I object to everyone

The thing about my 55-45 against opinion of our adventures in Libya…

You would think that this would mean that when reading opinions pro and against, I would be nodding my head in this wishy washy manner.  No.  The effect of reading opinions pro and con is that I find myself shaking my head — an editorial in favor pulls me against, an editorial against pulls me for.  Everyone’s arguments lead me to a raised eyebrow of “no.  Really?”   I’m just a born contrarian or something.

I made a remark about a notion amongst opponents /critics on items of propaganda believed and denied in my last post.  What do I make of this?

(3) And that the movement toward democratization in the Arab world—which has spread from Tunisia to Bahrain, and now includes such unlikely locales as Syria—be dealt an enormous setback through the survival of one of region’s most notorious autocrats?

Naturally cautious, you should expect “Revolutions” to have set-backs and either be able to proceed past them or not.  A road-block in route to “democraticization” — I suppose it already was, with assumption that the lead of the Rebellion movement is completely saintly.  Obama was annoying when he called for Qaddafi to leave, which … a quote I found somewhere or other… “would be meaningless if it were the president of Costa Rica”.

Andrew Sullivan is interesting here:

The key thing is to avoid leadership in this case. Yes, I just wrote that. If the French and British take ownership of this selfless act of imperial compassion, Obama can claim to be advancing American values but not enmeshing US troops in a third endless war. Many on the right will hate this, but some on the right will see its logic. My own view is that the American conservative public (not the neocons) would love for the allies to take more military responsibility for their own backyard. I have no problems with the EU or France or even Britain pursuing the same kind of self-defeating, fiscally crippling, decade-long wars that the US, under Bush-Cheney, so helpfully innovated. They’re sovereign nations. If they want to fight such a proxy war for an unknowable amount of time, let them.

The good news is that this would be hypocritical and null and void if from a stance of “Anti-Imperialism”.  As it were, this attitude is still disquieting: we’re all interconnected the international community of nations, aren’t we?

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