to impeach the president, drive over and make Kesha Rogers’ .1 percent chance of victory happen

Everything I ever really needed to know about Technocracy I learned a few years ago reading two, maybe three general interest magazines from the 1930s.  Something along the lines of an opening of “A few years ago, they were considered kooks, but today…” 
I’ve learned a few new things since then.  Like last week, when Technocracy, Inc ran an ad spot in the morning on Portland’s liberal radio station.  I doubt they were on at any other time of the day, but I don’t really know.   Out of curiosity, I looked over and see they’ve a location in Ferndale, sure, but also San Francisco and Portland.
Go figure.

What has kept them going for eight decades, you’d have to ask them.  The ad spot claims “No ideology”, which is a classic ruse, all the more absurd for coming from an ideology outside the mainstream of society.  I don’t know what a history of Technocracy, Inc will give you.  At least a history of the Larouche Organization comes down to a history of 40 years of Political Vertigo, from any point in the left/right political continuum, at its most pronounced.

The lemonade stand did not work out, so they picked on the impeachment subject to get donations and attention.  OR:  They wanted cash on the spot

Take the latest attempt at coordinating the movement.  Here are the marching orders for the next week leading up to the election, and the line against what they hear on the streets about their anti-Obama crusade.

lardadtnow … at anti-DADT rallies?

Or, Undisclosed Protesters in Topnanga, California. 
lartopanga  In his Oct. 20 appearance on LPAC-TV Weekly Report, Lyndon LaRouche issued a sharp warning to those who are dilly-dallying on the question of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Barack Obama from office. Waiting until after the election to act could be suicidal, he said, because then you will face the threat of dictatorship. You have to act now.
“And what you’re looking at with Obama, right now, is, you’re looking at a threat of a dictatorship, a post-election period dictatorship, in the United States, of Nazi policy! Because, take Obama’s policy: What’s important about this, is not what Obama thinks. Because Obama does not think. He has an appearance, he maintains an appearance, like the Emperor Nero.
“So, who is controlling him? Well, he’s being controlled from London, it’s obvious: He’s being controlled by the crowd around Lord Jacob Rothschild’s Inter-Alpha Group, which is the international financial interest which is running this operation, against us. And what we need, is an American President who is a patriot. And we haven’t had one, recently, in this decade, who’s a real patriot. We have scoundrels, who are opportunists, who are not thinking about what the interests of the American people, the nation, or the world is. They’re thinking about ‘their game.’
“And so, we’ve had that. Like 9/11: Nobody had the guts to come forward, openly, with what they knew about 9/11. We know that. So this is another factor. We had many things in the Bush Administration of that type, the last one; we have things in the Obama Administration like that. And what happens, people who should speak out, did not. Or, they were silenced before they could get a loud voice going.
“So, now we sit, with negligence, like Germany with the Hitler nomination at the end of January of ’33. Before, just a short term before Roosevelt’s inauguration. So, we have this kind of situation, with no Roosevelt in sight!”
The point is, LaRouche later emphasized, “after the election, it’s going to be more difficult than ever to do it.” The action to remove Obama—including by the Vice President, who is showing enormous reluctance to act—has to occur now.
Wait.  Biden is showing reluctance to “act”?  What gave the reluctance away?
An increasing number of Americans have concluded that Lyndon LaRouche is right, that Obama is a failed personality, a narcissistic Emperor Nero type, who seeks adulation from dwindling numbers of sycophants, while pushing policies which punish the vast majority.

Edward Spannaus does the Iranian tv appearance to that effect.  I’m sure it’s always comforting to know who ends up on foreign news sources to represent strains of American political analysis.  It is loopy analysis.  “Worst Economic Collapse in history”, eh?  As always, I WANT MY DARK AGES INTERVAL, along the lines of fifth century Europe.    But I do like how the anti-NWOer interrupts when Steinberg talks up Clinton, to clarify a point of disagreement.

He doesn’t quite live up to the script, though.  Turn to Aussies to get the name in:

Wake up America. Glass-Steagall is the only solution. You allready have small Government it’s called Wall St an appendage of the British. There is one competant person in the U.S. that can handle the collapse. Lyndon LaRouche an F.D.R. Democrat. You have been infiltrated financialy and politicaly by your enemy since the war of Independence The British Empire. Your economy has been deliberately collapsed.

The news is getting passed on and is spreading.  See, October 20 here.

Anyway, one election worth watching…   Nate Silver at 538 has crunched the numbers and shows that Kesha Rogers at .1 percent chance of snatching the victory!  I wish I knew what numbers are being crunched with that one, it’s not at all clear.  Must be a down-ticket  repercussion from Rick Perry leading Bill White for governor by 10 points instead of 15.  But the people are speaking:  She’s nuttier and more extreme than last week’s “hey gawk at this candidate” of the week.

I’d say both nuttier & more extreme. Anyone connected with LaRouche should be sectioned. Proof that there is a point where the craxy ends of the political spectrum meet up around back. ‘Tis the season to be nutty in Texas.
So the solution is to put Stephen Broden and Kesha Rogers in the same room, let ’em talk for 5 minutes then lock both of them up for twenty years. Marvelous.

Candidate debates.  I don’t know why this is posted to the “Ron Paul Forums”, particularly since “C” didn’t mention the Libertarian Candidate debating.  BUT…  here’s your Rogers round – up:

 11 minutes “I did not see any real opposition… I saw Capitulation… Refused to Remove Obama… Did not stand up to his defunding of the Constellation… Personality Failure.”  14:30:
Where’s the money coming from?  24 — Well, it’s Czar-dom  25:26 Glass Steagal!

First question and answer in the After Show:  “Learn anything?” “No.”

Hm.  She kept out of this:  How is the impeachment of Obama to be accomplished, though? A recent rally set up by Rogers teaches people how to get it done: Pull over to the side of the road, and join the Kesha Rogers campaign, and then… voila! Obama is impeached, and the LaRouche “extraterrestrial imperative” can move forward.

You know…  Ah, the La Rouche people. They have all the charm of Fred Phelps followers.
really?..the two are comparable?..  [Hitler / Obama]
well alrighty then..good luck with that one..

You have to give this to the people spreading Windsorite conspiracy theories- at least they’ve latched onto an actually existant group with an actual legacy of abused power. (Offer void for “The Queen is a Reptite” proponents and the dude in this nsfw comic.)

As we can see from this, the masses are idiots who can not comprehend:   I bought their journal once and couldn’t make sense of it, even to describe it to other people.

I once had a “conversation” with a LaRouchian on a street corner in Seattle. It started out fine, but took a sharp turn for crazy when this guy sincerely said that science education in America is all wrong, and they should stop teaching science with math. *gape* “How should science be taught then? Since math is a universal constant.” “Poetry!”

Other candidates — California Treasurer candidate Robert Lauten has his voters pamphlet statement here. 

In wikipedia land, we see the anonymous iteration of HK LS pop in with a familiar line:

Woohoo! I just noticed that each book given as “Reference” in this article is hostile to Larouche. Now i know im being cheated. uurgh! Never trust a Wiki! (talk) 00:59, 25 October 2010 (UTC)

No, I don’t know what the “Woohoo” is supposed to be woo-hooing.  A victory for the gods, I suppose.  Also note that I’m not putting up any “pro-Larouche” comment.

But if he insists on sources and comments of the Pro nature.
She does. I have known some of those people for years. Not her. Some of the older ones.They are “physical” economists (huge fans of Alexander Hamilton).
But isn’t that more pro-boomer with a slice of anti-LYM?

Then there’s:  I raised Lyndon LaRouche’s Homeowners and Bank Protection Act back in 2007-2008. For whatever reasons, you chose not to expose your readers to the importance of this federal legislation.
Lyndon LaRouche has been slandered as an extremist as well as his co-thinkers. In reality, those slandering him are the extremists, and LaRouche and his co-thinkers are grounded in the spirit of 1776. They understand the policies to which we need to return in order to save the nation from recolonization by the looting monetary Empire.

They really don’t want everyone to know that Larouche hates the Beatles.  Or that this is a larger part of his legacy than “Triple Curve”!

We’ll wait to see if wikipedia uncovers this:  I wonder if Lyndon Larouche ever wrote any material on farts and how they fit into the international political scene. perhaps I should do a google search.

The answer is “No”.  Not enough Hitler, needs more cowbell.

Hm, how would i word the search   ”Lyndon Larouche accsues Henry Kissinger of farting in public?”  do you think that would turn anything up?    how about this one   ”British Bankers conspire to fill the world with hot air by serving beans in the hospitals?” maybe.     how about this google search  “Lyndon Larouche accuses Obama of trying to stink up Congress with loud and smelly black farts”  perhaps that would show up in the search engine.  Well thank you for your kind attention  about this most controversial and necessary subject.  Flick the old blind bard who farts for fun and fantasy  and freedom.


There is a pretty weird trend with these guys — gots a blog to cite?

On Sept. 27, blogger “Ulsterman” returned to his anonymous source, and reported from a still-active White House official that the President was being medically treated for severe depression. The source elaborated: “The infighting among the staff is off the charts. More recently, the president has increasingly withdrawn emotionally from the day to day demands of his job—he has become what was described to me as ’empty’…. His natural detachment has become almost chronic to the point of being disconcerting to staff around him. It appears President Obama is suffering from severe depression.”

Who is Ulsterman?  Does he post here?  Is he sending information to both Wayne Madesn AND the Larouche org?   Whatever, it does give people some word to fill in their details  — back to PUMA land.

So… Elizabeth Sopkovich, the other LaRouche member at Monday’s demonstration, said the group wouldn’t go on record saying anything more than than it would like to impeach Obama.

Finally, Here’s your Webster Tarpley finding his Hitler groove.  And if you’re hankering for some Venetian Conspiracy!

3 Responses to “to impeach the president, drive over and make Kesha Rogers’ .1 percent chance of victory happen”

  1. Justin Says:

    My standard day after Adendum.

    First, I see Kheris’s link to Robert Beltran’s endorsement of Kesha Rogers. Why not Summer Shields?
    For the record, I’d vote for the Libertarian.

    Pure lunacy:
    Hang onto your seats, folks, because this will be one bumpy ride.
    Okay. This suggests that the “Fritch Show” is taking this item seriously. Why, I can’t quite tell, apart from the “Beware, Conservatives, don’t fall for this”. (Though, except on the margins, they don’t.)
    Links are being posted on Twitter and Facebook to various articles and posts claiming something such as “Top Democrats call for Obama Impeachment Using Section 4 of 25th Amendment”.
    At the heart of this story is the name Lyndon LaRouche. Lydon LaRouche is not a member of congress, but is (or has been) a Democrat. More about him later.

    AND on him:
    What should be of concern is that with his strong alliance to socialism and radical ideals, it would seem Lyndon LaRouche wants Obama out of office because he feels the president has failed to fully foist a socialist (or LaRouche approved) agenda onto the American public. For him to want Joe Biden in as president may indicate a thought or feeling that Vice President Biden could more easily be controlled or swayed into entrenching America in socialism or something more suitable to LaRouche.

    Or, you know, that he has a fantasy narrative worked out where he’s important to someone somewhere.

    I guess this counts as the latest “Hit”, timed to coincide with next week’s expected Republican electoral gains.
    Before it hit Drudge, the Spannaus story made rounds here —
    — it’s hard to figure if it has influenced any comments beyond this post, as these sites have long been full of Kennedy allusions.
    And here
    No comment.

    After it hit Drudge, it made godlikeproductions here:
    Which is disappointing, as I didn’t think they lived on drudge alone. Unlike…
    … it takes a mere few posts for the freepers to spot the Larouche here, and I’m guessing a quick re-write of the topic name took place to “consider the source”.

    Had Larouche’s name been put in place on Iranian tv, it wouldn’t have travelled. We get unheard of “analyst” on foreign news that reverberates through people who “want to believe”. It is why, I guess, the Cult has a future.

    Well, we see where Delia Lopez will lose right here.

  2. Rachel Holmes Says:

    If they’re depending on Ed Spannaus’s analysis for their future, it’s not looking bright.

    Note that all Ed did was to repeat LaRouche’s latest tropes, as seen on The Weekly Report and other LaRouche PAC locations. When Lyn is no longer troping, Ed et al. will have no trope to trip to.

  3. Justin Says:

    But isn’t Ed Spannaus’s analysis/ repeat of Larouche, just a stock plot, able to be rolled out without too much imagination?

    Going down the “Suggestions” sidebar on the video, and we get this “OneStupidMan”.

    “Everyone from Wayne Madsen to Terry Arnold have been reporting…”

    This “Ulstermann” gets around, doesn’t he?

    On the adopted candidate in Oregon, which Delia Lopez stuck a question mark about “the Larouchies are sending out my press releases?”
    Republican Congressional candidate Delia Lopez last week challenged her opponent, incumbent Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer (Oregon 3rd CD, Portland), “to do his duty, defend the nation and working people, get back in session” and reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act.

    Lopez has now reported that Blumenauer “has refused to debate, even lying and saying he would if League of Women Voters or Portland City Club would sponsor the debate. When we contacted the League of Women Voters, they immediately responded that he had already indicated to them that he had no time to debate! He is so crooked!”

    Rep. Blumenauer is an advisor to the Rockefeller Foudation for Malthusian programs, and a leading Congressional supporter of right-to-die measures.

    Also, in remarks to reporters and editors Oct. 22, Congressman John Tierney (Dem., 6th District, Mass.) argued for the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, the repeal of which, Tierney said, “drove the recession.”

    I was not surprised to find my press release challenging Earl to do his duty was ignored by the Oregonian. It was picked up by Democrat leaning LaRouche PAC website.
    Take your friends where you can find them, I guess.

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