In defense of Buddy Roemer

Interesting couple of comments that aim to set the record straight and peg Buddy Roemer’s reputation downward.  See here.

Note something like this:
He was one of the worst governors in Louisiana history. He could not get along with people, put together a competent staff, or pass legislation. He did not work hard and had no ability to govern. Read this history of LA governors, pages 259-268:

And on to:
As a LA commentator quipped, in bayou style:
“Buddy Roemer, who has been out of politics for 19 years, couldn’t win an election as a dogcatcher in Louisiana, much less the Presidency of the United States.”

All right.  I don’t care enough to shift about and figure out what my opinion of Buddy Roemer is, and I certainly do not think much of the Americans Elect concept that he attached himself to this last election.  But I have one thought to say about Buddy Roemer.  Whatever his faults as governor, or a politician, however off-base and self- congratulatory his message, whatever his level of effectiveness as governor…

His predecessor and successor was Edwin Edwards, and the man who beat him out was David Duke.

Sometimes you have to judge a politician by not any real ideals, but by who he is standing next to.  And while I guess you can say that there was obviously something wrong with him in getting to the public that he was beaten by those two men, nonetheless in grading off a curve, he may just well be seated into the Louisiana Governors Hall of Fame.

3 Responses to “In defense of Buddy Roemer”

  1. JustDiogenes Says:

    You have an unusual method of evaluating a politician. I have never heard of any rational person using that method before.

    You contend that if a politician lost an election to a Nazi and a crook then the politician should be placed in the Hall of Fame. Well, I never heard of anyone using that kind of “grading off the curve.” but you are entitled to your own opinion.

  2. Vince Lisanti Says:

    JustDiogenes is an internet troll, most likely hired by the status quo, who want to do all they can to not allow Buddy Roemer’s anti corruption message from being honestly heard. Other know aliases of this troll are NobodyAskedMe But…, SayAmen, Diogenes, Boosier Bearcat, among others. This deceptive tactic is commonly used among trolls as defined here:

    Take a look at this blog that explains more about this trolling campaign to slander Buddy Roemer:

    Anyone who wants information regarding Buddy Roemer can start by visiting his website:

  3. JustDiogenes Says:

    The troll is Mr. Lisanti. Mr. Lisanti follows any posting showing the unfortunate truth about Buddy Roemer’s flaws with a Lisanti attack against the person who is telling the truth. Mr. Lisanti is one of Roemer’s internet “Brown Shirts” to quash the truth about him.

    Each of my comments was different from the others. Each of my comments provided new information that was factual and supported by new reliable sources or by reasoned analysis. In contrast, Mr. Lisanti simply posts the same false words to attack me or any other person personally rather than address the facts.

    Roemer and others working for his campaign, such as Mr. Lisanti also forge my screen name and then post a fraudulent posting saying that I repent all of my words about Buddy and admit he is just a wonderful person. If you click on the screen name of one of those forged comments, it takes you directly to the Roemer website.

    It is widely known here in Louisiana that Roemer is a defective personality. He uses goons like Lisanti to quash the truth about him. I use a pseudonym because I am afraid Roemer would harm me or my family if he finds out who I am. Because he tries to block me online, I use a few different screen names to keep ahead of him.

    If you would like to learn more about Buddy Roemer, go to this website and read the comments by Buddy’s supporters and me. Also examine the web pages I cite, which will provide you with reliable, independent and objective analysis by historians and journalists. Roemer and his hit squad cite only to Roemer’s own web pages to confirm his lies by referring to his own lies.

    I am sorry to burden the readers at this web page with the fallacies of Paul Allen (the web paged linked by Mr. Lisanti), but it is Vince Lisanti, Roemer’s hit squad member who has introduced this here, and I cannot post any fact check truth about Roemer’s Allen-Lisanti team at the Allen or Roemer web pages, because they will not publish it. Thus, I have no choice but to post this distraction here.

    Paul Allen is false propaganda, just as Vince Lisanti is. Allen did a Google search using “Say Amen” and came up with 22,000 hits and then says “Say Amen” is not a single person but a huge program paid for by political enemies of Roemer. I wrote comments to Allen to dispel this false argument, but Allen is not honest and would not publish anything adverse to his false statements. Then, I saw another commenter post a comment on Allen’s web page that showed Allen how his Google search was flawed because it gave many hits that simply repeated the same comment a thousand or more times. The commenter showed Allen how to eliminate the duplications in his search, using proper Google search tools, with the result showing that “Say Amen” has posted no more than 50 – 100 comments. Now I see that Allen has also removed that comment, not allowing anyone to know Allen’s ignorance and extreme conclusions based on erroneous methods.

    Try a Google search using “Roemer Lisanti” and see how many thousands of hits you get. That is the defective search method that the Roemer-Allen-Lisanti team want you to believe about their detractors.

    Lisanti uses similar dishonesty. He writes glowing comments about Roemer citing to Roemer’s own false statements posted at Roemer’s own websites. There is never any independent reliable support for anything he says. Lisanti has attacked me whenever he can, but he never has shown to be false any of the facts, journalists, and historians on which I support every statement. He simply engages in childish ad hominem insults.

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