Hollywood dances on the RNC Convention Stage

“Dirty Harry” actor Clint Eastwood says if Michael Moore ever shows up at his door with a camera, he will kill the controversial movie director.

Or to quote Glenn Beck … “I’m thinking of killing Michael Moore.”
Well, it’s a fantasy, I suppose.

So, Clint Eastwood spoke at the Republican Convention.  The theory is this is to burnish his right wing bonafides after his “Half Time in America” Superbowl ad for the auto-bail-outed Chrysler ad.  An accidental political message or a corporate ad to fill emotions.

The Republican Party is the party always railing against Liberal Hollywood, but more than willing to throw up Conservative Hollywood onto their stage.  I haven’t seen the Democratic Party Convention roster.  I don’t think they’ll be bringing on Barbara Streisand… I guess you have Aaron Sorkin, but I tend to think recent remarks leave him a bit off the rails.

And I guarantee none of them would try such theatrics as an imaginary conversation with an empty chair.  Or is this like that Tom Hanks tropical island movie where he spends 2 hours talking to a pineapple?

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