John Gibson and the pc of anti-pc

One of the odd things I’m considering with John Gibson’s “We need more babies” take on the immigration issue, which correlates to “We need more white babies”, which connects to “Start breeding, White People”, (found here) is where Gibson’s head was at when he said all of this.

I believe John Gibson set out to be politically incorrect. He had a “I’m going to say something outrageous and radical” mindset, and when he was wracking his head for some opinions to offer to the American public, this is what he came up with.

The give-away here is the tone of giddiness and giddy-up in his voice when he says “To put it bluntly — we need more babies!” This is a sort of “A novel concept, ain’t it? Think about it for a second but don’t be too pointy-headed intellectual about it” thought-process.

The one thing worse than the stifling restraints of Political Correctness is a sort of slap-knee political incorrectness created for the sake of — not so much contrarianism, but a supposed cleverness of a forceful thrust forward of the primitive part of the brain.

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