distinct currents of Multiculturalism

Apparently Ross Douthat had one of those “We need more Babies” editorials that various conservative pundits sometimes go over to.  See John Gibson a few years ago on how we need to battle the Mexican threat.  Kartha Pollit, writer of the Nation, chimes in with the odd inconsistency of the storyline:

As for low-income women, pushing them to have fewer kids was one of the goals of welfare reform: maybe it worked.

Oooo…. oooo… ugh.

Okay.  Interesting little nugget in the latest New Yorker, though, in an article about a rural Turkish WOMEN’s thetre troupe and the culture it stands up against.

(Islamist Party leader and Prime Minister since 2003) Edogan has often stated that every married woman should bear at least five children.  Once, he boosted the number to five.  He thinks Cesarean births decrease women’s fertility, and has characterized both Cesareans and abortions as insidious plot to stunt Turkey’s youth.

Familiar story, it is.

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