Draft John Wolfe Jr for Senate

One thought about John Wolfe, Jr.

He sounds better than former Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen, currently Top 1 if the Democrats feel able to take a stab at a Senate seat.  And it’s hard to fathom who else Tennessee Democrats have sitting on their bench.  (Someone with a profile like Harold Ford, Jr I imagine.)

Maybe he can parlay a certain amount of fame in having come in second in the 2012 Democratic Primaries to jump-start past the “perennial candidate” role to take a stab against Lamar Alexander in 2014.  Not like anyone else is.  Stick an exclamation point after his first name.

Actually the question might be: if Tennessee’s Democrats don’t really try to field a candidate, and Wolfe jumps in, would the Democratic Party brass in the state opt to run someone to stop a man who once marginally embarrassed the party standard-bearer? — something I suppose they wouldn’t do if Wolfe fit the profile of fourth place finisher Jim Rogers.

And was this the man Ralph Nader had in mind when he claimed to have lined someone up to primary Obama?

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