in Europe and they’re the same as here – fanatical believers, over-rehearsed like beginning collegiate debaters, and often making a valid point which is ultimately lost in cult-speak and practiced snarkiness. Somewhere there’s a factory that churns them out, so we must assume that their appeals generate revenue for their guru’s movement. It’s too bad, because LaRouche might have got some traction if not for his own self-righteousness, his guru needs, and the utterly bizarre tactics of his annoying shills.

Dateline Jackson, New Jersey.
A follower of Lyndon LaRouche at a political protest in Jackson, New Jersey.
So tired of the Charlie Chaplin comparison (regarding the Hitler mustache) that they’ve skipped over to Laurel and Hardy for Obama — Christie?
Dateline Hyannis:
… but today not everyone was enthusiastic about their presence. According to a police dispatch transmission, the manager of the Shaws supermarket called stating their signs were somehow redirecting unwelcomed traffic into the Shaws parking lot. Police investigated and determined this was not the case. That the signs were no different than when they had originally set up earlier in the day…

Hyannis News also responded to the scene later in the afternoon and found the Shaws parking lot less than half full… one would think any store manager worth their weight in saltine crackers would welcome the extra cars in their halfway empty parking lot… (but then again, what do I know about groceries… other than the fact I consume them regularly in my attempts to stave off conditions like anorexia… I think it’s safe to say I won that battle… but I digress.)

Manning the roadside attraction Thursday afternoon were LaRouche supporters Bob Baker and Mike Reeves, both of whom are actively involved in promoting the LaRouche Movement.
Baker said the goal of those involved in the LaRouche Movement is to travel to cities in all 50 states in an attempt to get more supporters on board.
Baker is from Virginia and has made promoting the LaRouche agenda his full-time job. He plans to be driving and “on the road” for the next four weeks or so before returning home to his wife, a music director at the couple’s church.
In recent days, Baker said he has taken the LaRouche campaign effort to Morgantown, Fairmont, Martinsburg, Romney and more.  [or is it “put them on the map“]
Baker said the project would incorporate the use of approximately 100 hydro-electric power dams along its route.
“That’s new electricity, farms, food,” Baker said. “We’ll need 40,000 miles of high-speed trains between East Coast and the West Coast, because to build this we’re going to have to jump-start the whole East Coast — steel mills, coal — everything you’ve got here.”
“And that,” Baker said. “is called thinking like an American.”
Dateline Dickinson  Tony Esposito of LaRouche PAC waves to motorists on a sidewalk outside of the Holiday gas station on Museum Drive in Dickinson on Wednesday afternoon.  Got himself a colorful umbrella.
Dateline DeForest
Judy and Don Clark, Chicago, Ill. […]  DeForest is one of many communities on the Clarks’ tour promoting Obama’s impeachment effort and the reinstatement of the Glass–Steagall Act.
And wait for it…
Because you just can’t give away this prime news material for free.
Dateline Wurstboro — mid hudson :
one of several across the nation […] regional spokesman Jeffrey Rebello […] return of the Bush Alfred Newman to go with the Obama Hitler.
Dateline Durham:
Two men standing by the sidewalk leading to Durham’s Post Office called out to residents entering and leaving the Durham Post Office July 8. “How are you?” “Come on over!” they said, trying to connect with passersby. But most residents ignored the men surrounded by posters of President Barack Obama shown photo-shopped with a Hitler mustache. The posters read: “Impeach.”

Residents had mixed reactions to the two men outside their post office.
Mary Ann Holder thinks the effort to impeach President Obama is ridiculous. “I don’t understand why they are doing it. Nothing is going to get done,” she said.
When asked what he thought, Donald Brinkley said “it’s alright,” adding it was the men’s right to stand on the sidewalk. […]
Robinson thinks both parties are flawed, and describes himself as an independent, Hamiltonian type.
LaRouche PAC’s website says current politics focus on symptoms and ignore the underlying, ideological struggle between the “Promethean view” of humanity and the view that humans can be treated like animals. The website calls Obama a “crazed puppet.”

“The most important thing for you to know is that we can win and usher in a new paradigm for mankind in the universe,” LaRouche ‘s website read.
Robinson became involved with the group when he signed up and started attending meetings. He is from Boston.

He said the organization covers all of New England, setting up near gas stations, banks and post offices. While Robinson was in Durham, fellow LaRouche members were in Monroe. At the end of the day, the members gather and regroup, Robinson said. […]
She declined to give her name and said while she does not know much about politics, she has her opinions. She does not know whether or not LaRouche can gather enough political support to impeach the president.

“I have no idea. But you know what? Something needs to be done,” she said.
And off of her a cult profits off of political outrage.

Dateline My Small Hamlet:  Ruining a Parade.
To say I was :shock: :o :( :cry: does not go far enough. Our big day and these folks drag divisive politics into it. They are located right on the Main Road parade route at one of the best viewing spots. :evil: They also put large “Impeach Obama” signs up and down the road. I’m angry. The nerve of them taking advantage of our FD parade. Still I suppose it is legal.
Here is another view of them from the back.
I didn’t want to get too close while photographing them but I could see that their signs have a URL for a Lyndon LaRouche website.
Those Larouchies are vicious curs. They have no shame, they’ll disrupt any gathering and be impolite while doing it. If you engage them in a negative way, they always attack. :notlistening:
I do not like Larouchies. I’m sorry for your town.
They hang out in front of the DMV in Northern Virginia. A trip to the DMV isn’t all that fun to start with…
Yesterday crazy people came to my hamlet. :(
It made the news- http://riverheadnewsreview.timesreview. … peachment/
Your north home looks like it’s in a very sweet place, Larouchies aside. charming! charming! Turned out the Larouchies weren’t Local people.

Dateline LUNCHSaw some loonytarians today when I went out for lunch. They had a booth set up on the edge of a local shopping center, and were calling for the impeachment of Obama and repeal of Glass-Steagall. I stopped to chat, because they seemed to be having a good time and there isn’t much political going on now. They had some Lyndon LaRouche bumper stickers on their booth. I wasn’t even aware LaRouche was still alive. I’d definitely go out for a beer with these three, if I drank. Fun guys.

Ian Brinkley, 23, and Alan Demers, 27,  […] They’ve done this in Lincoln before, as well as other area towns. “We go all over the place,” Brinkley said.
One of the flyers he handed out alleged that JP Morgan was behind an unsuccessful armed coup in 1934. Another flyer about the Glass-Steagall Act claims that the British monarchy is trying to control the world’s political economy and wants to reduce the population of the planet from seven billion to one billion.
Asked what he objected to about Obama, Brinkley decried the current “police state” where “every single phone call, email and text message is monitored by the NSA, which is not exactly in line with our Constitution.” He also criticized bailouts “from Detroit to Cyprus” and said Obama is guilty of treason for allegedly arming Al Quaeda in Saudi Arabia and “covering up” the role of the Saudis in 9/11. Asked if he believed Al Quaeda was behind the 9/11 attacks, Brinkley said, “That’s kind of like asking if Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible for the assassination of JFK… it’s not an easy answer.”

Left meets right.  “OCCUPY CORPORATISM” has a larouche fed glass steagall thing posted by a Susane Posel, and look through the “most popular” pages and note the birther and etc fringes of the tea party crap.


Bob Dole needs company. LaRouche won’t stop the ‘knock knock’ jokes
i don’t quite follow

On a “Ron Paul Channel”.  You forgot the Quasi-LaRouchies and Stoners.  But of course there aren’t any supporters now.  Fans.
Newt Gingrich and Moon Colonies.
Answers from yahoo…  Do you know anything about Larouche?  “from February article”  LOL. Get it?
Does anyone know who the smartest person in the world is?  Possibly there are a few followers of this blog that know something more than me, but publicly, in terms of a person who tries to make a difference and make themselves personally known, it is clear to me that Lyndon LaRouche is the smartest person in the world.
The Greens of course want it to be controlled by wise Green elders. The utopian dream evolves.
Alex Jones:  It’s a documentary I stumbled across the other day through Alex Jones, and this video I’m posting is the same, but with the interviews in studio with him and the film makers cut out.
What do you think of Alex Jones?
I think he is interesting and intelligent. And he has alot of obscure facts which are fun to hear.
But at times he seems a parody of himself.
church of scientology anybody? How’ya going Tom.C? lol
Just searched the forum, and I can’t find it, but I’m sure there was one….? But to answer your question; I like him, I think he is a bit too loud and arrogant for his own good though, and is also a lot more aware of his commercial value than he lets on. Sometimes his facts are wrong too, and he relies too heavily on Lyndon LaRouche’s theories for his knowledge. Similar to Webster Tarpley in that respect. However, I think a lot of what he says is true, especially about Cultural Marxism and stuff.
Cultural Marxism, ye say…
have come up with a new completely insane theory in 2011 about the Federal Reserve, borrowing some points from Lyndon LaRouche.
On Libertarians.  (Big “L” as opposed to little “l”:
But Libertarianism (TM) is a purely American thing – Is a cult ideology of tin foil hat wearers. Just like there are religious cults like Scientology, there are also political cults, like Lyndon LaRouche. Ron Paulism and American Libertarianism is a cult. it’s anti-Conservative, anti-liberal, anti-intellectual, and basically anti-human.
Since Randy Barnett is your new political BFF, any choice bits from theLaRouchies or Alex Jones that you’d like to share? It takes a truly advanced progressive understanding to be down with the far right. Please help us all in your wisdom.
And then there’s the crazy assed Larouchies who aid & abet the Teanutters

On the problems of a Primary campaign against John Boehner:
Without media approval makes you a Lyndon La Rouche or any other wild-eyed kook in the eyes of the independents who don’t care which party gets it, as long as it isn’t someone like that. They are the suckers on the carnival causeway, drawn in by the noise and the hype. They subliminally count up all the media negatives, just before marking their ballot.

— Press TV with Michele Steinberg  And wait… what’s this?
What a stupid video. Some Americans are so ignorant.Is it Larouche or La-douche,? ha ha.You are all a bunch of wankers.
Press TV with Bill Jones.
Nonpartisanliberal is just a confused paul-ite, maybe larouchiefundamentalist.
So, when you were writing opinion poeces for the leftist OpEdNews site, denigrating “far right” groups, and defending Larouche, and basically
Now I don’t want to sound like a crazy Linden LaRouche pamphlet ranting about kids today and their violent video games and some crazy conspiracy with the military industrial complex. I remember finding some of those crazy tracts.
And before him, there was the interesting case of Lyndon La Rouche, a hugely successful fundraiser and undisguised propagandist for fascism in the United States.
Bill Still, LaRouche, Abe Lincoln, Hitler? lol. Oh crap, I was trying not to jackelope out in this thread. Oh well.
LaRouche hopes to be president, but he’s full-on bat **** crazy and has no chance of actually becoming president, so I don’t worry about him either.
Is that wanker (La Rouche) still alive?????  eas, he still lives.  What a tosser he was/is!
They should let Lyndon LaRouche and Cynthia McKinney join her, to form a Circus Triumvirate. E

New Republic on the Portland Anti-Fluoride Movement, repeated here, here, and here.
Jeffrey’s politics tended toward Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, the gold standard, and, on an especially bad day, Lyndon LaRouche. It was taken for granted in my house—and if any proof was needed, Jeffrey was—that only right-wingers were mad enough to oppose scientifically tested public-health measures. Only right-wingers would sacrifice children’s health to their own psycho-political neuroses. Besides, liberals fought important enemies, like war and poverty. Not fluoridation.

The Larouchies have me on ignore.

ITEM NUMBER FIVE:  Citizens Electoral Council has itself another candidate
A FOURTH-generation Nelson Bay resident and transport company owner has thrown his hat in the ring to contest the electorate of Paterson at the next federal election, standing for the Citizens Electoral Council.
Mr Davis described the party’s economic policy as “old Labor”, but agreed it was also socially conservative, saying “drug culture” and the “rock’n’roll era” of the 1960s had “taken people’s minds off the real issues in life”.
The Citizens Electoral Council last ran a candidate in Paterson back in 2007, when Karuah mechanic Tony King polled 0.4 per cent of the vote.
LaRouche is a convicted fraudster known for left-of-centre conspiracy theories involving the British royal family and international drug trafficking.

And thus goes the foreign press coverage Larouche’s wikipedia team is always beating their chest about.

In other election news:  I’ll be waiting to see the Texas Congressional districts at this dailykos nerdfest.  And for that matter… Kentucky’s legislative district.  Because, you know… Kesha Rogers and Perry Clark.

ITEM NUMBER SIX:  History’s Mysteries

Historical Review.
Secret Agenda: The United States Government, Nazi Scientists, and Project Paperclip, 1945 to 1990
Linda Hunt
how an alliance formed in 1985 between political extremist Lyndon LaRouche and former Paperclip scientists tried to shut down the justice Department’s Nazi-hunting unit

Trotskyites versus Stalinists versus Homophobes versus … I don’t know wtf…
It is the Lyndon La Rouche mentality. At least the apst dolts begin to catch on to Kaufmanure. You, capitalist lackey, have been far too fortunate.

Harley Schlanger makes another appearance on the SGT Report… he’s a historian, you know.
Comments:  Harvey is absolutely right about the word ‘Anti-Semitic.’. It’s a political tool.
Most of us here know everything is a fraud, so what we have to do is empower ourselves. I’m not to hip with the LaRouche group, being that in a previous interview they were going against Andrew Jackson, the one who was able to take down the cabal, that is now obliterating us..

punkrockbeethovenA retro anti-punk poster from the US Labor Party… The Sex Pistols versus Beethoven.

Presidential pre-candidate LyndonLaRouche, who has catalyzed international resistance to a new Mideast war, was a guest of honor at the Kuwait National Day Celebration in Washington, D.C.
Mr. Lyndon Larouche, a well-connected journalist and political activist characterized the court’s assessment as “probably the greatest indictment ever seen on a standing president throughout histor
Uh.  Huh.
Which it has haha, and who is this larouche guy everyone keeps talking about?
Say… What’s this doing on alt books louis lamour?

March 21, 1993 ICLC Schiller Institute conference panel 2 – One of the more interesting fights that the LaRouche movement has taken on… FREEMASONS, ye say?

Wait.   Numbers of American right-wing Jewish financiers, members of the “Mega” group, have financed the candidacies of every Likud prime minister. (Recent changes in Israeli election laws prevented Sharon from receiving direct financial support.)
As U.S. Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche observed in his May 1, 2002 webcast, if one wants to look at what unleashed the current reign of terror against the Israeli civilian population, it was the murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. That singular act, authored by Jabotinsky’s heirs, unleashed the events that have led to the current bloody wave of war and destruction which is killing both Jew and Arab, and it has all but snuffed out Rabin’s long-awaited “peace of the brave.”

Russian and Ukraine Politics brings us a link to a larouchepub as a source, and then
I know Lyndon Larouche and know what he is.  Why are you quoting him? 
If LaRouche isn’t nice to your then here is link to the entire Brzezinski’s book.  (link to panzertruppen dot com)…
So a white supremicist KKK group is hosting this book?  I don’t think it is safe to go to a link like that 
I used google link and didn’t ever see who’s running the  site, if you are so squeamish you can bay the book in Amazon or somewhere else.

L. Fletcher Prouty
I was unaware of Prouty’s work on behalf of the Church of Scientology.
He was on good terms with the Lyndon LaRouche movement too.
I think it was the 1993 Chicago Conference where there were LaRouche people outside, and I got an address or something, and expressed an interest in Prouty, and they sent me a tape of an interview on a TV show called “The Larouche Connection” (or some such).
Of course, he was just saying the same nonsense he told everybody else.

Interesting to note.  Conspiracy theories about George Zimmerman.  National Review, of course, notes the skeptics of his bravery in a car accident.  Well, we’ll see if this slightly less flattering story gets some conspiracy theorists, but it is notable…  I bring it up here because… wherefor art thou, Alex Jones?  (Deviates from Larouche in having gone on the Zimmerman offensive.)

Hey!  Actual Roosevelt Legacy Video, of hopes and dreams of the future, that’s kinda interesting.  Not associated with Larouche at all, of course, who absolutely loathes Roosevelt with a passion.

ITEM NUMBER SEVEN:  I suppose we’re going to see the Larouchies dove back into Health care now that there will be new townhall meetings?  (Still making hay on Benghazi, as per William F. Wertz, Jr….)

Your disingenuousness in your propaganda is an excellent emulation of Lyndon Larouche’s propaganda efforts, whose paid propagandists are in front of many Post Offices and city halls with signs saying “impeach Obama”, and who spout the same misleading arguments like this about Obamacare, almost word for word.

Behold, the Tea Party group that Diane Sare most recently spoke in front of… Ocean County Citizens for Freedom.
Interestingly, they link to the SGT Report, the media hot spot for Harley Schlanger.  This is one Tea Party group unafraid of being associated with the Lyndon Larouche Movement!
 Bill Roberts, in Detroit… readying for another campaign, I suppose.

One year after Bill Roberts, then a candidate for Congress, warned the Detroit City Council in now historic testimony—that either Glass-Steagall be restored, or death rates in the city would begin to soar to genocidal proportions—Detroit has become the largest municipality in American history to file for bankruptcy.
Wait.  What?

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