Running for President because of map difficulties

The redistricting efforts across the country effect many individual members of Congress, and bring to the focus various politicians — it’s here that we get news that Dennis Kucinich is thinking about moving to Washington, as Ohio is losing a seat and Washington has a couple seats to spare.  I see analysis of each new state’s plans in new posts on the dailykos, the posts interesting mainly because of links from various people with more specialized and localized knowledge who can crunch demographic numbers and see why the lines jig and jag where they do.

Naturally, Alex Jones’s “Prison Planet” website is only concerned about one individual.  Ron Paul.  From my far-side glance, I have a difficult time seeing the numbers — tossing some black people into Ron Paul’s district — add up.  If you’d asked me without the analysis, I’d have said that it seems to me more akin to diffusing and making more difficult a Democratic seat than hampering Ron Paul’s safe district.  But I can’t argue with analysis from people more attune to these things.  The other fact may be the powers that be are looking ahead to a post-Ron Paul world, not all that concerned one way or the other about him and doing what’s best for the Republican Party for the rest of the decade.

Naturally the Prison Planet comments are funny.

This might backfire with the increased awareness that Dr. Paul has done more for minority civil rights than any other politician on either side of isle, at any level of government. This was stated on Alex Jones Show by a leading member of the Austin chapter of the NAACP during the last presidential bid. Being Anti-War and Anti-Drug War might be just want these individuals in this widening district want. Ron Paul could win the district.

And of course:

It will not matter. He will not be Congressman Paul in 2012, he will be President Paul.

But then there’s this note.

And Paul’s not alone in this predicament: Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter might run for president in part because he’s losing his district.

Wait.  What?  Who?  Thaddeus McCotter?
Who? — Is that  a good answer to the classic question (the question which tripped up Edward Kennedy in 1980) of “Why are you running for President?” — “Because they changed the map lines on me.”

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