Maybe Wolfe could’ve won Kentucky?

Apparently wikipedia has concocted the county by county map for the 2012 Democratic primary, and where Obama is getting embarrassed.  Yes.  It looks like this 2008 “Where Obama underperformed to Kerry” map that should become as known to you as the 2000 Presidential Gore v Bush map, and it is freaking hilarious.

The regrettable thing here is that the Democrats will make the nomination unanimous.  Which is a damned shame.  It’s not that I am against figuring out how to remove Keith Judd from consideration — he’s in prison and won’t be able to deliver any speech, after all — but John Wolfe, Jr is… legitimate enough, I would say.

I hope Wolfe plays the spirit of Eugene McCarthy Chicago 68 as we hurtle into North Carolina.

With the results in Tuesday’s Arkansas and Kentucky presidential primaries, Louisiana now slides to fifth on the list of President Barack Obama’s weakest performances in 2012. In fact, the president’s 76 percent performance in Louisiana’s multi-candidate March 24 primary now looks retrospectively respectable compared to his tallies in Arkansas and Kentucky, where he was held to less than 60 percent of the vote in one-on-one contests. In Arkansas, Chattanooga, Tenn., attorney John Wolfe Jr., who won 12 percent of the vote in the Louisiana primary, carried 42 percent of the vote against the president. In Kentucky, the lone alternative to Obama was “uncommitted,” and uncommitted won 41 percent.
Two weeks ago, “no preference,” scored 20 percent of the vote against Obama in the North Carolina primary — a state that Obama narrowly carried in the 2008 general election — and that same day in West Virginia, Keith Judd, an inmate serving time in a federal prison in Texarkana, Texas, won 41 percent of the vote against Obama.

It is a shame that Vermin Supreme doesn’t stand alone on one of these ballots.  I might have edged him past Jim Rogers for personal favorite in Oklahoma.  I want him to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame.  Unfortunately, he stuck to New Hampshire.  Bad campaign strategy, I would say.

I will note for the record, you cannot say of a 58 to 42 percent citory “Barely won“.  Which I guess is why they probably changed the headline.
Also, it’s worth pointing out that in Kentucky, Obama actually compiled more votes than Republican winner—and general election challenger—Mitt Romney.  Oh, maybe.

Down ballot, the Ron Paul Revolution chugs in Thomas Massie.  One strain of Tea Party thumped against another, I suppose.  Or, it’s a “Proxy Battle” between Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell.  Just because we need to entertain ourselves with some storyline or other.


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