Tim Pawlenty IN YOUR FACE

I guess we are going to have to take this Tim Pawlenty ad and ensconse it in gold.  We are not going to get anything quite like it again.  We see it with his ad announcing the formation of an Exploratory Committee — itself a bit ridiculous, but it is the type of ad of which the “Courage to Stand” ad is a parody.

The director thatTim Pawlenty hired, and you can look up the name if you want, has tapped down the productions a notch.  But maybe that’s the point.  Team Pawlenty is apparently pleased as punch at the attention, even smirking, that the “Courage to Stand” ad received.  If it amounts to much more than Mike Gravel’s attention upon his ad campaign — a classic — we will see.  But I think there is a logic here: Pawlenty holds that Obama received the presidency off of, more or less merely, “great oratory” and speeches. Pawlenty, not a dynamic speech-maker thinks that he can get in by slicing up his boring speeches (and with dynamic directorial techniques.  It’s a continued process in the American democratic system that is worth keeping an eye on.

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