Operation Random Word Generator and its discontents

It was good to see a relatively big war protest on Saturday, timed to the anniversary of the start of the Iraq War but existing with the back-drop of “Operation Odyssey Dawn“.  It’s not even that I agree or disagree with anything, so much as consistency ought to hold forth from Bush into Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Hussein Obama.

Maybe we’ll all rise in support after Haley Barbour assumes the Presidency?

Vote to Impeach!

Operation Odyssey Dawn is that little war that every president throws out there, even if there is a big war or two happening.  I guess we have that knife’s edge of what it means to cheer on a supposed Middle East 1848 — the year of Revolutions in Europe which fell short and were beaten back by the various counter-revolutions, to unwind years later.  Surely we can watch as Murbarik falls down, but nothing stands there when Qaddafi purchases the necessary military to prompt up any military that wavers against him.

I suppose I’m, like, 55-45 against.  I should probably be prompted to more, just for Overton Window’s sake — or slippery slopes.  I am amused by people pointing out Libya’s anti-al Qaeda stance, which was pounced out there when our government was readying to do business with Qaddafi and was refurbishing his image a tad — (No, really.  Bush used the friendly title for our new buddy, “Colonel Qaddafi.”)  This was a tad convenient, no more so and no less so than our current disavowal of the claim — which point in time do you trust the CIA?  Don’t answer that!  Depends on which is convenient for your preferred policy.

I am also amused by hawkish politicians finangling for an oppositional note here — John McCain “supports Obama” but will toss in a “did this too late” just for the Hell of it.

Sunday, there was an odd porpourri of protests and things, sort of washing off, accumulated downtown.  There were a few sign wavers sitting on the steps of Pioneer Square with folded signs about Bradley Manning.  The rest was a motley crew.  A man dressed jumped aboard the Max in a banana costume, which puzzled me.  I believe he was connected with the sign wavers — “I’m Vegan Because I have Respect for all Life”.  Except, maybe, bananas… or the dignity of the man dressed up as a banana.

Some Union workers handing out strike information before downtown department stores.  This presents a clashing effect with some other people standing on opposite street corner, where I heard this suspicious survey question given to a passer-byer:  “What concern do you have in your life that you would like to remedy?”  I’ve heard that the Scientologists are abounding right now — was that what that was?

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