wanted: more organization party-line Responses

This is a thought which has been bumping around my mind for a while now, and has an assist from — of all people — Michelle Bachman with — of all organizations — the most loathsome of the inter-connected Tea Partys, the “Tea Party Express”:

Earlier Friday, Republicans had announced that Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, who chairs the House Budget Committee, would deliver the GOP’s response to Obama after the State of the Union address is over. Bachmann’s remarks at TeaPartyExpress.org, apparently, will supplement the GOP response with a tea-party perspective.
Bachmann’s webcast will follow Ryan’s, so tea party Republicans won’t have to choose whom to watch.
It’s a thought I had when I saw this item, after last November’s elections, from the Florida Whig Party.  It’s a rather meaningless message, but that’s in the eye of the beholder: if you want to develop a Whig Party, you have to state your message within the current political debate.  So, I was thinking the Whig Party really should blast everyone with a “Whig Response” at the SOTU speech, plastered live on youtube following Obama’s State of the Union address.
Regretably, there is no Natural Law Party, so we will get no Natural Law Party Response.  But I’m sure the three flavors of Libertarians will be able to compete against the three flavors of Socialist Partys for interest.

Multiple that by every Dick, Jane, and Harry political organization, and you have your multitude of choices.  For everybody to ignore.  Bachman, you understand, as a member of a affiliation of the Republican Party, will be reasonably ignored and forgotten, except as fund-raising mechanism for her party and outrage meter by Democrats — and I suppose an “Overton Window” mechanism for Republican Ryan’s benefit, but if some of the other Responses can gain some traction maybe the Window can expand.

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