Senate race overview: Nebraska, Texas, Indiana, and Wyoming

Bob Kerrey
war criminal
for senate 2012
for senate
waltzing maltilda
pedestrian crossing

I don’t know what to think of Bob Kerrey’s imprint in google prompts.  There’s apparently a notable pedestrian crossing named after him.  As for Waltzing Maltilda

 For ten minutes, Kerrey struggled through an off-pitch rendition of “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda,” the tale of a young Australian who loses both legs in the WWI Battle of Gallipoli written by contemporary songwriter Eric Bogle. Most in the crowd where unfamiliar with Bogle’s anti-war masterpiece, but they knew the history of their newly-elected Senator. It took only a few lines to understand that the ballad eerily mirrored Kerrey’s odyssey in Vietnam – even to the point of his homecoming.

Apparently it’s what everyone’s imprinted on him.

I can’t remember who I saw advertising on an auto-ad for the Texas primary.  It was either Paul Sadler, the hopeless Democratic front-runner, or Ted Cruz, the conservative challenger in the Republican primary — urging us all to “Finish the Race”.  Paul Sadler’s makes a bit sense for some low bit news items — he has to avoid too low turn-out of low information voters that’d get Grady Yabrough in… I note none of these candidates brings up any interesting google prompt.

In case you want to know more about Yabrough.
Yarbrough said he was on board with any number of measures, including a wall or fence, to close the U.S.-Mexico border. And to make his point, he referenced the infamous Berlin Wall, saying “it was pretty effective.”
“We have to use whatever method is at our disposal,” he said.

Yeah, I know.  We won’t have him to kick around much soon.

What we get for John Raese, West Virginia Senate Reapublican Candidate?
for Senate

Lesson of this:  violate Godwin’s Law, you get associated on google with Hitler.

News from Indiana:  Your Democratic Senate candidate voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt over the … phony scandal.

One more thing not really watching, but take note of it

Wyoming’s Democratic Primary for US Senate
William Bryk, attorney from Brooklyn; most recently ran in the Democratic primaries for Indiana’s 8th congressional district in 2012 and for the Idaho U.S. Senate seat in 2010[6]
Tim Chesnut, member of the Albany County Board of Commissioners[6][7]
Al Hamburg, retired painter and perennial candidate[8]

I’m sure the state party’s favorite is Tim Chenut instead of the perenial candidate who won’t even stamp his name in one state and the other perenial candidate who doesn’t even paint anymore.

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