Taiwanese Media Animation on the Bradley Manning verdict.

The easy answer to this question on Obama’s historical legacy and what it matters in dueling the other party:  Some pretty damned stupid skin level analysis.  Do what you can, and don’t do stupid stuff because of a misguided “Rushmore Project” study in process.

Citizens United unveils infomercial about Terry McAuliffe…

Scranton and Byrd… liberal and conservative… Republican and Democrat.

John McCain would probably support Hillary Clinton over Rand Paul in a Presidential race.

Simple equation: Obamacare works where state officials want it to; doesen’t where they don’t.

10 Worst Fox new Interviews of the Decade.

Senator Grassley asks for probe into Space Vikings photo.

The Lawyer who told FDR he couldn’t censor a Trotsky speech.

Mugabe Mementos… as we await an election verdict.



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