Occupy Charlotte splinters:   People’s Coalition of the Carolinas.

Ta-Nehisi Coates:  Ron Paul is like … Louis Farrahkhan.

The Incredible Meaningless of the 2012 Presidential Election:
Except perhaps for Aaron Burr and John Breckinridge (the candidate who came in second in the Election of 1860), I can’t think of a single major party nominee in our history who it could be fairly said would have been a grave danger to the Republic had they won the election. […]
A re-elected Obama would be, like most second term presidents, a placeholder. His Big Ideas are all either enacted or failed and he’s unlikely to have much support in Congress

Kim Jong Il’s place in advertisements.

10 Items from the Ron Paul newsletters.

Ron Paul mocks the Jon Huntsman over lack of Iowa caucus vote.

New Obama Hope Poster.

Pentagon budget about to go down to 2007 levels.  We can only hope.

God tells Pat Robertson he doesn’t like Obama and the identify of the next president.

Another prediction from another high power.

The Case Against College Football.

On the Road.



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