Kesha Rogers Launches 2020 Presidential Bid; narrows Veep Search to Rachel Brown, Dave Christie, and Sarah Palin

I’m pondering a way to discuss the Larouche organization — as I tilt toward the six candidates — without mentionof the name “Larouche”.  Maybe I should just reinvent the NCLC for my future experiment?  Move away from the Bosses and get on over to covering the  the proleteriat …
–I mean,  screw these bozos, right? — .
— celebrate the work of… oh… beleagured in terms of  Two whack-jobs with anti-Obama signs is not newsworthy. That depends on your news focus. It does get around as we see with this sentence:
When I got home I Googled “protesting outside post offices” and found this piece showing that the org doesn’t just OWN the Obama Hitler, they own the Protesting outside post offices
… here is the opening salvo of Diane Sare’s 2012 Congressional run:

Christie seemed to have the most fun with Diane Sare, who introduced herself as a Larouche Democrat who is planning a Congressional run in Bergen County. […]
Sare said afterward that she is currently in U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman (D-NJ09)’s district, but hopes that redistricting pits her against far-right U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ05) to the north.
At Thursday’s town hall meeting, Sare quickly listed her major criticisms of President Barack Obama – health care, bank bailouts, and space missions – then turned to Christie and politely said, “I think your policies are identical to his.”
Christie playfully called out for someone to alert the president of this development immediately.
But Sare waited for the laughs to subside, then laid out her plan to take private sector bailout funding and allocate it to state governments to get them out of the fiscal hole they’re in. She asked Christie to work with her to make the plan happen.
“You want to work with me,” he said, “after you called me Obama?”

Could have called him Hitler.  (Or, a different insult: as relevant as Larouche .)
Debate Time.  Was this a legitimate shut down, or did the City Government just squelch Summer Shields by seeking out a technicality?

The St. Helena Police Department received numerous complaints about the booth, but police determined that Shields and his companion were exercising their rights to free speech and weren’t impeding people moving on the sidewalk.
owever, the city’s planning department determined the table violated the city’s encroachment codes, so an officer told Shields and his companion to take it down shortly after noon.
Before Shields left, he said the reaction from locals was mixed, but strong.
“You’ve got to be kidding,” said one passerby.

The opening battle in Summer Shields’s first Congressional run, I guess.  In the future, this will pop up with the “protesting outside post offices” search — cornering that market, though an image serach shows they haven’t quite done that for “Obama Hitler”.  But we’ll have to see how this develops.  The future looks like a reference point for insult.

Joke time!
Although FTW does not always agree with conclusions reached by the Executive Intelligence Review, or its founder Lyndon La Rouche, we have never found a single flaw in any of their factual research.
Clowns, really.  I see in this old youtube video comment group they get tracked with the inconsistency of their storyline:

Webster Tarpley is in line with what Lyndon Larouche has been saying about saving the economy. Support the HBPA!

the only difference is that LaRouche thinks that Obama is a good person and believes in him (Lyndon LaRouche said that Eric Holder is great) while Webster thinks that obama is a fraud.

no, LaRouche from the beginning said that O’Bama is a puppet and a fascist. listen to LaRouche’s webcasts from a year ago during the campaign.

i’ve seen the webcast of lyndon larouche from 02.11.2009 and i know what i’ve heard!
lyndon said that obama is good, but he has to suround himselft with the right people, not with the wall street fascist.
lyndon said that appoitment of eric holder was the sign of obama that he doesn’t surrender to the bankers at all, cos holder is very draconic when it comes to persecute drug traders (brits).
i you don’t believe me watch (i think somewhere in the middle).

The storyline is something like Obama rejected the Larouchies as advisors and went with the British.  I will never really understand why they entertained backing the Obama Presidency.  Yes, I understand as far back as Nixon they did that “Defend Nixon, but oh boy that Rockefellar faction needs to be stomped” schtik.  But after building up on the anti-Obama line, they deviated for… what purpose?  A brief grab at the conspiranoia about fears of assassination, perhaps?  The market was always going to remain for anti-Obama material. 
 Oh well, though.  How do you compete against this paranoia?

This webcast will occur at the most critical period the American republic has ever faced. Not only is the imperial financial system which dominates the world, in the process of disintegration, but the very fabric of social life, on all continents, is dissolving into bestiality, and chaos.

  I remain interested in following their wikipedia game.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

9/12/2010 LaRouche Supporters Crash Taxpayer March Event: remove non-notable incident sourced to YouTube
Reception in Russia and China: expand section
2008: LaRouche on the financial crisis: expand
Ego-stripping”: disproportionate amount of article is devoted to questionable allegations by 1970s-era critics

The ego-stripping material has been moved to the “US Labor Party” article, which is a nice way to shove it out of view.
There may be a wrinkle within this grouping.  Try about here.  The dates suggest a direct editing reaction.:

They are pretty good at Credit Identity Theft, too. Fast way to build up the campaign fund.shelflife2 January 10, 2011 at 8:04PM
“9/12/2010 LaRouche Supporters Crash Taxpayer March EventOn September 12th, 2010 LaRouche supporters infiltrated the Taxpayer’s March on Washington event, setting up Obama-as-Hitler signs calling for the president’s impeachment. The signs advertised LaRouche’s political action committee and signs encouraging people to vote for LaRouche were also present, although hidden under the supporters’ table. After a non-violent confrontation with the event’s organizers, the Capitol Police asked the LaRouche supporters to leave and they..”
Interestingly, I tend to think that’s the most important item of the past year regarding the organization, but as always the minuteness and insularity of the topic does not lead to sourcing. 
Angel’s Flight’s other major interest is the “Death Panel”s. Which follows us to the current line of the movement.into “red” districts.

This is our answer to what happened in Arizona,” one of the men said. “We’re here on behalf of the LaRouche Political Action Committee.”[…]
“An attempt is being made to use the case to attack Sarah Palin, who had targeted Giffords and 19 other congressmen for defeat in the November elections because of their vote for Obama’s Nazi health bill,” the handout read. It also read: “Anyone who attacks Sarah Palin is implicitly pro-Hitler.”

I take it that they want that sentence to be their soundbyte.
Also we weave into the issues of “government control”.  Watch this logic from a fan of Larouche’s:  Loughner, known to have mental issues, had been into mental health facilities… ergo:  manipulated by intelligence agents!  This is rather evil logic, really.
in the sense that his background was then available, through government psychiatric agencies, to the unknown controller who later planted the suggestion to assassinate Rep. Gifford.
Princess Diane, 9/11, and on and on this “[fill in blank of tragedy] Truth” conspiracy game moves on from tragedy to tragedy.  The “MK Ultra” element here is a good way to weave the pet issues (lucrative issues, they) about video games and drugs… rock and roll… the relevance is fairly faint — in this particular case the political ideas he grasped toward are themselves not at fault but the signifiers for gunning down and targetting a politician.  You know the the logical extension of the rhetorical gambit of constantly seeing Hitler pop out behind every rock –or to put another way: I’ve seen enough of this guy’s political flow-chart with #1 . 

here’s the second biggest instigator of the “Obama Hitler Mustache” image

For the Arizona shooter and what was in his head, I can spot the monetary theories and the anti – 14th Amendment material in his schizophrenic rantings, and this wouldn’t be all that surprising either:

A family friend says Loughner was particularly influenced by something called the “Zeitgeist” movie.
Zeitgeist is a catch all conspiratorial escape hatch — something like for people who want to imagine The Matrix as a documentary.  True?  I see that Rush Limbaugh posted an image of Loughner surrounded by Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911”, Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, something else or other, and … Zeitgeist.  The “Which of these is not like the other?” song pops through. 

I imagine that the Larouchies think MK Ultra was possibly behind this, by the way:
Two teenagers were seen around 3:45 p.m. trying unsuccessfully to grab one of the signs from the men. One began forming a snowball to throw at the men but ultimately walked away.
— or, in a previous decade, Rockefellar.

Meantime, they attack Professional Wrestling and the artwork of Marcel Duchamp.  Huh:
Larouche’s supporters and people like them see threats and disaster everywhere, and cannot smell the flowers, see beauty or recognize goodness because their own stink overwhelms their senses.
You know… what’s ironic about the dig at a former member commenting on Marcel Duchamp… I always thought that this org may just be an extended homage to Duchamp.  The performance art of the gorilla suit act, for instance, seems rather dada.

I briefly talked to one of them. They oppose Obama because they so not want to see the government shrink and they think that is what Obama’s policies will lead to, particularly with health care reform. They have no problem with the State control of health care, only if it leads to cuts. Did you know they also support the colonization of Mars? Maybe that is where we can send the Democrats that are so concerned about population growth?

Actually, that is pretty much the idea.  Or, find something for everyone:

Sad to say, but this group makes occasional stops in Vero Beach for a reason.
The city code does not allow anything to be sold at the site, but it’s OK to receive donations.
Beckmann witnessed a credit-card transaction on Tuesday, but one has to assume it was a donation for the cause.
“You can classify it as a donation,” Beckmann said, “but you’re still selling an idea.”

Hm.  Freedom Of Speech” – Seem’s I remember Gen Colin Powell ORDERING the Clintons, McCain and others running in the 2008 Presidential Primary to stop asking questions about obamas muslim background and relationships with former Weather Underground Members many of which he appointed to high cabinet positions as a matter of National Security.
Had he not done so Clinton would have easily won the nomination from him.
I already told this joke before, but since this youtube video shows up again in spam-format –I disagree though: I trust not everyone is militia:
Larouche is the fuckin man. His speech alone negates anything people say negatively against him. He gets a bad rep because he has been entrenched in the political system since BEFORE YOU WERE BORN.
Is that a selling point?
Do NOT trust LaRouche! They were supporting Hillary Clinton for president!
They lie. He is an economist, and his people can’t even leave a GD 15% tip!
Watch Josh Reeves’ documentary: THE SECRET RIGHT
This documentary EXPOSES ONCE AND FOR ALL the bad tipping habits of various Radical Extremist Groups.

Look how long Lyndon LaRouche lasted before he got his ass thrown in the slam. The real chore is how many grifter-wannabe’s get spawned in this shit-shoveling environment. Watch for Christine Witchy-poo to follow the same trajectory.

High on a list of sentences I never thought I would ever see written:  (Alan) Moore’s the comic book version of Lyndon La Rouche.

2 Responses to “Kesha Rogers Launches 2020 Presidential Bid; narrows Veep Search to Rachel Brown, Dave Christie, and Sarah Palin”

  1. chator Says:

    I suggest using the term The LaRouche Bunch in all future instances of discussing the LaRouche democratic candidates, note the small “d” in democrat. Why? We have three lovely LYMettes, and three LYM boys, throw in Lyn (Mr. Brady), Helga (Mrs. Brady) and Babs (Alice) and we have the LaRouche Bunch. We can follow their political misadventures as they strive to grow-up in a family where Obama-hate is the glue that keeps them together.

  2. Customary Additions Says:

    I suggest using the term The LaRouche Bunch in all future instances of discussing the LaRouche democratic candidates, note the small “d” in democrat.

    First o fall “small d democracy” refers to democratic precepts and processes as opposed to “Capital D” for the political party (more or less a cynical re-arranging of political factions by Martin Van Buren, with an eye toward advancing toward the presidency, and it’s carried on from there.)

    You’re thinking tangeantally and not within the scope of my thought process. It doesn’t answer the problem of ditching the name “Larouche” in discussing them by referencing the “Larouche Bunch”. Maybe I can start referring to Harley’s Bunch instead, as I’m poking about a thought here: Upon Larouche’s death, it would be more beneficial to some members of the org to ditch Larouche, running under the banner of “Executive Intelligence Review” mind you. The newest “I have been right about everything since 1957” speech sort of affirms this. Surely this can be even more pushed aside ignored when bouncing between Jeff Rense, Jack Stockwell, and Dr. Kleagall.
    But the next problem comes in the form of what you call the “larouche bunch”. Sans Larouche, are they running on a platform of FDR — John Quincy Adams — American System, etc — or is the glue of the central figure necessary for focus?

    Update on wikipedia!
    I went back to see if the edits were changed back. They were. ISP # then went to the Administrator’s board, where he was rebuffed, and where he referenced himself in an earlier editing attempt to the tune of a youtube video on wikipedia editing.

    None of which I’d mention if not for that things get curiouser here:
    We have here a ton of edits that elicit this response:
    Please refrain from making unconstructive edits to Wikipedia, as you did at [——]. Your edits appear to constitute vandalism and have been reverted or removed. If you would like to experiment, please use the sandbox. Thank you. Dominus Vobisdu

    Make what you will of the topics s/he’s accumulated in wait for a Larouche pounce, and more to the point the editing jobs are just weird. For instance:

    S/he changed this statement:
    Because they are smaller and slower growing than most wooled sheep, they are not a good choice for commercial production.
    To its exact opposite:
    Because they are larger and faster growing than most wooled sheep, they are a good choice for commercial production.

    Arbitrarily deleted a rule of punctuation:
    As well some information about clay:

    No clue what the point of this is:

    Another new editor makes some curious editing attempts.

    His father was the son of a French-Canadian immigrant of French and Jewish background from

    Hence this new category for Larouche:
    American Jews

    Alleged informations for Stassi:
    Helga Zepp-LaRouche]] — founder of the LaRouche movement’s Schiller Institute and wife of American political activist Lyndon LaRouche

    List goes on, link through at will.
    And then there’s this new revelations about this guy:

    All of which leads to a sort of “Whatever”.

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