Where My Little Pony comic books sell out… only in dreams.

Marketing Guns to children — “Get em to shoot something“.

Stephen King’s essay on guns and violence.

Signs of rotting republic:  Nearly half of us are over-qualified for our job.

Did Fox News pundits come from Kids in the Hall?

Where does this crap come from?  Tying welfare to a child’s academic performance.

Anti wind power group can’t find people to protest, offers quick 20 to anyone

Scott Brown to run with misspelled tweets.

Republicans haven’t competed in cities since the Age of Jackson.

Boy Scouts continue Anti-Gay crusade.

Who comes next after Chambliss?

Democrats rally for Tea Party challenge to Mitch Mcconnell… ugh.  No, I don’t want to mainstream more far rightism in the interest of furthering calculated Centrism.

The perils of measuring Conspiracy Theory Belief… some questions for “9/11 Truther” question would probably snag me, frankly, even though y’know …er… I think Osama did it.

The first comment here is … predictable.




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