The National Rifle Association has an Enemies List.
It is here.

School Drills of these days and times.

White House Monsters

Idaho State Legislator compares what Health Care Policy will do the insurers to what the Holocaust did to the Jews.  She wrote: “Much like the Jews boarding the trains to concentration camps,” private insurance companies are being led to their ultimate demise.  Nuxoll says she means no disrespect to the Jewish community.”

The American Conservative Magazine foolishly pines for the re-emergence of Jon Huntsman.

A negative review of Chuck Hagel before his Confirmation Hearing.

Simplifying the Playgrounds.

David Byrne and St Vincent perform on Letterman.  Sing about tv.  Kind of an on-going theme.

Athlete for a team in San Francisco disses on homosexuals, has to force out an apology.
2 49ers athletes shocked to have accidentally filmed for anti-gay bullying video.
Dan Savage removes video.

For 40 years, this Russian Family was cut off from human contact and unaware of world war 2

William Allen White and his Gubernatorial Campaign against the Klan.

Missouri Man charged with loads of “Incest Comics”

An Ed Koch anecdote.

Jon Stewart on Glenn Beck’s Utopia.



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