but who gets to play Chester Arthur?

. Another one awaits, called Road to Perdition, with Paul Newman and Tom Hanks. Since Newman is not available, Redford seemed too flippant in the spy movie, and Harrison Ford wouldn’t fatten well, perhaps Sean Connery or Anthony Perkins as Conklin. That would open the Arthur role to an unknown, to generate some mystery & interest. Travolta can play a cad pretty well but another candidate for the assassin might be Johnny Depp since he overacts everything (but a killer is supposed to be nuts anyway).

Hm.  No.  A SOMEBODY has to be Arthur — it is the movie on ARTHUR with a capitalized letters all through, isn’t it?

The assassin would be a bit part here — something rather quick at the movie.  In the grand scheme of things practically a deus ex machina to wind the story up — a quick shot of Garfield being assassinated, him yelling “I am a Stalwart of the Stalwarts and now Arthur is President”, and then Garfield’s story takes place elsewhere while the Chester Arthur story is what we’re focusing in on.  What we have with the Chester Arthur story is a variation of The King’s Speech, sort of.

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