Zell Miller, Joseph Lieberman, and Artur Davis

Yeah, what we do is prop up the Zell Miller speech at the 2004 Republican Convention, place it next to the Joseph Lieberman speech at the 2008 Republican Convention, and put it right next to the 2012 variant…

Artur Davis, who … had the most conservative voting record for the most Democratic Party constituency… eyeing a statewide run where he was trying for a sort of coalition of conservative independents and black identity voting block… and got whalloped in the Democratic primary even as the Democratic voters knew the candidate they were voting in didn’t have a chance.

And rhetorically we do have a bit of the same.
Maybe we should have known that night in Denver that things that began with Styrofoam Greek columns and artificial smoke typically don’’t end well.

Hey!  He stole that from Sarah Palin’s 2008 Convention speech!

So, the speech.  What do we got here?

To those Democrats and independents whose minds are open to argument
Good little rhetorical gambit.  You will always hear that line  “Reasonable [other party] members”…
When you hear the party that glorified Occupy Wall Street blast success
The Democratic Party wouldn’t touch Occupy Wall Street with a ten foot pole.
When they tell you America is this unequal place where the powerful trample on the powerless, does that sound like the country your children or your spouse risked their lives for in Iraq or Afghanistan?
Oh great.  Play this card.  It is a non-sequitur, but does have its power built into it.
Do you even recognize the America they are talking about?  And what can we say about a house that doesn’t honor the pictures on its walls?
Okay.  Now here’s the pictures it has on its walls…
Bill Clinton, Jack Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson
Ho de ho ho ho.   Lyndon Johnson and the “Great Society” and, um… the same (at least in theory) problem of passing on the debt burden of big government?
reached out across the aisle and said meet me in the middle; but their party rammed through a healthcare bill that took over one-sixth of our economy
Johnson ran all over the place and threw out the line “Party of Lincoln” to get Republicans on board Civil Rights, to off-set the problems of  Southern (conservative) Segregationists.    Clinton supposedly tried to “take over one sixth of the economy” but simply failed, where Obama succeeded by passing something which…
without accepting a single Republican idea
Heritage Foundation.  Romney-care.  Blah blah blah.
without winning a single vote in either house from a party whose constituents make up about 50 percent of the country.
‘Tis good political move by your new political party.

 The big news, of course, is the reference to Goyte.
You know, the Democrats used to have a night when they presented a night of their presidential legends. Folks, if they do it in Charlotte, the theme song should be, ‘’Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.’”
There’s already an effective parody which successfully plays into the laments of disaffected Obama voters, as opposed to those of opportunistic political figures currying favor with new places of political base.

New original article I’ve written,  “What Liberals Are Missing About Ted Cruz”.
… He’ll run in 2014 for Congress in Virginia.  Of thereabouts.

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