The Occupy Report

This is kind of the thrust of reports on how Occupy worked out for the Political Party conventions.

1. The first night had only a handful of protesters, populated by more seniors than youth. When one young man started to curse the police, he was chewed out by a grandmother to watch his language, and he immediately shut up!
2. The most radical thing ResistRNC did for 3 days was a “Celebration of Resistance” at a local brewery, followed by a one-hour Roving Radical Dance Party. Seriously? Going out for beers is a resistance movement? Followed by a dance?  How more embarrassing can it get?
3. There were no protests that numbered more than a few hundred people, and that included every manner of protest groups from PETA dressed up in pig costumes with signs reading Tax Meat” to seniors protesting high utility costs.
4. One one day, the only time people appeared in the vast park that was reserved for protests, was a 30 minute protest by 6 lunatic members of the Westboro Baptist Church who were screaming people straight to h311.   Not a single other protester there the entire day…which was not surprising considering there was hardly any other protests the entire week.The only excitement of that day was when a few dozen protesters, including even fewer sporting bandanna masks, decided to march down to the protest park and confront the church members.  Yes, that’s right.  The only thing that apparently motivated Occupy and all it’s minions to march was to protest other protesters!:-DThe most hilarious thing was when a young girl protester who had somehow gotten a bit farther ahead of the “protesters protesting protesters” march was approached by a TV news crew that asked her if the rest of the group was coming their way.  She seemed shocked by the question and then said wideyed, and I quote, “They’ll be here any time….they’re like ninjas…secret ninjas.”  ROFLOL

A similar report from a more sympathetic source.

“Romneyville” is the home base for Occupy at the Republican National Convention. It is easily contained in a city block—and it is sad. Despite a lot of determined souls, lovely ideals, and blessed intentions, it might as well not exist. For 99 percent of convention goers, it doesn’t.
I arrive after Romney’s closing remarks to a camp defeated. There is no sense of a job well done. There is no sense of a job done at all. A boy with the body of a man is sobbing. He is 6’4″, 210 pounds, and 22 years old.
“I’m so sick of being silenced,” he cries. “Why do we have to live in these makeshift FEMA camps?” But no one really cares. They want to go to bed. The boy is learning, for the first time. And so it goes.
Occupy is not a movement. It was moment.
Politicians have changed the way they deal with protesters. It’s time protesters do the same.

Which is kind of interesting, both the “Sadness; irrelevant” nature of the thing and the claim of “Protesting the Protest” claim, because on the probably slightly less sad “One Year Anniversary Occupy Wall Street” do-did we get this

An activist group founded by the notorious Koch brothers is holding a demonstration in Midtown tomorrow to voice its opposition to President Barack Obama’s economic policies and to stand up to the “Occupy Wall Street mob,” according to a press release.
Activists from Americans for Prosperity plan to protest tomorrow morning outside the Time-Life building as part of group’s Failing Agenda Bus Tour, which is devoted to urging President Barack Obama to shun policies that increase the nation’s debt. Despite the group’s billionaire backers, the AFP describes itself as a grass roots organization. It has more than 2 million supporters nationwide. […]
“The Occupy Wall Street crowd is nothing but a fringe element of malcontents bent on mayhem and destruction,”said Steve Lonegan, director of Americans for Prosperity’s New Jersey branch. “These are people who despise free enterprise. They are not attacking Wall Street. They are attacking the very freedoms that everyday Americans cherish to pursue their own dreams and succeed.”
Occupy Wall Street commemorated its first anniversary on Monday, staging protests throughout lower Manhattan in “resistance to economic injustice.” According to the NYPD, there were 185 arrests in conjunction with the protests.
“It’s time that someone stood up to the Occupy Wall Street mob,” said Mr. Lonegan in the release, adding that the group would also protest President Obama’s economic policies:

And all this flub of bulfs of Tea Party coming out to protest Occupy and…

There were 30 people in the protest of the protest.

Whatever amplifies their message, I suppose.

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