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As a whole, I’d prefer Orrin Hatch to Dan Liljenquist… I guess?.  It probably doesn’t matter that much — we’ll come to that day when the Republicans take over the Senate and we can have the Senate waste a day in July with Orrin Hatch bringing up a Flag Burning Banning Amendment.
Still, there was this matter.  Dan Liljenquist was a supporter of Glass Steagall, though he didn’t think it worth taking up campaign time — too complicated to lure voters.  Had Liljenquist won the Utah primary, the Larouchepac websites would be carrying on about how this was a big victory for Glass Steagall (never mind the rest of his policies — austerity, I guess you can say.)
Anyway… Humanity is doomed.    Even though there is optimism here.  Huh.
… Just as well, since…  DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA  The Supreme Court upheld Obama’s “Hitler” Health Care Program.   5 to 4.  Another victory for the British Empire.  Well
 As if the president wasn’t already feeling squeezed by the pending Obamacare decision in the Supreme Court and the planned contempt citation against his attorney general, Eric Holder, now Lyndon LaRouche’s posse is going stepping up its assault on the president.
The man holding the sign just laughed when asked if people were sneering at him, and two others handed out flyers warning about a new and costly stimulus package being considered by the administration. There were few takers.
News travels.  Time to mobilize … Dateline Pittsburgh… first stop was the Post Office. Outside were 2 men, with Lyndon LaRouche signs, some saying “impeach Obama” “Honk if you hate Obama”. One picture of Obama had a Hitler’s mustache painted on. […]  As we left, we passed by the Lindies, and my mom said to them “I’m putting Obama up for sainthood, and may you head in the opposite direction.”

It does look like a Race from Hell, doesn’t it.  Thieneman Vs. Clark, Kentucky Senate District 37.
I think I’ve… “PUNKED” this writer:  Big-time fans of LaRouche (dubbed “LaRouchies”) say that Perry Clark is the highest elected “LaRouchie” in the nation and should be elected President of the United States.  If it comes from my facetious posting suggesting that Perry Clark should be the Larouchie pick for President… Sigh.  Sigh.  Sigh.  (Either him or Sidney Hill of Alaska, I say… But I guess Kesha Rogers now has enough cache to take a run next time.)
Interestingly:  Clark also supports the EPA and other regulatory agencies.  I’m a bit surprised by this.  It is the case that Obama’s current Appalachia Problem is a Democratic one — it is not wholly about race, there is a big drop off in support to Al Gore in 2000 after Bill Clinton’s performances.    And so when regional politics collide with national politics:  He’s right about the “war on coal” being silly. But he doesn’t bother mentioning that it’s primarily Democrats in Kentucky pushing that hogwash.
LaRouche USA & Russia and China have a better one.  
(An Environmental book.  Huh.  Not the issue drawing in Clark, though?)

Two candidates on the Democratic ticket who are running for U.S. Congress in the 11th District criticized one another this week.  Yeah.  Well.
So, let’s get this straight.In the 11th District we have: a GOP incumbent who was knocked off the ballot because about 80 percent of his nominating petition signatures were fraudulent; a lone Republican, Kerry Bentivolio, a Tea Party candidate, who raises reindeer; a former GOP state senator, Nancy Cassis, trying to make a political comeback as a write-in candidate while serving as the Republicans’ anointed anti-Bentivolio contender; a wacky LaRouchie running as a Democrat who criticizes Obama more harshly than any Republicans; and a second Democrat with a terrible political name who’s trying to make the leap from Canton Township trustee to congressman.
Oh, boy. Pass around the popcorn. This is going to be fun to watch.  

The Bill Roberts Campaign … in Indiana?
“We’re everywhere,” Bill Roberts, a LaRouche Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 11th congressional district, said.  “We’re on a national mobilization right now.” […]  LaRouche PAC workers at the demonstration were not allowed to be interviewed.  “[Obama’s] going down,” said one worker to a man listening to the group’s message.  “You should sign up.  You should back us up.” […]  “The connection of Obama is an honest assessment of what Obama’s policies have been,” Roberts said.

Is this the equivalent of when Obama or Romney make a “Rubber Chicken Dinner” fund-raising appearance into a state they’re not soliciting votes in?
So we get the discussion of this Race.
I don’t like LaRouche’s politics, but the guy is a hoot. The way he incorporates Thermo Nuclear War into any conversation is just awesome. And he is completely in favor of impeaching Obama (to avoid Thermo Nuclear War), so I can’t complain about that.
Here is a recent LaRouche clip. Very entertaining. How many times does he say Thermo Nuclear War in this interview?

We do see that Syed Taj is turning into the presumptive nominee. So in November it will be Kerry Bentivolio against Syed Taj.  A good sign.

So, there’s this.  Taj supports the Affordable Health Care Act.  [Fails to mention Roberts’s position.]
Roberts responds that Taj’s comments are “cultish.”  [comedy gold.  But let’s play with this.  We have one of those “Obama Cult” bits.

Hm.   De Hm.  Even the political angle isn’t new. Jim Jones and his murderous child-abusing cult started out as community organizers for California Democrats, and leading politicians, including saintly hero Harvey Milk, covered for his crimes until the whole thing got too big and Jones got too crazy. Long before Obama, Lyndon LaRouche went the campus cult route and if you are morbidly curious, you can find videos where “LaRouche Youth”, who have broken ties with their families and friends, shout insane slogans while their glazed eyes stare fixedly into the camera.
This editorial is so 2008.  The good news of that whole “You campaign in poetry and govern in prose” line is that it leads to a break-up of whatever element of truth is in this “cult” line of attack.  We do have a bit of comedy is found in the comments section of partisan Republicans concerning Reagan and Bush (“Bush was an antidote to the Cult of Clinton”)– note the Haloed- Obama image, which is identical to … the exact same creepy haloed Bush images.
A passage for your consideration … from Confessions of a Congressman, by Jerry Voorhis — the first person to lose an election race to Richard Nixon — pages 20-21, published 1947, on his first election from the 12th Congressional District of California in 1936.

All the Democratic aspirants vied with one another in their expressions of support and admiration for President Roosevelt.  In fact, one of my problems arose when one of the candidates announced that he was not only “one hundred per cent for Roosevelt” but also one hundred per cent for any proposal, past, present, or future, which the President might make.  He challenged me specifically to state whether I could match his one hundred per cent performance.  I couldn’t and said so.  I declared myself in support of the broad principles which I believed President Roosevelt soot for but attempted, without too much political success, I believe to explain that I could not conscientiously pledged myself in advance to any and all proposals which any human being, however wise and admirable, might advance.
Syed Taj isn’t saying that.

Michigan Liberal discussion  By the way, have I ever mentioned about my ongoing spat with the LaRouchies over DDT? Those people are positively weird for DDT, and claim that the global ban of its use has led to a genocide 10 times greater than the Holocaust. The problem? There is no such thing as a global ban on DDT.
Maybe I’m just naive, but is there any realistic scenario for Roberts to get the nomination?  I just don’t see it.  I guess a warning is always good to get out there, but some folks (particularly out of state) forget that we’re talking Michigan 11th, the wealthiest and maybe the most highly educated district, in the entire state.  If this were MI-8 where I live, I’d be a little worried given that we include Livingston County, which has a really storied history of bigotry and general weirdness.  But MI-11?  Actually, the more I think about it, there is only one realistic scenario in which Roberts gets the nomination or becomes competitive, and that’s an Operation Chaos-type dealy.  Still, I hear Taj is really working the district, hard.  Now, when we get into the general, his cultural background is going to matter more, but in a Democratic primary in an upscale district where he has all of the money?
No “Operation Hilarity” here In a way, L. Brooks Patterson’s backroom deal to push a write-in campaign for Nancy Cassis HELPS Dr. Taj for the primary, since it will make otherwise-idle Republicans want to take the GOP ballot to vote for Bentivolio or write in Cassis.  The biggest problem is simply the damn NAME: “Bill Roberts” is as stereotypically-American as it gets. “Syed Taj” is a harder sell…but sell it we shall!
Hm.  Uh oh.  The other Bill Roberts   Or that Bill Roberts is the long time mayor of Walled Lake and a well-known Democrat. Don’t think the LaRouchies aren’t trying to take advantage of that with their phony candidate.  
Well.  Landmines exist in any election campaign, I suppose. 

WASHINGTON Dave Christie Campaign Update

Uh huh.  That should bring in the votes.  We’ll see how many takers there are for this town hall.  Saturday, June 30 at the Kent Commons Green River Room, 525 Fourth Ave. N
Hm.   For the Aug. 7 primary election, the debate for District 9 Congress candidates is scheduled for 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, July 21.  Noted for future reference, I suppose.

Democratic Underground conversation  FYI, someone’s trying to shut this thread down by alerting on the OP nt
I’m almost tempted to move to TX-22 and run against Kesha myself.  I may be batshit crazy at times, but at least with me you know what you’re getting.   Kesha might call herself an FDR Democrat, but we all know she’s really a WTF Democrat.  No Democrat would have a chance, so this really isn’t that big of a deal.
No Democrat would have a chance, so this really isn’t that big of a deal

Convention Diary
LaRouche delegation outside of convention center, banging on a drum and intoning something about Glass-Stegall.
Better head down to the convention floor. Someone’s belting out a tune at full volume. It could get rowdy. Which is just the way I like my Democratic conventions.

Harsh Words on KP George here.  From what limited I saw of KP George, I wasn’t all that impressed with him, but in the strange task of winning a nomination for a meaningless slot of losing in November by 20 in a race that comes down to largely which candidate’s name looks best on the ballot… meh?  Unless you can script in someone named “Yarborough”, I’d say… Go with KP George again.
The Larouchies are crazy.   I missed them. I enjoy going up to them and asking them how many years did LaRouche serve in prison. They do not like talking about this.  KP George was at the convention. He kept trying to tell me (and anyone else who would listen) that he ran a good race against Kesha Rogers and I was not in the mood to argue and did my best to escape and to avoid him. KP put his ego ahead of the party and ran a poor campaign. The Fort Bend Party and clubs paid for a mailing that help him win Fort Bend County. KP did little or nothing in Brazoria or Harris counties which is why he lost
I  heard from a SDEC rep that Kesha tried to speak at the labor caucus and was kicked out
The security was not that tight at the convention and I saw on the kesha rogers webpage that she spoke to the veteran’s caucus. Kesha is crazy but not stupid .Kesha was a coward and did not tell the caucus that she wants to impeach President Obama. I wish that Kesha had the courage to tell the members of that caucus her true positions on the issues.
Kesha also had a “rally” outside the convention site and evidently had three people attend. I did see the rally but she has a picture on her website. The picture of Kesha’s “rally” was not clear but I did not see her normal impeach Obama message or the poster with a picture of President Obama with a hitler mustache.
More  Sic transit Gloria mundi, LaRoucies!

NEW JERSEY  Howie G  … Cancel things that are not real.  Think of all that money that is tied up in the Federal Reserve system. It’s used toilet paper, and you go and try to use it again.  Once the Americans realize that they were being stupid can turn everything around.
That is the significance of the Bergenfield NJ meeting with former candidates Diane Sare, LaRouche Democrat, Mark Quick , Reform Party, and Bonnie Sommer, Republican party, former canddidates in the fifth CD of New Jersey.
As always… was this big significant meeting covered by anyone anywhere?  Also… Mark Quick is no longer with the Reform Party.

An interesting note from the campaign
And most recently using Nixonian tactics to cover up for a DOJ gun-running operation, “Fast and Furious,” which will hopefully end his administration before the Democratic nominating convention.  Yeah, well… Fox News, much?
Nice to include the Green Party candidate in there!

Hm de hm.  How do I email you? I know LaRouche’s second in command Harley Schlanger. Harley also has known Ron Paul for over twenty years.  Elaboration, please?

William Colby.  Webster Tarpley — yelp, Bilderberg time.

In the academic world, Bernard Lewis is well known as the most distinguished living historian of the Middle East. But in the more sensationalist corners of the American media, he is a darkly sinister figure. This quietly spoken, silver-haired British-Jewish academic, now in his 96th year, is apparently the intellectual Rasputin of the White House. Allegedly, Lewis was the person whose briefings persuaded George W Bush to go ahead with the invasion of Iraq.
Decades before that, Professor Lewis had been described as the British spywho masterminded the Iranian Revolution: he organised it in order to weaken Russia, and thereby hasten the revival of British imperial rule in the Middle East. This bizarre theory was invented by Lyndon LaRouche, the American fringe politician who also thinks that the Queen runs a worldwide criminal conspiracy. His ideas are not taken too seriously in the United States; but one has to wonder how much credence they are now given on Middle Eastern websites.

Along these lines… Conservative Papers
This situation in Syria is just a warm-up before a real confrontation, which will draw Russia and China into action, believes Lawrence Freeman from the Executive Intelligence Review magazine. […] 
“This could result – and I think the Russians and the Chinese are aware of this – this could result in World War III,” he said. “So this is extremely dangerous, and measures have to be taken now to stop these policies by President Obama to radicalize the middle east”

Satan’s Fake Apocalypse
Obomber would have sent UAV-type drones instead, but Congress has been holding out for more money before allowing drone strikes in the US. This they would accomplish by defining those who terrify the British empire as “radical extremists,” as the media has already done to LaRouche.

In wacky lawsuit land.  I think I’ve figured out the root stock of the madness of the Carreons — they’re associated with the LaRouchies. I was paging through some of Tara Carreon’s nuttiness on Techdirt, and she referenced something called “How the Dead Souls of
No.  I don’t have the time or patience to look into what this is.   Though it does look interesting.

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