Centuries to go to acceptance


Joseph F Cotto.  The name rings a bell.  Okay, I remember reading a piece on the Presidential campaign of Rocky Anderson.  Go through the “recent” archives here.  Larouche is just moving a bit more into the fringes of an interviewer looking away from the Beltway for political interviews.
I note that the Washington Times’s history and record precedes itself, though its politics (out of Moonie land) has weaved into the Larouche-sphere on several occasions, and Larouche’s publications have taken aim enough at Sun Myung Moon and his Empire that if a designated “enemy” were interviewed by the Washington Times — they would be pilloried by the org.

Joseph F Cotto   gets the introduction wrong, but I suppose it may as well just be passed over for approval from his subject matter:
Lyndon LaRouche was a lightning rod of controversy 20 years ago.   (Urm.  Not really.  This is past the days of PANIC.)

POINT:  LaRouche  is still alive?

COUNTERPOINT:  Not only is LaRouche alive, at the age of 90, but unlike all you wretched Struhldbruggs out there, his mind has accumulated 90 years of development.  For his entire life, he has refused to pay the tribute that is demanded of us as the price for social acceptance: consent to stupidity!  […]
AND:   99% of people with a strong opinion of LaRouche have read nothing from the voluminous source material that he has written over the years, but,  instead, rely on the hysterical wave offs, blatant and witting  mischaracterizations and outright libel from LaRouche’s detractors, for their extreme low resolution picture of the man.  More information than  you can handle in a lifetime, most of it written by LaRouche himself,  but also from his many associates, is available at the half dozen  websites dedicated to his work and thought,
(… Strangely the Larouche org gets snippy and sarcastic when 1960s Marxist era Larouche material, for instance, is brought out…)

Further, a couple points made by this cult leader, reflecting on the problems confronting the world.:     Next to the already lurking threat of thermonuclear war on our planet itself, the need for defense of Earth against asteroids, and comets, with their actually significant prospective hits on Earth, is of the highest priority.
What was that big blockbuster movie of the 1990s?  Some bad Aerosmith songs are rolling into my mind right now.
And, reflecting on his life lived:  Cotto: What has been the greatest reward of your career?
LaRouche: In net effect, I would reply: it is a life which has been immensely worth the practice and experience of living. 

Incidentally:  Can anybody imagine today what LaRouche or Helga or Kesha would actually have written about JFK during the highly tense days of the Cuban missile crisis, when the world really was on the brink of thermonuclear war?
AND  … Howie G’s take-away.  After this take-away:   Howie G:  If you want to stop nuclear war, the hour is growing late, so get into the mobilization, and read below. Copy and paste this all over the Internet.


I always mocked Time Magazine’s “Concept” decisions for “Person of the Year”.  The greatest point of absurdity in this regard was a few years’ back when they gave us “You”.  It’s a botched and forced zeitgeist search.
On the other hand, it’s a tough decision, somewhat arbitrary.  This year they give us … urm… the President who just won re-election.  Not a terribly original decision, but I guess it works as well as anyone.  Lest they decide to give it to

But to take a page out of the Time Magazine playbook… I’ll amass a group for my annual “Larouchie of the Year”.  Why not?  They dominate the Larouche News coverage.  And I gather when Larouche finally croaks it, memories of encounters of them will dominate the bloggy eulogies.

In the meantime we have them calling themselves “Missionaries” and trying to distance themselves from the “Tea Party” (even as other Larouchies are trying to fuse the org to the tea party.)

Dateline Rehoboth Beach :
As Esposito talked, a man walking out of the post office pointed to LaRouche’s picture, and said, “That guy’s a whack job, right there,” as he went to his car.
“Obama is going to destroy the country,” Esposito said. “He’s going to get us into World War III. We have to get him impeached.” […]
Billington said post offices are usually a good place to meet people. LaRouche himself is 90 years old, but Esposito said he’s stronger than ever.

From the comments.  A satisfied honker!:  There’s no law against being a whack job and these two just prove it!  We must Impeach Obama for Benghazi, and place him on trial for Treason. He lied to the American people about his birth certificate. He has no proof he is an American citizen.

Dateline –???
I don’t think the Larouche people are used to old people flipping them off from moving vehicles.
They stood with their Obama/Hitler posters in front of Bank of America.  We flipped them off. We’re so mature.
Only two inside a Revolutionary Orange Honda Fit.
They just gaped back at us…like neanderthals.
Presumably, they couldn’t return the gesture because of their straighttjackets.

Dateline Wellsboro
According to Tony Esposito, of Delaware County outside Philadelphia, Obama is “the worst president ever.  (worse than Andrew Jackson?) He’s a national security threat to the United States. He is the American equivalent of Adolph Hitler.”
Esposito is a part of LaRouche Pac, an effort founded by political activist Lyndon LaRouche with the goal of impeaching President Obama.
On Tuesday, Dec. 5, Esposito and Joe Billington, also of Delaware County, set up a booth with literature about the movement in front of the Wellsboro Post Office. The effort has “hundreds and hundreds of supporters” in the local area, said Esposito. This is the pair’s second stop to Wellsboro and they are holding similar protests across the state.

Dateline Manchester
What’s with those guys in Manchester with the signs of Obama with a hitler mustache I have a pic but can’t upload on my itouch and my puter is down Offensive to say the least To Americans and Jews
Willie get loose from the asylum?
I believe they are supporters of Lyndon LaRouche. They have been in either Gloucester or Rockport recently with this Obama-as-Hitler nonsense.
Is he still in jail?
Thanks for the links, Martin. Lyndon LaDouchebag still attracts fringe weirdos. I agree that they are within their rights, but get a clue – this isn’t exactly a receptive audience around here.

Anthony Guerrero on what it’s like to be a Larouche Organizer…   But I remember one day a friend from school got me to come to a meeting of this particular group of people, and so I came.  It was after work, so I kind of missed the “political stuff” in the beginning.  But when I came something funny happened.
They were talking about astronomy!
I thought, “what the heck are a bunch of young people talking about astronomy for! Isn’t this supposed to be a political meeting?”
But no matter.  As the meeting went on, I became intrigued.  And the more I was introduced to the ideas of the movement, the more I became convinced that maybe “politics” was different than what I’d thought.  Maybe science and politics were one and same thing. […]
On a deeper level, I learned about the value of human creativity, or, what makes us different from the animals, which helped me to inspire others who got involved, and challenge their limiting beliefs that held them back from knowing just how awesome they really are.

Dateline Brenham
This is a second-hand account relayed by my right-wing brother, but apparently the LaRouche PAC people were distributing literature such as “Obama in Bed with Al Qaeda in Syria & Libya” and “Impeach Obama for Criminal Conspiracy in Murder of U. S. Ambassador”. Women were also lining up to have their picture taken with the cardboard cutout of Obama with the Hitler mustache.

Let them waste their time with their silly petitions since impeachment will never happen. The hatred for the president is abundant and the stupidity is on high out here in Blue-Bell country.
I need to return to the sanity of Urban Life.
my sister in law passed them  going in to her post office and said – “you guys are nuts.”
On her way out one of them said – “we’re not republicans you know!”
I tell them they are making our town ugly when all the shopkeepers are trying so hard to beautify our little downtown.
They are narcissists so they hear nothing.

Dateline Northborough
A Shrewsbury man is facing charges after two men told police he took a table they had set up with literature comparing President Barack Obama to Hitler and hurled it into the street. […]
images of Obama wearing a moustache similar to Hitler’s, he said. Various groups have used similar images throughout Obama’s presidency.  [hm…]
Lund was not arrested, Scesny said. He was cooperative with police, Scesny said, telling them he stood by his actions and would accept the consequences.
Scesny said police had received another complaint regarding the signs from a different veteran earlier in the day.
I notice these clowns are usually from a younger generation and don ‘t understand the horror of the holocaust. [hrm…]  I asked one of them how many people died on 9/11…they knew. I asked them how many died at the hands of Hitler ..blank expression. I make a point of telling them they are a disgrace to our country and our Jewish community…and then move on. I can fully understand this man ‘s rage.
sounds like some of the nutjobs that post on here. I’m looking right at you, Mr. first guy to post on every single article.
When I see these little pr-cks, I prefer to make comments about the fact that they will never, ever have girlfriends.
More… and this is a common thought on these stories.
If this guy sets up a Paypal account for donations for his legal expenses, I’ll be the first one to kick in some $$.
This man has done what most of us have wanted to do for years, but our Yankee manners wouldn’t let us. Well done, sir.
The Larouchies have been around forever. Are they crazy? I dunno, the first ones I met were denouncing the British monarchy as the world’s greatest band of drug dealers. Cited the Boxer Rebellion and all.  They were entertaining.  I actually ran into some Trotskyites in the late seventies. I complimented them on their perseverance.
I also had a chance to chat with a few english speaking members in Berlin as I was heading to class one morning. I was new to the city, looking for friends, maybe a little naieve and wondered if perhaps the Euro version of the Larouchies were a little more rational. Far from it it turned out, it was more baseless shouting and crowd bullying, thankfully I was on my bike and started to pull away only to have one of them block my path. Long story short, my ambitions to study sustainable architecture was met with accusations and shouting of Al Gore’s massive global warming conspiracy design to bring a new world order. So I should just drop out, come to one of their “parties” and see what their world was like. No thank you, I’ve heard stories of the group bullying they employ to breakdown new recruits and indoctrinate them to the movement. Scary stuff from these people.
Spinorama gives just a few personal interactions with the Larouchies, experiences that mirror my own and pretty much everyone I’ve ever talked with about them. They are nasty, mean conspiracy nuts who take over sidewalks and are much more aggressive than “Save the Whales” or “Amnesty International” kids, and a lot angrier.
On September 11, 2001, at about 11:30am, a LaRouchie with a table set up outside the entrance of a T stop engaged me in a some anti-government conversation and was asking me to consider supporting LaRouche. I don’t remember what exactly was his position, but I remember that they were asinine and offensive obnoxious for any day of the year.
I then asked, “Haven’t you heard about all those people in the Twin Towers?” And this is in those first few hours where the nation’s best guess of people killed were erroneously numbered 10,000 people and above. He replied that he was aware of the situation and the people in the towers got what they deserved and it was all the more reason to rally against the government.  [hrm.]
I was left stunned and speechless. I walked away shaking in fury. I got one of those adrenaline rushes that make you feel like you got punched in the nose. It was the single most disgusting thing I have ever heard in person.
To this day I regret not flipping over his table and causing a scene, even if it was his goal to provoke people. What a human piece of shit.
He apparently swindled my friends Grandma out of hundreds of thousands of dollars when he was running for office. They are still shaking their heads at that one years later.
One of these LaRouchies sneaked into a medium-sized classroom and covered the desks with their silly booklets. It was an undergrad Constitutional Law class on the First Amendment, and it turned into an exam question, ie: free speech vs. public figure vs. libel. All while we spent half the semester laughing at “Dick Cheney, Child of Satan IV.” (Apparently, there were 3 other Children of Satan in our government.)  We kind of found it amusing that these meth-mouthed morons were trying to educate us.

Dateline Gibsonville
Scialdone and another volunteer were on The Town Green in the center of Gibsonville. She said they were initially situated on a public walkway in front of the town’s post office, but moved to The Town Green after a police officer suggested they might be more visible there. […]
“We’re sort of like missionaries,” she said.
A sign Scialdone carried read: “Stop World War III. Impeach Obama.”
The sign drew a fair amount of attention – prompting numerous motorists to toot their horns and wave, though most seemed to have no idea why Scialdone was there.
“It’d be nice to do, but I don’t see it happening,” one woman who’d rolled down her window shouted as she passed, apparently referring to Obama’s impeachment.
To those who approached for more information, Scialdone didn’t hold back.
“This guy is a monster who’s destroying the country,” she said to one couple, referring to Obama.

Lyndon LaRouche: Perennial failed Presidential candidate; convicted felon; conspiracy theorist.
What’s not to like?
NO! but I would help any idiot associated with Lyndon LaRouche find the quickest way to the loon bin and a 500 miiligram dose of thorazine to calm them down.
Puzzling:  Margaret Silver Fairchild?

Dateline Waxahachie
“Third is we want to rid the Federal Reserve of $30 trillion in debt by creating jobs. If we don’t have that we don’t have a future,” he said. “Fourth is that we will create jobs like John F. Kennedy and Roosevelt through industry, like when Roosevelt created jobs with his program to build reservoirs in Texas. That’s why we have all the water we do now.”
Point:  Holtzclaw noted that the LaRouche PAC was not like the Tea Party movement, because they are not anti-government, they are for “the right role of government.”
Counterpoint:   Tea Party Command Center posting s.  Fits right there with the “Not Eligible” Birther icon on the right.
He and Overton said they would be moving on to another city by Tuesday in hopes of rallying more members for their cause.  (Missionaries are they…)

Dateline Bath, Pennsylvania
Today, driving thru this small town of Bath, Pa. I notice this stand set up with big signs saying, “Dump Obama”. I beeped on my way bye and gave’em thumbs up. I saw a few guys on the sidewalk talking to the two guys behind it. I went on my way, but when I returned I saw a small mob of people so I pulled over and walked down the sidewalk. The literature that they were handing out was saying that they have 6 concrete charges against Obama which are all grounds for impeachment. They were asking people to donate and sign a partition. I didn’t have any money with me but I told him I’d sign the thing altho’ I seriously doubt if anyone would ever throw his ass out. When I was leaving I looked over at this guy getting these signatures and donations. This guy had a fist full of money, I can only assume this was from people that donated thru the day. This was of money in his hand was easily three (3) inches thick. Has anyone ever heard of: LAROUCHEPAC. Com Is this group legit? I was thinking SCAM until I saw all those people giving money. I googled it and they show a film about. The results of a Nuclear war.
Was’nt Larouche a whacko Pres candidate a few years ago?? Name rings a bell.

Dateline Santee
Santeeans young and old stopped by the booth to discuss politics and many car horns honked as they drove by, along with a fair number of disapproving glances from passing cars. The booth offered no tangible way to impeach Obama- no petition to sign or anything like that, but passers by could sign up to financially support LaRouchePAC.
Ideas promoted by the PAC range from ousting Obama for colluding with Al Queda in Syria and Libya, “How Andrew Jackson destroyed the United States,” to advocating the development of major economic infrastructure projects.

if you’re looking for cults, there they are..right alongside the worldwide church of whatever the hell it is the koreans are exporting to us..
Nothing in today’s society surprises me any more as we have more whack-jobs than we do sane individuals; however, I appreciate and treasure that we still have liberty to express those same beliefs, no matter whether we agree with them or not, thanks to our men and women in the military who continue to defend this same freedom all of America enjoys.

Dateline Somewhere
Almost refreshingly crazy.
This theory came at me unexpectedly yesterday. A women had a card table spread with literature in front of my bank. She asked if I wanted to help put Obama in Jail. To the question, “why?” she answered “because he supports al-Qaeda.

The continual drain
Good old Lyndon — batspit crazy as he ever was.
one time in 3004 i went to the grocery store in the dead of winter, during primary season. there where two guys, in t-shirts, no jackets, passing out brochures for larouche. they were accosting everyone coming out of the store. scary guys.

Dateline Hackettown:
Two representatives from LaRouche Political Action Committee have arranged a tableau in front of the post office on Grand Avenue here, encouraging passing pedestrians and motorists to “impeach Obama.”
The action comes on the heels of last night’s fiscal cliff deal, though the timing is just a coincidence, said Dana Carsrud from LaRouche. [hrm.  “from Larouche”][…]
Point:  A motorist passing the group honks in apparent support.
Counterpoint:  “Why waste your time?” asks another woman who recommends they spend their time “cleaning up around the community.”
Sarcasm:   bunch of rational people, those LaRouchies are

Apparently this item appeared at lpac’s website momentarily, then was erased.  Oh how times change, from the year 2004 when a Larouchie told me they were supporting John Kerry for the Presidency because “we need to take over the Democratic Party!”  Now he’s a traitor.  Curiously, even the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have punted this cause.

 ITEM NUMBER FOUR:  Bill Murray is Franklin Roosevelt

 Larouche’s favorite American President, since roughly 1983.  Bill Murry stars in a new movie, it’s getting some positive reviews (and I note a few negative reviews).  A note about the times of Roosevelt…

Hyde Park on Hudson dramatizes the weekend the Roosevelts spent with King George VI and Queen Consort Elizabeth at FDR’s estate in Hyde Park, NY, in 1939. The film also focuses on the president’s intimate relationship with his aide Margaret Suckley, played by Laura Linney. It is a slight but endearing little picture, with a comic grace and some ace digital photography.

An interesting story.  Roosevelt was edging a basically isolationist America into  US into a war footing.   You’ll understand he didn’t particularly trust the British Prime Minister, Chamberlain.  The British Royalty visit was a bit of a propaganda play.  Make the Royal Family sympathetic and all that…

Jump to the larouchian factnet posting:
 Contrary to what many anti Larouchers think ( most sincerely , i;m sure) the British Monarchy is no joke. 

And Roosevelt used what ceremonial power they had to his advantage…

A bit of demented humor off of a tragedy, with implications on shock jock dj humor —
She didn’t kill herself….she was murdered! By the Queen! In the foyer, with the scepter.
Fenris:   ….Lyndon LaRouche? Is that you??
No, it’s Colonel Mustard pretending to be Lyndon LaRouche.


Trying to be comprehensive.  This is how people discuss the Larouchies, when they bother to…
Posted to Wonkette:  junior high, one of my classmates had parents who were Larouchies. They’d set up atable on the sidewalk in front of the post office and try to hand out literature andtalk to people. Worst of all, they’d make their daughter stand there with them

never heard of Lyndon LaRouchebut his organisation seems to be full of fruitcakes.
  Post revolutionary Whigs or Jacksonian Whigs?  … Tea Party is nothing but neo-libertarians. Linden Larouche with a PR agency.
... Names continue…   In a story that was exposed by a Dutch Security Intelligence insider Frits Hoekstra who graced for years the pages of such publications as the Larouche Executive Intelligence Review,though the left plays catch u, one has to ask why even though the Cold War seems to have ended,

From Commentary Magazine:  Taraf, often described as a liberal, pro-democracy paper, behaved as a Turkish version of Lyndon LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review, breathlessly reporting stories regarding fantastic conspiracies and alleged plots against elected officials.
A story on the Independence Party … tags Lenora Fulani as  “a former associate of Lyndon Larouche“, [hrm?]  or… could be Larouche’s mob in mufti.  Or… Fits the Obama re-election campaign to a T.
Hey!  Here’s Jackie Salit on Fox News!    Different cults have different media ins, it appears.

What this guy thinks of a larouche video.

Time for a general strike?  How to avoid Violent political/social change, hard-line communists, terrorist-apologists, America-haters, kooks, crackpots, LaRouchies, and the like
Ron Paul fans having a problem with call for “Ron Paul 2016“:  Stop trying to tarnish Ron’s legacy and turn him into Lyndon LaRouche. Rand 2016. Daily Paul should change their name to Daily Pravda.
 The more of yoru comments I read, the more obvious it becomes that you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve heard more coherent-sounding bollocks from homeopaths, Larouchies and Pope
 Now THIS is larouche as insult done right!
I s quite simply the wannabe Lyndon LaRouche of Social-Democracy.  play this game: DNZ is the Lyndon LaRouche of Social-Proletocracy

The thread died on page 2 when you posted your batshit crazy Manchurian Candidate bullshit, you sour, twisted, ruined shitstain. Crawl up in your crazy cocoon and cry yourself to extinction before the bad men in the black helicopters come to get you.
At this point even the LaRouche people would reject you as unstable, and they took these guys.

compared to Fred Phelps due to party registration:  He’s a “Democrat”, but only in the sense that Lyndon LaRouche is.

Note: won 30 plus once.
Yeah, that’s why I mentioned LaRouche: he’s a professional candidate..  He raises “campaign” money to finance his whole life.

Indeed:   was originally Lyndon LaRouche’s roach that morphed into Mr. Potato head “Spudnick”, then rasterspace” & “tensegriboy” & is now an perverted  brain-fossil on [etc.]

Carolers booted out of somewhere, lost link, not worth digging up:
So they allow Carolers. That’s cool, kind of nice.
What happens when a local mosque decides that live “calls to prayer” are in order in all the T stations during certain holidays?
How about Larouchies with a bullhorn? […] It won’t discern other religious group but one can say if this open the door to other religions (not Larouchies, they can be discerned and disallowed as a political group), but we can worry about that if it really happens. [might be why they’re calling themselves missionaries?]

play this game: DNZ is the Lyndon LaRouche of Social-Proletocracy.

Point:  FUSION!  
Counterpoint:   In how many forums/times do you have to post your video? Jeez.

I love seeing attacks on the integrity of Lyndon Larouche at a David Icke forum.
Same as how Carroll Quigley focuses on the Anglo-American but forgets conveniently his whore house Georgetown ‘military fortress’ University and the Jesuits. Just another Jesuit diversion to keep you from sniffing at the Roman power in plain sight. Just like Lyndon LaRouche promoting the wicked vile Roosevelt of the Opium smuggling connected click of The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and how he was Knight of Malta connected vermin. The only true American Presidents at the end was Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln and of course U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Lyndon LaRouche of course has connections to both French Masonry and the Scottish Rite with his KKK connection.

Friend and unfriend etiquette on facebook, what to do when someone posts something on Obama — Hitler:  Is she a LaRouchie?  No idea.  Her page says she “likes” Mitt Romney.  That’s all I know.

ITEM NUMBER SIX:  ONLINE MISSIONARY WORK, and other media appearances:
Cold Reality News, linking to larouche irish brigade.
Discussing Beatle-Mania Also, I don’t want to belabor a point, just to get the real deal out there, the Tavistock rumour has been on the web for a decade, first published by some troll, or POSSIBLY it came from the LaRouche people, and anything affiliated with this guy’s organization is VERY dodgy.

Granny D links to Stop Obama Now.
Harley Schlanger in Austria … and the Mayans are at work still.
Interviewed by the SGT Report for the Gold / Silver Paulites.   Marked as a “Truth Teller”
AND posting at Occupy Wall Street.
The state of the Occupy Wall Street forum.  Can you say, “Bull Shit?” jeeezzaazz! Lyndon LaRouche lives!
Hitting the Occupy circuit, and the comment:    Is this what Occupy has come to? Blaming video games for violence?  If Occupy believes that, I am out.

David Icke!  plenty more on Anthony Blunt written about in larouche publications.

Jeffrey Steinberg of EIR on Russia TV.
Steinberg blames it on Marijuana Legalization efforts on Press TV.

Sudan Vision Daily:  US weekly Executive Intelligence Review said U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice is not fit for public office due to her hostile stand against Africa

The Lyndon LaRouche-ites (remember them? the Queen is a drug pusher) had a similar line for a while, under the heading of “Verdi pitch”. I’d need a *lot* of convincing.


Walter Jones Press Conference attended by World Net Daily and Executive Intelligence Review.
Ron Paul fans annoyed:  Why does only larouche cover this?
Alaska Citizens Militia.

2012 Election Results, and on into 2013!
Perry Clark … Won 58.58% (+17.17%).
Kesha Rogers … Lost 31.96% (-32.07%) .
Won 50.71% (+1.42%).
Diane Sare … Lost 10.36% (-44.58%).
Dave Christie … Lost 3.07% (-58.09%).
Bill Roberts …  Lost 41.13% (-17.74%).
Summer Shields … Lost 1.80% (-73.08%).
Bob Lauten. … Lost 1.16% (-48.12%)

And now Diane Sare is running for Governor.  Is part of today’s “New Presidency” series, Ed Hamler sat down with Diane Sare, for an interview discussing her region’s role in building NAWAPA…
If it’s the Democratic nomination she’s seeking, she’s these  these two candidates in speculation.  Otherwise, an Independent bid (Is that where the Larouchies are going?) might get her that Reform Party endorser and… maybe

Finally… keeping the long view in check for the Org:
An observation that offers hope for Team Larouche:  Being New World, I don’t know much about that Queen of England Conspiracy type stuff except from having read a handout from Lyndon Larouche’s people once… […] Fringe theories sometimes make their way to the mainstream or are proven correct centuries later.

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  1. chator Says:

    Is this your summation of the biggest LaRouche stories of the year? Ok, the Washington Times interview is unique, the numerous Alex Jones show appearances are not! Kesha’s primary victory, check. But what about the most organization shattering defection of LYMers and the publication of their departure manifesto, the Why We Left document. Doesn’t that deserve honorable mention? The revelation of LaRouche’s dementia, his desire to marry LYmette Alicia Ceratani, his celibacy, etc.

  2. Justin Says:

    Is this your summation of the biggest LaRouche stories of the year?

    The answer is no. Except for the “Larouchie of the Year”, which by definition the “Why We Left” authors don’t qualify for.

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