Countdown: Top 5 Larouche News Stories of the Past two weeks

STORY NUMBER ONE: Larouche Blames Baby Boomers for Suckiness of Website

I assume everyone was up and at ’em for this one.
Be sure to mark your calender to watch LaRouche’s International Webcast next Tuesday April 19, 2011 1pm edt and 10 am pdt

I trust everyone in the New York area jumped to the opportunity provided by  Howie G .:
We will have two public showings in the NJ office, one live at 1 pm, and the other 7:30 pm . Please call me for more details, or rides from NYC.

Something Interesting came out of it, no?
Check out the April 19th International Webcast at around 3:16:00, where Debbie Freeman reads off a question about the health of the LPAC website. She refers to the questioner as being “a paranoid, because I know him” which makes everyone laugh. (Maybe some of you old timers from the org know who it is.)
THE DEAR LEADER actually responds! He says, the website is dropping in quality due to financial straits.
“Its not the fault of the young folk, the LYM,” Lyn assures us all, which means they’re doing their jobs at the card table.
Rather, “Its the fault of the Baby boomers,” and proceeds to blame JFK’s assassination on disrupting the flow of funds into the LPAC coffers to maintain a pristine propaganda outlet.

We’ll just have to see how this one develops.  I do notice the Larouchepac is shinier and spins around and stuff– that must have been an innovation brought by the new Generation.  It should help mend this problem:

You know what is only slightly funnier, foghorn?
Yesterday, I was at the post office and lo and behold, the LaRouchies were out! All two of ’em.
They were hating on Obama, too.

10.6: As if he ever was, LaRouche isn’t alive still, is he?
Do you think that one of the LaRouchies has his preserved body in a basement somewhere with his acolytes giving him round-the-clock mouth to mouth resuscitation?

And *sigh* BET you epic failure on all levels. If you were running for president you would be LaRouche. For a decade or more now, you have been on a steady and rapid decline. The programming is piss poor and I truly believe that the BET Boondocks episode is accurate.

It could be worse.  Remember the dark ages of 2008?

I am speaking, of course, of the long gone, but not lamented, supporters of Lyndon LaRouche* and his (to be charitable) “unique” perspective on the political events of the day. […]

But now that’s behind them.  Now it’s full force into the Future!
I don’t understand the difference between “comic candidate” and “goofball candidate”


My first thought is that they must be “bringing the message” “down” to the level of the “Masses”.

Wikipedia describes Lyndon LaRouche as a perennial presidential candidate, and I like that description, because the word “perennial” reminds me of the word “perineum,” which is the area between a man’s scrotum and anus, which is a great metaphor for where I think Lyndon LaRouche lies on the spectrum of human beings. […]

What further angered me was that the girl standing behind the LaRouche table, which is currently set up across from the post office on 24th Street in Noe Valley, San Francisco, was humming the theme song from Full House. Please, allow me to refresh you:

It appears I don’t really know the lyrics to Full House, as if you’d asked me I’d have come to the first two lines as “Whatever happened to individuality, the milkman, the paperboy, even tv?”.  There are things I’m embarrassed about mistaking, and I have to say this is not one of them.  But, looking over the real lyrics I am brought to the question — What Neo-platonic meaning does this have?

This blogger posted the shortened version, apparently.  If I at first figure that they’re demanding answers to the problems of economic dislocation (Whatever happened to predictability, the milkman, the paperboy, evening tv? –, my next guess is that if you’d stayed there for another few minutes one would have heard the Fresh Prince theme.  You have to figure out some way to occupy yourself.  Otherwise, you’re stuck in the dire dreariness of the messaging of Dave Christie — breaking through the stonewall at last.

This does bring an interesting question, one that I’d probe to former and current Larouchies manning the card table shrines.  What songs have you hummed to yourself?  Have you ever brought out a chorus version for a song which proves itself inappropriate to the Larouchian message?  (counter to “mainly pressing for federal bank regulation reform, supposedly.)  A discussion of this topic might surely bridge the gap of understanding between larouchies and non-larouchies, and diffuse misunderstandings on the order of:

Am I lost and alone, Lyndon LaRouche? Are you the light that’s waiting to carry me home? Did you even watch Full House? Because I guarantee you that if Uncle Joey saw you on the street he’d tell you to cut it out before introducing you to his fist. Uncle Joey was a doofus, but I’ll bet even he recognized a social injustice when he saw one.  The man lived in a basement and never had a girlfriend. His life was fraught with social injustice.

Wooah.  Wooah.  No need to get violent there.  Recent news coverage from San Francisco and … Put away that fist!  I mean, even if you agree with this sentiment…

The only really bad thing about the La Rouche movement, is the people involved. The ideology is sound.

Odd. Lyndon Larouche is a rather strange person. Living on a college campus, I’ve run into his cronies multiple times – usually while they’re yelling inanities at passing students and generally being obnoxious.

Or an unpleasant comparison with Linux Advocates to the Larouche Movement.

Taxes vaporised all of them. But hey – the LaRouchies were at my local post office. They’d come out from San Fransisco. Kind of unusual. First.. how did they even know my town existed? And second.. how did they know my town existed? We are a little off the beaten path.

Like I said, they’re going to places YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED!

Just ask them if they’re planning on doing a full-on Jonestown routine once Lyndon finally kicks it. The dude is 89 years old, so they really need to start thinking about this.

Come to think of it, I think the card table jobs are where the planned CCC renewal is heading, not so much the Maglev Trains.

Anyway, we’re in league with the Dutch for some reason, and we like enviromentalism. This sounds ok, but apparantly enviromentalism will lead to us performing mass genocide when we topple the U.S. and rule the world. Don’t ask me how enviromentalism and genocide are linked, truly I don’t know.. my government hs clearly left me outside of this plot. […]
And finally, we have social healthcare in the UK.. and it’s fucking brilliant. I was a low eaner in the UK, I still pay taxes toward the syste but much less than I’d have to pay for health insurance.. and I can go to the doctor, dentist or optician whenever I want.. for free. No bills to have my baby brought into the world.. no filling in forms with a broken arm. But hey, if it’s not for you.. no problem.

Hold on there, Buster!

On Monday, April 11, Sergey Pulinets’ wide-ranging interview assembling the science of earthquake forecasting from multiple sorts of precursors, appeared on LaRouchePAC’s website. Two days later, on April 13, Lyndon LaRouche and two members of his “basement team” drew out the fuller implications of Pulinets’ interview in an historic LaRouchePAC Weekly Report.

But that same Wednesday, April 13, the British Empire rushed into mass print worldwide, with an interview and article by Robert Geller, who has for decades been the leading denier of the cognizability and forecastibility of earthquakes, as well as the leader of an inquisition which has denied funding, publication, and even sought to deny the right of association, to scientists studying earthquakes, all on behalf of frontman for British- sponsored genocide Barack Obama and other, earlier genocidalists like Al Gore.

You are indeed in league with the Dutch.
Meantime, health care activists upset about Obama’s plan speak out:

Healthcare is also a major concern, for very personal reasons. “AIDS made me a healthcare advocate,” Osborns says, during her time as the executive director of the LA Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center during the “second wave” of the AIDS crisis. It was then that she became a “passionate” supporter of Single Payer health reform. She carries that passion “within my soul out of the AIDS epidemic, that I owe [it] to Gabe Kruks and Ken Dawson and my friend Mark Kostopoulos, who was the first person to talk to me about Single Payer in 1989 or 90.”

Osborn says she asked her friend, West Hollywood City Councilmember John Duran (who also co-chair Equality California), “why is the Obama endorsement not being used?” After all, Osborn notes, she’s had experience working on the No on 64/, LA Rouche Initiative to quarantine people with AIDS and longtime campaign consultant David Mixner, for whom Osborn once worked, had worked on the No on 6/Briggs Initiative campaign.


The youtube machine, As we proceed from here:
this could be the catalyst to a chain reaction. A true end to left/right paradigm.
Yessirre.  Together, Alex Jones and Lyndon Larouche are UNSTOPPABLE.
Destruction of the NWO!! no mercy!!!
The old right/left paradigm breaks through in a hurry.
Why Alex never talk about the Koch brothers?
Koch industries has one of the cleanest records of any company in their market, ever. They preach social and economic freedom, which by the way has lifted half a billion people out of poverty in the last 10 years. Is this what you’re against?

OR Because they are the owner and master of the country!, and I think Alex is very good to name the old rich family name, but never mentions the current masters …

The removal of banks could be & CAN BE achieved in a mater of weeks if not days with a truly educated public armed with mathematical proof of solution, what I advocate,3rd grade maths ‘MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY” the tuff part is all these plagiarist like LaRouche claiming false solution to the waking zombies.

Problem with LaRouche is his maturity and marketing.
While his economic policies are outstanding.
The way he and his followers act are almost cult like. a

Ooooh.  IN YOUR FACE!!!  But the bottom line may be:

The British Empire went under Jewish influence in the time of Henry Cromwell.
He accepted the Portuguese Antonio Fernandez Carvajal (c.1590-1659), which opened a relationship with the sefardic community of Amsterdam. It was the start of the British Israelism (look up Wikipedia for it).
The german houses of Coburg, Gotha, Sax , Hess, Hapsburg and Brunswick were financially obliged to Jewish Bankster, not the least, Amschel Bauer of the Red Banner.

Go look closely at an enlarged photo of Prince Charles. Is he “British” or “Jewish”? The Queen of England IS NOT BRITISH! She is a German from the family of SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA (Ger. Sachsen-Koburg-Gotha). Some of the Russian Monarchy’s were also imported from Germany. Many of the British people are unaware of this fact (or would rather not know). So did the AshkeNAZI lose any war? NO! The only true fascists in this world are these, who are the capstone of all international banks and monopolies.
I don’t believe the law should allow usury, period. I believe the financial industry should always be kept a service based industry that serves the people before itself. And BTW Muslims do not believe in charging interest on money either (by religion) and that is one reason the AshkeNAZI are trying to genocide them all over the world. The other reason is to drive Christians and Arabs into a holy war so they will eliminate one another and the AskeNAZI can avoid blame (again).
It’s a Zionist Voodoo Banking system.
Control of the Money, is control of it all.
it really is zionism. One reason “british, anglo-dutch, etc.” doesn’t work so well.
Safer to say British Anglo whatevers.
much safer, but in the end ZOG will destroy all, so these petty semantics are acts of cowardice. these non stop wars are really for a greater Israel. They are not for oil. I just heard someone say that it will be a super power once it gets it’s original borders as given to them by God. Which reminds me of how Lloyd Blankfein and Goldman Sachs said they are doing God’s work by ripping everyone off.
As it even saids in the bible they will call themselves the jew but they will not be the jew, infact they will be the Synagogue of satan, i ask you is rothschild and rockerfeller not the synagogue of satan and ture evil, they do call themselves jews but they arent jews, and then the belfour declouration was signed to lord rothschild.

La Rouche reminds me of a Left Wing version of Alex Jones circa 2001back when he was a complete right wing NRA gun nut. Although, I agree with the bulk of what he says he often comes across as a little *too* uncompromising.

@Istina52 That is what you call activism????? Come on man!!!
Give your gold and silver to the LaRouche youth so they can organize the Gideons army.

LaRouche, strong man. Trouble is plenty of weak people out there. One of the biggest weaknesses with man is that there are always sell-outs. I hope America gets through it all. Requires activism as LaRouche suggets. Enough of getting the message out there as Alex Jones keeps on saying. The message is out there. People need to band together and start being active. i.e buy an ounce silver coin each and hammer JP Morgans shorts on silver. Possible could cripple JP Morgan. This is what we need to do

Okay, this is not the only interpretation people are having for Larouche’s brand of esoterica

In the above link is Lyndon LaRouche’s most spectacular article tracing the roots of the current monetary system to the isle of CAPRI,  sardonically the Democrats & Republicans being a fractal of Sodom & Gomorrah; Capri was notorious for its sexual debauchery and homosexuality. LaRouche like Kubrick has insight into the sexual kundalini energizing the whole system; this is where the current monetary system originated before the collapse of the Roman Empire, which was later revamped into the Venice bankers stronghold (they relocated to those swamplands to avoid being attacked), and much later recycled into the current British  banking system that rules the globe and is now gradually collapsing, taking everything down with it the more the governments insist in clinging to it (“bailing” it out) with slight irrelevant modifications.

Or you could go with the Timeline to December 2012.

Voice of Reason; I name you Voice of Treason; […]
if you take the side of the money changers I name you BETRAYER OF CHRIST.

The Jehovah’s Witness clique of Larouchies mix some things up.  To the best of my knowledge, you’ll only get the former knocking at your door, though.  It becomese Esoteric, like Dennis Miller.  He did say one thing that was really funny – though, most MNF fans probably didn’t get it…  “That pass was so far left, it almost decapitated Lyndon LaRouche”. That used to be in a list of pop culture references on wikipedia.  But that category was fought off some time ago.  Instead, we’re apt to figure these things out:

an imaginary issue that should be relegated to the realm of the John Birchers and the Larouchies being given credence by otherwise rational seeming conservatives and libertarians of at least normal intelligence


The Wikipedia Review is all aflutter.  ACTION!  Take your places!

It’s rather disappointing, really.  The most amusing item in this sphere is the presentation of one hell of a loopy suggestion.  Check this one out!

“No editor who has made more than 50 edits in the past year to that group of articles reasonably connected to, or about, Lyndon LaRouche or his followers or movement shall be exempt from the following: No such editor shall make more than one edit per month, counting substantially consecutive edits as a sngle edit, to any single one of such articles, subject to (the usual remedies)”
Good lord — that’d result in one American System volunteer with cutesy name referencing the literary work of James Fenimore Cooper or political after another referencing Nicholas of Cusa.
Cla68, in the discussion boards, brings up that “me, Jayen, Keithbob, and Other Choices and the IP editors all are, as far as I know, not socks of HK”.  Cla68 leaves out Stani Stani, who furthers the line of inquiry with rhetorical flourishes of “gotcha” mentality that ends  with a lick and a chop in a “meet you at the arb req” cackle.

The big story out of the wikipedia discussions is the ISP # fighting for Ramsey Clark to be in featured in the lede of the Larouche article.  As he says, Clark is a “specialist in politically targeted prosecutions”.  What is amusing is there was also a recent struggle over the Baath Party.

In other items, someone removed the term “oligarchical historian” from Webster Tarpley.

STORY NUMBER FIVE: Harley Schlanger Leads LPAC Victory Parade With Rotary Club Speech
Schlanger is a board member of the international Schiller Institute, a political and economic think-tank. He also is a spokesman for economist Lyndon LaRouche.
Schlanger spoke to the Monroe Rotary Club late last week about the country’s financial situation.
He apologized to Monroe Rotarians before his speech, saying he always was the bearer of bad news.

I hear that a loaf of bread is going to cost twenty bucks.  But in this crazy mixed up world in which we live in, maybe even Glenn Beck has the answers.

Harley Schlanger was also on Dr. Deagel, which I’ve previously referred to as “Dr. Kleagel” for his “Esoteric Radio Shows“.  The big star of that program, a program in esoterica, was apparently Jesse Trentadue — doing his best to exonerate his brother for the Oklahoma City bombing.

Jeff Steinberg continues his appearances on Iran’s Press TV.  Not on behalf of Larouche but on behalf of Executive Intelligence Review.

Not to be out-done Dennis Small appeared with Daniel Estulin, Head of the department’s Hispanic LaRouche organization.  Estulin had to fight off some comments, the type of comments Larouchies let pass on the Alex Jones websites a couple weeks ago (while immediately jumping at any negative reference to the cult).

Daniel Estulin:  Lingen, I’m on the side of Cardinal Nicolaus of Cusa and that you should say everything. ¿Sabes quien es? Do you know who is? ¿Conoces su contribución al desarrollo de la humanidad? Do you know their contribution to human development? Hablar del Cristo y Semana Santa sin entender la visión de Cusa es inútil. Speaking of Christ and Easter do not understand the vision of Cusa is useless.

The Jews Control Everything:  Do not go by Dennis small branches, the Obama campaign was finaciado by the Jewish mafia.

Daniel Estulin:  must see that my contents escucia dirty mass. Deberias dedicarte a vender entradas en el zoo, chaval. You should dedicate yourself to sell tickets at the zoo, kid.

Alvaro:  ja ja. Daniel Ya era hora que le pongas en su sitio a este payaso neonazi yo otritos que solo ven conspiraciones judias, a joder con tanta mierda. Daniel It’s about time that you put in place this clown otritos neonazi I only see Jewish conspiracies to fuck shit.

In the interest of bringing further “pro-Larouchie” commentary — but I can’t tell if this linking  is pro or anti?  Directs you to something, tosses in word “cult” — a matter the Alex Jones fans who think Larouche has something to say bring up.

Because this one is always coming up, we will play the Sesame Street classic “One of these things is not like the other”.
Plato, Einstein, Lincoln… the answer is the one stated, left out in the elipses.

U.S. Senator Jon Kyl erroneously linked Kwiatkowski to Lyndon LaRouche–an association which she has vehemently denied.  Later, she received a written apology from the senator.

Let’s put aside the easy examples of Obama’s shabby treatment of the Queen of England and the Prime Minister of Israel (who does he think he is, Lyndon LaRouche?).
Nah.  Must just agree with Jerry Seinfeld and Lawrence– whose commentary against paying any attention to the Royal Wedding is, hilariously enough, being referenced by the org for validation.

One more question:  Why do I care what Ayn Rand thought about Jazz?

3 Responses to “Countdown: Top 5 Larouche News Stories of the Past two weeks”

  1. chator Says:

    The LaRouchies have a new problem, Ron Paul has entered the Presidential race for 2012,

  2. Justin Says:

    Well, it gets him a smidgeon of attention. See here:

    Is it just me (16+ / 0-)
    or is Ron Paul the new Lyndon LaRouche?
    The old Lyndon LaRouche (2+ / 0-)
    would disagree with you, but he’s too busy now painting Hitler moustaches on pictures of President Obama. He’ll have to get back to you.

    Paul, with LaRouche and Nader, should all take a cue from Barbour and forget about running, as should Trump

    Ron Paul needs to have a “winning” summit with Lyndon LaRouche, Ralph Nader, and Charlie Sheen. Maybe between the four of them they can figure out what that word means, and that it doesn’t apply to them.

    Like I said above, maybe you should figure out what the hell you want before you support a candidate, and maybe a little research before a bunch of posts would be a good thing (“I’ve been reading about this Lyndon LaRouche guy, and he makes some good points”).

    Is it similar to Ron Paul? I feel like there are similar demographics.

    Brian Kirwin April 26, 2011 08:52 am
    Ron Paul – running for President since 1988.
    He’s our LaRouche

    James “turbo” Cohen April 26, 2011 12:58 pm
    Brian, Paul is to LaRouche what you are to Richard Simmons..

    Can’t wait for Ron Paul’s supporters, like the rabid Larouchies before them, try to stuff the ballot box with their opinions.

    Ron Paul is our president.
    With all due respect, Ron Paul is little more than a small time grifter in way over his head. When compared to a real candidate like Herman Cain, he is a small town doofus who is lucky to have his bible-belt supporters re-elect him. And I have seen the same type of support for Lyndon LaRouche, Pat Buchanan and Lew Rockwell. — steve
    Posted by: Michelle Cash | May 05, 2011 at 08:14 PM

  3. HylozoicHedgehog Says:

    I’d like to add that interested readers can now read Don Veitch’s book Beyond Common Sense at

    Veitch documents what one ex-Larouche follower has described as “BP Gone Wild” — namely, the way LaRouche’s mind-fu-ck doctrine known as “Beyond Psychoanalysis” (BP”) was unleashed in Australia in the early 1990s with — shall we say — volatile results.

    For more background, the reader can also examine my analysis of Veitch — as well as a long illuminating e-mail from a former Australian LC member — at and also available at LaRouche Planet at


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