Did the Quayle Dynasty end on Tuesday?

Wait.  I missed an election which has appeared to destroy a looming political dynasty.

Freshman Rep. Ben Quayle, the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, lost a Republican primary fight against Rep. Dan Schweikert Tuesday night.

Following redistricting, the two Republican congressmen were compelled to run against each other in Arizona’s redrawn sixth district. Schweikert is expected to win the general election in the very conservative district.

Tuesday night, Quayle campaign volunteer Paul Gorman said the congressman may have lost in part because of his participation in a late-night swim in the Sea of Galileethat’s raised eyebrows, the Arizona Republic reports. Quayle was one of the Republican congressmen who, after a night of drinking, took a dip in the Sea of Galilee last year during an informational trip to Israel.

Ben Quayle came to prominence in the 2010 Election by declaring that Barack Obama was the Worst President in American History, which really excited the anti-Obama Republican Party base in his highly anti-Obama Republican Arizona district.

Apparently that was not enough to heed off Ben Quayle’s nude swimming in the Sea of Galilee.
Or maybe he wasn’t nude, and it was just  Kevin Yoder, R-Kan.  I wasn’t really paying attention to this story.

The reasons lawmakers gave Politico for the swim varied: Some said it was a religious experience (the Bible says the Sea of Galilee is where Jesus walked on water); others said they wanted to cool off; and still others admitted alcohol may have guided their decision.

All valid reasons?  Also, I’d vote for the candidate who got drunk, and then tried to walk on water like Jesus.

In other political news of the down-ballots.  Ah.  Cynicism.
A Republican political action committee today began airing television advertisements in support of Democrat Cynthia Dill’s Senate campaign. […]
 The ad spot, titled “Feel Good,” juxtaposes former Gov. Angus King and Dill and concludes that Dill is the real Democrat, according to Janice Young, a sales assistant at WCSH 6.

Basically it’d be the Republicans running a campaign ad for Ralph Nader.

Wow….darned if you do….darned if you don’t. If true, I think it is a nice gesture that a group is stepping up to the plate to give Senator Dill views some air time so the voters of Maine can hear what she has to say; good, bad or indifferent. Her fellow Democrats seem to have abandoned her.

“Nice gesture”.

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