Haiku, You Ku, We all Ku, For Haiku!

Ron Paul wins Straw Poll.
Would plan big fund raising push.
But son is Hitler.

Bad Comparison,
William Jennings Bryan.
Three time NOMINEE.

This begs the question.
Whatever happened to Wertz?
Became poet, right?

October Surprise?
That’s was us!  Eye on pivot
But Trumpet Reagan.”

We’ve phantom glories
SDI! Downed Ollie North!
Have pictures for Proof.”

Daily Briefings — Phew.
Everyone reads those — King too!
So ignore and ignore.”

“Never heard of, er…
Operation Mop Up, er…
The Commies Did It!”

Can’t sell special plates.
So corner crackpot market
Before Rain Sets in.

Angels dance on pins.
History’s imprint hinges
On Russian footnotes.

Glass Steagall will win!
Dave Christie’s in IDAHO!!
Local press … silent.

Glowing China Quote!
Should suggest slew of citings
But just not the case.

Shame about Tarpley.
Sought Truther Hegemony.
But they don’t like him.

On Bush book reprint
Would Tarpley have desired
Larouche parts removed?

Big Joe Biden fans!
Because he too likes the trains.
So Impeach for Trains!

On Hitler Mustache
Have defended the Tea Party
But this guy blows it.

Lesson number one
Do Not Confuse Douche Larouche
With Larouchie Douche.

How dare this blogger
Call Post Office Team Fascist!
King must’ve  sent him!

Primitivist Fringe
Shift through Life’s compromises.
Share Facebook worries!

The future belongs
To those who know their Mozart
Unless they’re cultists.

This has to please them.
Larouche compared with Jesus.
It’s to slight Jesus.

A bit less stature.
Compared now with Tom Friedman.
It’s to slight Friedman.

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  1. s/b Says:

    Herschel Kurstofsky’s Angel’s Flight Sock Puppet account removed!


    American Systems Publications” again?

    Apparently, it is a “non-profit organization where I go to volunteer”. Actually, might just be technically correct, right?

    Cla68 is “Wikipedia Review” ‘s favorite Administrator, and I guess we can always see why.
    We await to see if the ISP # prevalent here needs a named account to lean on in a tag team duo, or if the game can be played otherwise.

    I will note that in this round, I very much enjoyed and laughed out loud at the ANI dispute regarding notability issues on the Lebedev Institute.


    Like Jimmy Carter?
    Sounds good, but like the others
    It’s to bash Carter.



    Bringing on Dr. Sears as an expert about vaccines and autism is like inviting Lyndon LaRouche to talk about the federal reserve bank.

    I remember in the days of my carefree youth, finding fliers on the downtown streets about Lyndon Larouche. A man I still know almost nothing about. This reminds me of those.

    Some of his idiot disciples used to go to nursing homes. My grandmother got a flyer and a button.
    Since she didn’t know English, she couldn’t read either, but since they were from LaRouche, I’m not sure that mattered.


    In Wisconsin, of course.
    @jwb: Will do. Must keep mr m away from teabaggers though…he loves to get into it with the Larouchies so these bozos would be red meat for him!


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