Creepiest Marriage Proposal Ever

It is interesting to compare “Why We Left” with the David P Goldman “Confessions of a Coward” essay.  Granted, they’re not perfectly analogous in proported form and function, but it’s close enough in to draw a conclusion:  the former is brave; the latter isn’t.  Goldman’s essay is a series of dodges that fails to inform — and I note that the “time frame” is the least interesting of the dodges which is only so as symptomatic of the greater dodges — ie: the description of the cult as “gnostic”.  I would not point to Goldman if it weren’t for its continual play to mislead politically sympathetic readers.

By and by, here’s Goldman editorializing in favor of Dinesh D’Souza’s work.  Sure, I spotted the similarities.

The google news aggregator currently drops us this quote for Larouche.  “Is not simply a KGB agent in the ordinary sense”.  It comes out of this news aggregated piece, a kind of “Water Skiing Squirrel in History” item, as well the only news that Walter Mondale is making right now.  So what we see here is what item in Larouche history gets into some public memory space.  I can’t decide whether the lack of any real media outlets that would pick up on this — it’d be kind of a genre cousin to Vanity Fair’s satisfying the public’s interest in inner details of Scientology — is “just as well” or a bit of a shame.  My major issue there becomes nothing more than the thought that google news quotes should be something more pertinent than the 1984 campaign, and that some of this dips into the public domain of “go to” history on the cult for, for instance, whatever op editorial KP George and the Texas 23rd Congressional District writes in 2014 in the next Kesha Rogers primary campaign.

And I suppose the ratio of “Conspiracy News source” picks versus mainstream or political platform leads to the former, and thus Harley Schlanger works hard to get the money from that Ron Paul / Alex Jones get Gold for the Eve of the Economic Apocalypse contingent.  There is a now adversarial force out there — Webster Tarpley, who is, I guess, risking being placed firmly in the Barack Obama / Molly Kronberg Tyrannical Operation.  See here, with some speculation here:
He has some very rude things to say about ‘Libertarians’. I agree with him. Possibly Jones will stop interviewing him, since after all Jones is ready to die for Christian capitalist ‘freedom’. Tarpley says that the main Larouche current is now pro-Romney.
Jones also has this “false Right / Left dichotomy” game going, which would allow him to ignore the fact that, no, if you listen to Larouche and company closely he really doesn’t sound like a Libertarian.  I was wondering if Tarpley would bring up the “Why We Left” document for further chastisement, and more commentary here …
Please go to the 1:05 section and hear for yourself the accusations of Dr. Tarpley against Larouche as a CIA disinformation project using the WWL document. Are we seeing a top level plan by Obama using Dr. Tarpley to poach the best and brightest of the LYM? Was Dr. Tarpley in any pre resignation contact with the WWL crew? Does the fiendish Dr. Tarpley smell blood and weakness in Larouche and is moving in to secretly take over the all that Lyn has built over 45 years? Is this the revenge for those Weisbaden Beyond Psych sessions many years ago? Is Helga part of secret plan by Dr. Tarpley to take over the USA for the ELC once and for all?
On the other hand, we could be seeing a battle over face time on the Alex Jones show for book sales and revenue streams between Dr. Tarpley and the cult. If you start a few minutes earlier you can hear about how the CIA used “H.A.R.P.”
Sure, but this is Tarpley dot Net.  I will be more interested if he shares this claim on platforms he shares with Larouche… re… Jones…

So, the niqnaq blog’s favorite piece from the “Why We Left” concerns the claims of being connected to Major World Players via the Stanford Group. It’s easy pickings, and you can almost just throw a dart at the document and come up with something, this generation’s “Cuban Frog Men” scenario. But for a mass audience, nothing beats the salaciousness of… the Marriage Proposal from Hell.

This feeling of a growing dichotomy between Lyn’s select group and the rest of the youth was increased by the fact that everyone observed that Alicia was regularly accompanying Lyn up to his study, which was known to all as forbidden territory. Everyone noticed it, but no one said anything publicly.
“1) We”re dealing with a quality of a military operation. 2) Never gossip: if you gossip, you”ll be caught in lies (in military affairs, gossip is a crime. Those who perpetrate it are titled as gossips and liars.) “Even leading parts of the organization here participate in this”There are a lot of liars in this organization who think that it is just innocent gossip. They cannot be trusted. “Innocent lying” that you may commit, called gossip, is a crime. Don’t lie about anybody, or gossip about anybody. Cut it out” [I] picked up on some of it” The point is, we”re at war in a very real sense. [We”re] a few days away from being as good as dead, now Gossip: deal with instinctively: “where did you get that bullshit from, and why did you believe it?” Next time you catch yourself repeating gossip, kick yourself in the butt, and make it hurt, so you”ll remember it.”
She mentioned that Lyn had said some pretty strange things concerning his relationship with Helga. Soon after her mentioning this, Tarrajna said, “you mean, having to do with Alicia?” (or some mention of Alicia along those lines.) Liona was slightly surprised at her saying this, and took it as sufficient to go into a full recounting of the conversation that she and Michael had had with Lyn. The long and short of it was that he intended to marry Alicia, and was justifying this action to the two of them through a wild explanation of how he had stopped having sex after his heart surgery, how Helga had suspected him of being unfaithful while she was overseas in Germany, that they had split up, and since then had only had a “friendship.” Liona said she was shocked that Lyn had been giving them details of his sex life and relationship with Helga. According to Liona, Michael had tried to argue with Lyn about this, challenging the idea of him marrying Alicia, and that he had only had a “friendship” with Helga since they knew him and earlier. Lyn was reportedly stubborn, and would not back down on his intent, nor on his justification. This was very shocking news to Tarrajna at the time of course, but not too surprising, given what she had observed, not just the night before, but in the “Dialogue of Generations” shows featuring Lyn and Alicia. Liona was at her wit’s end, and they both agreed that it would be absolutely devastating to the organization if Lyn went through with it. They wondered if Lyn was mad. “How could he possibly do something like this? Does he not know what it would mean for everyone?” It came up that perhaps it was his fear of dying that was compelling him to cling to someone young for comfort. But no matter how they thought about it, it was still shocking and nothing could really be said to resolve the shock. Tarrajna told Liona that there was no way she could not tell this to Nick, but that she would not discuss it with anyone else. Lyn’s tirade against gossip earlier that day made the whole situation all the more unsettling. Tarrajna had no doubt in her mind that Liona was telling the truth. It was too crazy to make up, and for what motive? Tarrajna soon recounted to Nick the entire conversation she had had with Liona. They were both stunned with the overwhelming feeling of being on the brink of the disintegration of the entire organization. They felt certain that this would soon be revealed to all, whether Alicia agreed with it or not (which neither of them were sure of) and that that would cause the breakdown of the organization.
Lyn declared that the Russia trip would not happen.

“Why not?”
“I will be dead.”
“No, you won’t.”
“Yes I will.”
“No you won’t.”

“Rick will not be handling your medicine, I will handle all of it. Rick won’t be able to kill you.”
Lyn continued to look both angry and despondent, asserting: “No. I will be dead. I will be dead, I will be dead, unless”(turning to Alicia) she says, “yes”.”
At this point Sky was confused. Lyn asked Alicia directly if she would ‘say yes.” Alicia looked uncomfortable and told him that he should come to the doctor’s. It became clear that Lyn was discussing marriage. Lyn then began to go through a description of his marriage with Helga, and that it had not been a real marriage for a long time, that it was only a “political partnership.” At this point, Lyn’s earlier peculiar comments in NECs about not having sex with Helga began to make sense. Lyn told an elaborate story that they had not been in a relationship ever since she had accused him of being unfaithful to her with another unnamed woman. 18 Lyn told Sky and Alicia that Helga had embarrassed him at that time period by trying to get him to have sex with her, and that for his health and political concentration, he decided he would no longer have sex after his heart attack. He also said that Ned Rosinsky cornered him during a check-up, and said that Viagra type drugs would not affect his heart, that he could indeed have sex with Helga.

Sky found a pretext to leave the room with Alicia, and asked her what the hell was going on. She said something along the lines of, “You see what I”ve been dealing with, this is what I”ve been talking about.”
“Well, this is a simple thing to deal with: just say no.”
“Do you really think so?”
“Yes, it’s going to destroy the whole movement!”
“Yes, really.”
“Well, I thought that, but then I thought of these great leaders in history who got to have a few more years and do amazing things because they took a new, younger mistress.”
She finally concluded she would say no, and they returned inside.

The next part about Sky Shields getting seduced by “Mathematicians” is in its way as notable.  Essentially to the question “Why did they leave?”, you go with a broad answer and then peer into specifics for each figure: Larouche wants to marry Alicia; Sky is being lead astray by Evil Math, and on.

European chimes in with this response to the recently departed Larouche members.

II.  So.  Kesha Rogers finally gets an event on the campaign calendar.
Event time:
Saturday, September 22, 2012 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Come get to know Kesha, ask questions about her platform, and pick up organizing material.
The campaign will be at the Sugar Land library on Eldridge.
550 Eldridge Road  Sugar Land, TX 77478

I trust it went well.

And a campaign equals some news coverage, which dovetails to some reverb.  See here.  To the comments.

Is she smoking PCP laced weed; her rambling abt impeachment and Hitler she sound wacked. On the deep end. She reversing things the republicans have done and blaming President Obama. Bye-girl
It is not President Obama who is the puppet…it is she whoever she is that is the puppet!!! She has forgotten who she is or ever was!! How disrespectful of her to put him and Hitler together in the same category!! What is her problem?? And…where did she come from?? Heifer…please take your ass backwards thinking and go somewhere with that bull!!
@Suspect I actually did do my research….this chick has a problem, just like I said. As long as she feels it’s right to impeach President Obama and appeal to the masses she is the puppet!! They dangle string…and she dances for them!!
LAKESHA ROGERS spending too much time following Lyndon LaRouche LOST in 2010. Admit that your not a Democrat and accept being a LOSER.!!!
This gal could not impeach a flea and very glad she lost. Seems like a plant to me. She might as well consider her future as done and finished because the GOP has NO need for her once they have used her to do their work.
Is there an editor for this blog? First, the article reads like it was written by a first-grader (which is an insult to all first-graders, my apologies). Second, the woman featured is no one of prominence or importance, so why is she quote-worthy?
Let’s correct ONE fact. When Obama was elected President in 2008 and took office, Democrats in the U S Senate had 60 members in its caucus. That’s important to note because it meant Republicans could not block any of his legislation in the Senate.  [Nope.  Started with 58.  Republicans delayed the swearing in of Franken.  Then Specter switched and they had 59.  And by and by, the Democratic caucus trails off with several Democrats who’s political identity is marked by a need to “reach across the aisle” as a matter of course.]

And here
What’s Kesha been smokin’ on?….lol…
Yeah…Kesha got 99 Problems and Obama ain’t it!! She thinks that it’s alright to compare him to Hitler of all people!! She is insane in the membrane…they need to vote her out!! I guess she thinks putting him down is going to make things better for her!! Heifer please….go get a reality check!!

It is here that I point to the Stealth Larouchie.  Who chimes in with a “May not be Hitler, but Obama’s pushing Republican Party” pitch.

Reds says:  Nah EUR, Kesha is not tea party material. She’s actually a progressive from the LaRouche Youth Movement. I took a closer look at her, and we may be looking at the next Cynthia McKinney, and exactly what the Dems need in the era of Obama. Unlike Cynthia, though, I hope she doesn’t do something stupid like leaving the Democratic Party for the political wasteland of Independent politics.
She also made a good point that Obama is a puppet of the bankrupt financial system. The Affordable Care act mandate is straight out of the Republican play book  […]  Some may say why now during the election, but Kesha’s campaign against the Ronald Reagan inspired Obama regime has been going for a long time. He may not be at Hitler’s level, but the likes of Obama and Bill Clinton who feel they have to govern by showing homage to Republicans and their radical ideas,

KESHA ROGERS CHIMES IN WITH:  Your article leaves out some very important facts. First, what makes Obamacare Hitlerian is nothing other than the Independent Payment Advisory Board,

From there we get some Obama supporters of the Health Care policy and the Stealth Larouchie chimes in with this bit of hypocrisy, charging that the Obama supporters are ignoring the Foreign Policy issue — where this poster just side-stepped Kesha Roger’s Hitler…

Reds:  Noticed how the Obama apologists always skirt the real issues surrounding his abominable behavior whenever he is called on it? Why is that they never talk about a Democrat signing a Republican law allowing American citizens to be detained indefinitely without charge?

More here (BET) and here...

 ok, she’s a nut.

You got that right Justone! A great big NUT!
Kent Rayford what he said!
What is crazy is that I am actually a bit of a conspiracy theorist,
and happen to believe there already exists bases on the moon…
So, if someone were to accuse me of being the pot calling the kettle black,
I suppose I could not fault them for doing so.
But come on now,
comparing the Affordable Care Act to Hitler and the holocaust… really?
tephanie – Remember the Honeymooners – Ralph Kramden use to say “To the Moon Alice” That’s just where they need to send her. And all those that think the way she does.
Besides her opposition to Obama she supports “space colonization and planetary defense.” In other words…she’s crazy as hell.
This women is an idiot and a nutjob. With a name like Kesha she should be watching her back!
What does that tell you about the Democrats in Texas’ 22nd congressional district? A democratic society depends on an informed and contemplative electorate. Obviously, the electorate in the 22nd district is uninformed and non-contemplative — or perhaps as crazy as she is.
A Larouche Follower. Why align yourself with the Democratic party when you are better suited for the Tea Party. And dislike of any politician doesn’t constitute grounds for impeachment, however it does indicate one’s ignorance of what impeachment is.
Is this real? I can’t actually believe that someone who looks as sane as she does is actually saying and thinking those things. I mean…she doesn’t even have those crazy Michele Bachmann eyes! LOL!

Getting more attention. Another cross for the “Impeach Obama for” — new issue: Obama is complicit in the Libyan Ambassadors’ deaths.  Uh huh.

And… from “pragmaticobotsunite“, some thoughts on Kesha Rogers. The Larouchies are as insane as the far right. Surprised that she’s even calling herself “Democratic.” nellcote. Larouch was formally kicked out of the Dem party back when. I wish they wouldn’t allow his disciples to on the dem ballot either.
And to top it all off, the current slogan for her website is “Save NASA, Dump Obama.”
larouchers are cia nasa operatives in training  (they wish.)


… a racist message board chimes in on the comments (Note:  the comments are not really above or below the average for commenters of any race.)

III.  Post Office Tour.

Dateline La Conner

First, I established that Ken was aware of the basic facts behind the Holocaust. I wanted to be sure that he understood that Hitler tortured 6 million people to death. Mostly Jews, but also homosexuals, Romany, and a whole great whack of other people.
Innocent civilians, rounded up into boxcars, starved to death, tortured, medical experiments, ovens, cordwood.
Ken allowed as how yes, he understood these things. But he then proceeded to insist that Obama’s policies amount to the same thing.The same thing.
Regardless of your position on the political spectrum, there is nothing in contemporary American political policy that compares to the Holocaust. And saying otherwise is disrespectful to the six million people who died in Hitler’s camps. […]
When I phoned, the LaRouchePAC campaign staffer (who refused to give me his name) was extremely disrespectful to me. His voice dripped with sarcasm and mock disbelief that I would be upset at the Hitler comparison.
“I was going to take your complaint seriously,” he said, “but it sounds like you just got your feelings hurt by a sign.”
Those are his words. I wrote them down.
When I asked who I could escalate this to, he suggested that I email Lyndon LaRouche. When I asked for LaRouche’s email address, the LaRouchePAC staffer hung up on me.

LaRouchies are the left-wing version of Westboro Baptist Church. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if they follow the same profit model of WBC of waiting for someone to physically attack them and then suing them and the authorities afterward.
The only thing that surprises me about this is that their disease has spread to La Conner.

Also, contrary to the other sign, I’m almost certain they wouldn’t want me to run for president.

A Santa hat… and a Hitler mustache… and a mushroom cloud…?  Are they just throwing clip art together on a sign?

(Also, I thought LaRouchies were extreme right, not left, wing. Well, it gets kind of hard to tell with the crazies.)


Dateline Smithtown.

Members of the LaRouche PAC protested Thursday outside of the St. James Post Office on Lake Avenue, with signs and speeches proclaiming President Barack Obama should be impeached. 
The LaRouche PAC is an international campaign pushing for the impeachment of Obama, according to organizer Lynne Speed. Speed said the political action committee is calling for the immediate impeachment of the president for several reasons, mainly because of the murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens.
“There was adequate notice, 72 hours before hand, to the administration that Ambassador Stevens actually said his life was threatened by Al Queda,” Speed said. “Obama did nothing for 72 hours and arguably for several weeks.”

I see these people from time to time in front of the post office. It’s best if you do not look them straight in the eye, just keep walking.
Isn’t there a law against obstructing a sidewalk?
Since I just want Obama fired ( not Impeached ) I was interested to hear what they had to say. I made the MISTAKE of giving them my phone number and rest was history. It’s interesting that while I think that moron North Country Peace Group that gathers on 25A in Setauket is creepy, this smaller group scary….
Everyone has the right to protest and everyone has the right to believe in their causes but this group is really just too much. I have seen them in other years. They choose the Post Office location since people use that facility for their “mailing” needs. They are operating on hate which I “hate” to see from either party. They’ll be gone soon after the election so just try to “grin and bear it.”

Dateline Massachusetts
Obama as Joker pisses me off more…
Holy shit, where are you? That’s like 10 minutes from me.
Is there a bucket of money there?  I would pull over, take the money and donate it to Obama! LOL
This is the scat of the elusive Larouchie.  Don’t startle them. They attack with little provocation. And they’ve been around forever.
I like to honk and give them the finger
Crying for attention.
A cashier at a store I once frequented was a LaRouche fan. She gave me a couple of booklets.  This was back in 1997-98 by the way. 
Anyhow, she gave me a couple of these booklet things to read, and spent a couple of minutes as she rang up my purchase explaining to me how great Mr. LaRouche was. Being amenable to third parties, I was impressed and hopeful as I walked home with my groceries…and booklets. Something about “A New Breton Woods”. 
I started reading this literature, and I swear on the graves of myself and my entire freaking family that it was like falling down the rabbit hole. Nothing but a bunch of long sentences and paragraphs which barely even made sense if you were lucky. 
After a few days of repeated attempts to make sense of it all, using it as bathroom reading material, I tossed the booklets out. I also did my best to steer conversation with my health food store acquaintance away from LaRouche.
So I did a little bit of research on him, and if it were possible to find a bigger douche bag on the planet then Romney it’s Lyndon Larouche. How could this clown ever have had a D next to his name? With his position on the environment. Claiming such outrageous things as DDT was not harmful to the environment. An extreme enemy of labor going as far as creating an organization to pretend to be allies of unions, but in reality their agenda was to stir up trouble among union leaders. He ran for President 7 times, and if this fool were ever elected he would’ve had us in a war with Britain. His political followers were, and still are nothing more than a cult.

IV.  Sales Job.  What they’re saying….
He seems like a gentlemanly old geezer who never got the memo about the Cold War ending. Always harping on about the possibility of a thermonuclear war erupting between the big three (Russia, China, and USA). He seems so opposed to Obama, you’d think it was old-fashioned racism or prejudice. However, he also seems well educated and claims to base his opinions on Obama’s track record and facts on the ground.
He’s convinced that a war with Iran would lead to a devastating nuclear conflict, and basically “the end of humanity” and all that. Apparently all the chess pieces are slowly coming together with the US encircling Russia and China and preparing for a giant conflict, using the Middle East as the starting point. However, unlike all the youtube “crazies” who are easily dismissed as conspiracy nutters, he’s an elderly statesman who apparently ran for the US presidential office a number of times. Hence my confusion.
LaRouche is controlled opposition. He’s being funded by the Feds and in turn, his group gathers intel on radicals, upstarts and others.
 Similar labels could apply to Ron Paul though, right? I guess any opposition could be called controlled, as long as it’s being watched. I wonder how many times an alphabet agency secretly intervened to protect Bitcoin because they considered it an ‘asset’ of theirs.
 If you dig deep, you can find him saying the exact opposite thing from what he said years earlier, then swapping back again years later to what he said earlier!  It’s bizarre.  Most people just give up and ignore him.  That’s what I did.
 The worst thing about his site is that it sounds too much like partisan politics, and doesn’t seem to give any coherent advice other than to impeach Obama. If he is genuine, he’s really shooting himself in the foot. And if he’s not genuine, his views seem so extreme that nobody’s going to fall for that crap anyway. (Except maybe a gullible non-American like me
In 1984 I was busy building a bug-out shelter because my economics classes at university had convinced me the staggering U.S. national debt of an incredible 1.7 Trillion Dollars was unsustainable for even two more years.
Japan would repossess the U.S.  The Savings & Loan failures would collapse the economy.  General Motors would cease to exist.  The Soviets would roll across Europe.  Farmer suicides of the time would leave us starving.
After thirty years of rotating food, scanning RSS feeds that the first signs, and frightening my parents, I’ve decided to stop worrying such much about collapse
Thank God! Another old fart is here!
The “OMG! THE WORLD IS ENDING!” line of thought has been around for 2000 years. We all get swept up in it sometimes.
To the OP, serious biz: LaRouche is planted, controlled opposition. He says some truthful things in order to get honest people thinking the rest of his crap is real, too. It’s an old trick.

AND… Yes he is and he says we can do it without going through the impeachment process. In fact it can be done immediately under the Constitution under the 25th Amendment, Section 4. What this means is that the Vice President and Congress would have to declare Obama insane, as LaRouche says he is, and remove him from office immediately. Biden would then become acting president until Obama’s mental ability to fulfill his office can be determined.
I hear that Obama has not been attending his morning intel briefings before the Libya crisis and he’s still not. Instead he’s playing golf with his JP Morgan Chase buddy. Either, as you say, he knew the content or he doesn’t care and he’s incompetent.
HINT TO EVERYONE—–If you want to know Obama’s Plan you’ll find it all contained in the pages of Saul Alinsky’s “RULES FOR RADICALS”
I can only speak for myself but find myself in total agreement with Rob, and many others for that matter, especially with Rob as we come from communist countries, living in America for a long time, and absolutely blows our mind to witness what we have left behind decades ago!!!!
How the bastion of hope, liberty, and freedom could crumble under few?!!
Where are AMERICANS???!!!! to allow such travesty and tramping our Country on daily bases??!!!
What has happened? We have an infiltration of Muslims in Our Government. “54″ Politicians took $ from CAIR and HAMAS:
Add in that Romney intends to build a Charter School for Islamists on OUR TAX $$.
Look at all the others who’ve stopped working for the man.  (yes indeed) They all give empty reasons but we all know the real reasons.

Harley Schlanger is a LaRouchie who makes sense“.

Seeking Tea Party support.

There’s something happening here.  What it is is not exactly clear.
Lyndon La Rouche says threat of nuclear war the highest since Bay of Pigs

V.  Media Appearances.
Spain-based investigative journalist Daniel Estulin, on Spanish-language RussiaTodaytelevision, interviews Dennis Small, Ibero-American editor of the LaRouche movement’sEIR, co-author of Dope, Inc., and an American political prisoner from 1989-1991.
Obama Was Placed in Power by British Interests Associated with the International Drug Trade.

Democratic Underground takes note of  Lawrence Freeman on Russia Today.

Craig Isherwood on “Truth News Radio Australia”.  Battling Darwin and  the connection between Darwin’s theory and the “oligarchical principle” which underlies the agendas of eugenics, the Nanny State and the environmental movement. Good to see Australian politics as screwy as America’s.


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  1. Justin Says:

    VI. The Curious Case of Walter Jones.
    He’s really picking odd media avenues to get his messages out.

    U.S. Rep. Walter Jones caught a little flak this past week for his recent appearance on a white nationalist radio program.
    Jones, a Republican, drew the ire of a few bloggers and Erik Anderson, his Democrat opponent for North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District.
    I would like to know why Jones appeared on the show. I don’t know though, because he or his staff haven’t responded to my questions.
    But I want to paraphrase Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee who, when speaking of a key figure in the Watergate scandal said, “I don’t care WHERE he said it; I just care WHAT he said.”
    I can tell you this, after listening to a recording of Jones on the air — I liked a lot of what I heard.
    There is no doubt the show’s hosts are white supremacists, but that subject never came up while Jones was on the air.

    Note to Erik Anderson… “Press Conference with Walter Jones & Retired Military on HCR107” as interviewed by Jeffrey Steinberg… the Lyndon Larouche organization. No, my guage is that your district is overly Republican and that your ins of getting at any disgruntlement of Jones isn’t anything I’d be for, but … whatever.

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