The three Senators not confirming Kerry

Looking over the Senate votes on the confirmation of John Kerry as Secretary of State, and more specifically to the “no” votes on a matter that… well… I do see in comments section to news items saying “Of course he’ll be confirmed.  SKULL AND BONES!” — the first time we hear of skull and bones for a while…

Voting no.

Cornyn, Republican of Texas.  Cruz, Republican of Texas.  Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma.

Explaining this one… Inhofe is against Kerry on Climate Change policy, because he’s… Inhofe.  The two Texans’ no vote appears to be about a fight to stake out the claim of Texas as the most Insane State in the Union.  Cornyn has a primary challenge possibility coming up, and needs to stake out a claim as being next to Cruz.

None of them came out against the Yale Fraternity of Skull and Bones, suggesting that they would have accepted George W Bush for the position.

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