When Eustace Mullins, Daniel Estulin, and WizardKing78 take over from Kesha Rogers, Rachel Brown, and Summer Shields

I first spotted Owen Roe and called him out as an entity in the Larouchian Wikipedia Project last July.  It took a good two months for him to be booted.  It came with the “To the Keyboards! All Hands on Deck!” fight for the soul of the “View of Larouche and the Org” article,  which was in the process of being overhauled and under some wikipedia protection or other — seen here in explaining his claim of “Neutrality”.

Will Beback:  It’s regrettable that, once again, the discussions here have been driven and dominated by socks of HK. It further proves that new editors who come to LaRouche topics are almost always HK socks. Even though they hang out with HK on another site, I assume good faith on the part of Cla68 and Lar in commenting here.
Also deleted from Wikipedia:  Cuchulin.  Brian of Kincora — who has a thing for clearing out the word “climate change denial”.  S Fursi.  May be a few others.
The Kesha Rogers Campaign continues full frontal no nonsense campaigning,  aligned right up with the current line from the Weekly Reports.
“Have you been brainwashed to think, ‘We’ll vote him out in 2012…’? Not only is that merely a political line being fed to the American people, to create impotency, it’s the same line the German opposition government fed its people, in 1933,” said Rogers in a campaign release. “In reality, Republicans aren’t any more serious about impeaching Obama, than the Democrats were about impeaching Cheney and Bush in 2006, because they, like the Democrats in 2006, are generally more interested in using the desperation of the population to score a political victory for themselves, than in saving the country from bankruptcy and disintegration. The crisis the world is facing isn’t operating on election cycles–the crisis is such that Obama has to go now.”
Pete Olson stands behind the new “Pledge”, which is… hyperbolic.  Anyway, some Democrats who are not voting for Kesha Rogers…

Straight ticket? My choices for US Congress are.
Now I vote a straight Democratic ticket, something that I think Jim Sharp depends on to some degree. But I am already on the lookout for Kesha Rogers’ name to deselect before I cast my straight Democratic ballot. She doesn’t deserve to be elected dog catcher.
To be sure, she has support from other anonymous blog commenters … see:
She has my vote. Read her position papers. She seems very practical. Which clashes with the majority view: So where’s the plan for the space port so the ships from Alpha Centauri can land?
Maybe you can report the paragraph following the clip here in a non-ironic voice and claim it as creditable favorable coverage?

A while ago, I noticed an “Impeach” bumper sticker, familiar from the Bush Administration.  It was left over from then, but I wondered if it’s the equivalent of a bumper sticker to an old presidential campaign (Kerry / Edwards) never plastered off, or if it’s a continuation.  Anyway, reading the “Pledge” with the rhetoric about the “Public not Consenting” — it strikes me that Impeaching Presidents somewhat willy nilly for the crime of Low Approval Rating or Loud Opposition would lead to a situation that is sort of, well, Weimar-Esque.  I thought we consented  to Obama as head of the Executive Branch for a four year duration?

Evidently if you watch this week’s “Weekly Report”, we will find the Cult Leader spouting — alongside John Hoefel and Debra Freeman and Harley Schlanger — the “urgency” —
somewhere with the ancient question of the Difference between Baboon and Human —
“What we have to do is get the president  out of office. […] “   “Put the right pressure out, and he will take himself out.  We just want to get him out in a bloodless way.  Once he’s out…”  GLASS STEAGAL, Baby!
7 minutes in, he pulls the “Suicide” tact with regard to Barack Obama.  Interesting creeps, these guys, “Leading politicians in his position tend toward suicide.  […] Don’t assume he’s going to survive.”
If you watched more than that, Congratulations.
How, then, does one confront LaRouche’s followers claiming that President Obama will usher in a new age of Nazi British rule? The only option is with pity.

There is something familiar with this diagnosis of Obama.  Charles Krauthammer does something somewhat similar, actually — but here we just see an example of playing Tribal Politics and the raw political prejudices the Larouche Org is playing with.  (Capitol Hill Blue beats Larouche out.)

To play in this Fantasy World,  Is there a rift between Larouche and his supposed old allies?  Barney Frank … severely wounded by the Rachel Brown Campaign, right? … brings out the Big Guns!
The high school jazz band is playing and the chorus is singing songs from “The Sound of Music,” as this aging industrial city close to the Rhode Island border becomes ground zero for the nation’s political battle today.
Former president Bill Clinton is at Taunton High School urging the crowd to return Barney Frank to congress, and to vote other Democrats into office.

But this would not be as big a rift as with the anti-Tony Blair forces!

But the campaign electioneering of Kesha Rogers, Rachel Brown, and Summer Shields are… in the end… Novelty Acts.  These exercises don’t amount to match.  To assess the stamp of the Larouche org on the body politick, you really have to turn to the World of Conspiracsim nd some political paranoia and within the Conspiracy Industry — though it’s always a curious matter of figuring out who is swimming in whose pond — or spitting in whose pool.  It seems somehow appropriate that with the Rachel Brown campaign laid aside at last — and Barney Frank’s Landslide Victory showing the utter Rejection on the part of Boston to Brown — despite , or maybe BECAUSE OF appeals such as this:
In the Mass primary a vote for Rachel Brown could be the finish of the Obama Presidency because it’s a vote for the Glass-Steagall policy and knocking out the controllers behind the current disaster. The media and the Barney camp are trying to demoralize vote.  So get all of your friends and family to the polls on Sept.14, open from 7am to 8pm. Independents have to request a Dem Party ballot to vote for Rachel Brown.

the Conspiracism of various Personalities in the world of Conspiracy Crap come front and center.  It is Eustace Mullins, Daniel Estulin, and 9/11 Truth.

Just over a week ago, a respectable polling institue actually unveiled the answers to a poll on approval for a Glenn Beck lead Religious Movement.  My immediate thought on hearing this news is … Who asks such a question, and Why?  Anyway, the man responsible more than anyone else right now for mainstreaming old John Birch Society tracts stepped into the fore with Eustace Mullins … xlcer went to Dennis King’s book and came up with this:
In 1984 the Sons of Liberty republished War! War! War! with an introduction by Eustace Mullins, a scholarly anti-Semite who is friendly with the LaRouchians and attended their 1984 annual convention. The Sons of Liberty also launders LaRouche’s neo-Cincinnatus doctrines into white supremacist circles via the pamphlets of the Christian Defense League’s Dr. John Coleman. Scores of Coleman’s pamphlets have titles similar to those of LaRouchian articles or books and contain identical analyses. They never mention LaRouche’s name, yet the ideas are his. Mullins, who is a contributing editor of Coleman’s World Economic Review, says that Coleman “claims to have mysterious connections in British intelligence, but for the last ten years all he’s done is copy LaRouche’s stuff.” Thus does the LaRouchian message circulate in the swastika-and-bedsheet crowd, while LaRouche, the self-styled friend of the White House, is spared unnecessary public embarrassment.
You know… I am naturally fascinated by the idea that Jeff Steinberg voiced anger that “David Ickes” was stealing his stuff, which is something of an Onion headline.

Next, we get Fidel Castro quoting Daniel Estulin quoting Lyndon Larouche.  The name “Daniel Estulin” is familiar, and looking about I see he pops into my view because he’s one of those guys who makes a pilgrimage to the Bilderberg Meetings to shout at buildings.  And, all I had to do was read the Alexandar Cockburn article on the same topic to see that he made an impression on me (and anyone else who keeps a sideways glance over toward Alex Jones) when he reported that the “Elites” were planning on assassinating Ron Paul.
Ron Paul has an edge up over Lyndon Larouche in not being the source of his “Elites are  coming to Assassinate Me” conspiracy theories.

And next, David Lindsay approves of the 9/11 Truther Speech at the UN of Iranian President through the “Equivalence” Method.
Ahmadinejad’s theories about 9/11 are exactly as sane as any belief in an Iranian nuclear weapons programme, or in such a programme’s threat to America or Britain even if it existed, or in “al-Qaeda”, or in “the global terrorist network”, or in “Taliban” distinct from the Pashtun as a whole, or in any connection between Afghanistan and 9/11, or in any connection between Iraq and 9/11, or in WMD in Iraq, or in such WMD as a threat to America or Britain even if they had existed, or that Obama was not born in America, or in anything peddled by the supporters of Lyndon LaRouche, one of whom is the Democratic nominee in the 22nd Congressional District of Texas. Except that Ahmadinejad (like, to be fair, LaRouche) has never started a war.
Didn’t you hear — he declared War on Great Britain?
Incidentally, we have one of the first visitors to this Sacred Ground.

One more item of some interest.  It’s, um, WizardKing78… surely right up there with Eustace Mullins and Daniel Estulin?

I think LaRouche was eluding to the powerful British (Jewish) bankers, the Rothschilds, who own the Federal Reserve and most of America’s debt. Their puppet, Obama, is now set on bankrupting the US completely by piling on trillions more in debt whilst crippling industry with such measures as cap-and-trade. […]
Somewhere in there, and the Front of various causes, puts a lie to this:
Also, again, you do realize that the major majority of Hitler as Obama posters are from Larouche Group – a liberal group who was mad he didn’t go for public option – don’t you?
Raise your hand if you seriously think the Larouche org favors any damned Health Care policy proposal?  (Incidentally, they faked support for “Single Payer” and not faked support for  a”Public Option”.)
The “Whirr” Laroucher guy gives a reporter Hell for referring to them as “right wing”.
Anyway… Big Government and Breitbart has stuck up a new video throwing the Larouchies out of the “Tea Party” rallies.  Actually, there are some interesting comments here.
Nice try. LaRouche is so far right he makes John Birch look like a Commie freak.

My first encounter with La Douche was August 28th 2010 I was with two friends at an Impeach Obama Rally in San Diego. There was one guy with that same poster, Obama with a Hitler mustache. My friend from L.A. who oddly enough is a poster here too said they were a Leftist organization. I had no idea, I never paid attention before. I went up to him and asked what he had to say. Well it was plenty boring and I’m awful at shooting film but here is the video I captured http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzZP4jZTO4s . He states at the beginning he is with La Rouche, my camera doesn’t stray much from his face. Even though he’s darned good looking, he creeped me out plenty. It was almost like he was trying some type of mind control <<<I know that sounds weird.

Am I right in saying that LaRouche went to jail due to trying to start a third party?

That’s a new one!

Does anyone know who La rouche is or have you read he is a liberal socialist and just keep repeating the same old lies. La Rouche wants to impeach Obama , G. Soros and all the corrupt members of the fed government. La rouche seems very sane but I believe most of you just type whatever someone else does like a dog salivating when the dinner bell is rung. pathetic. I also assume that people who think La Rouche is a wacko feels the same about truthers, birthers, and people who think Hemp should be the Trillion dollar crop that could save this country from going under as just someone who likes getting high and you still support the government when it comes to making hemp illegal.

” I also assume that people who think La Rouche is a wacko feels the same about truthers, birthers”
Well, yeah.
And, dude? I’d stay away from the hemp.

So, beyond this… Some of the Political Activism in Spreading the Message.  WASHINGTON DC!!!
I’ve recently seen some really surprising graffiti in DC:  on the outer loop of the Beltway, just after the I-95 merger someone has neatly printed on the overpass “End the Fed”.  And this evening as I was driving toward DuPont on Massachusetts Avenue, I saw a banner hanging down from the railing above the 14th Street underpass (at 13th Street) that showed a snake divided into pieces and was labeled “Glass-Steagall or Die”.  I haven’t been able to get a picture of either, unfortunately.  I’m not really sure what to say other than that this is pretty different than the Folk and People tags I grew up with.
Graffiti, huh?  Interposed on the Tea Party favorite.  Can’t the Larouchies spring for a billboard, or are those too controlled by Clear Channel that would censor such a message

Woodridge, Illinois, and the Fight Between the Larouchies and the Kiwanis Club.
Five men and women, wearing red bibs, handed out packets of peanuts and collected donations in empty milk jugs Thursday at Lemont Road and 75th Street. Meanwhile, a lone figure wearing an “Impeach Obama” sandwich board handed out fliers depicting the president with a Hitler-style mustache, denounced Obama’s policies.
I think the Kiwanians won.
Congratulations to the Activism of Jacob Johnson — you made Le Monde in their look of the American Political Scene.
We got some action in Indiana, complete with a rarity — an email alerting everyone to the next “Historic Webcast”.

The flier, dated Feb. 7, 2010, was created by the (Lyndon H.) LaRouche Political Action Committee, a well-known organization for such materials.
The man handing them out seemed eager to give me the flier and even more eager to take my name and phone number before I had to speed away to make the green light.
I’ll let you know what his staffers tell me when they call. Stay tuned.
ANSWER!!! […]But what I would recommend are two things: a video that goes through the importance and history of Glass Steagall and the debate between Barney Frank and his first opponent in 30 years, our 29-year-old Rachel Brown. […] We did him mortal damage. He’s not much use anymore to the bankers that own him […]
Other than those two, there is a wonderful 3-D tour of the water project which will launch the solutions, the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) and a new one on the application of NAWAPA to Africa, as well as the daily update from Sept 12 which has an interview with the chief economist of our publication, John Hoefel on the Inter-Alpha Group of banks. You are guaranteed to learn a lot!
The other thing you should know, is that every week Mr LaRouche does the Weekly Update, […]Get to know him, he’s the Ben Franklin of our day.

(But maybe they’ve gotten good in the way of Responses.)

The evening lasted exactly THREE hours, not because she spoke that long, but because people wanted to talk about this and ask questions. Unfortunately the better part of one hour of the Q & A was dominated by a Lyndon LaRouche guy in the back row who asked the first question – “Will the bailout be null and void if Obama is proved ineligible?” He then followed up with numerous comments about government spending, the need for a national strike and the Federal Reserve among other things. Finally some lady stood up and said, enough- she didn’t come to hear him talk about all the problems in the country but that she was there to hear Mrs Taitz talk about Obama’s eligibility. Steam came out the ears of the LaRouche guy, he grabbed his Mt. Rushmore hat off the floor and made a few comments about her to those sitting next to him. He then went out to talk on his phone (which, BTW, twice during the meeting, loudly rang twice for about six rings each time before he was able to get up and out the door to answer it).

I suspect these guys in Utah are like the Alaska Protester:
I always hear his people talking on tthe local am radio and they always speak higjly of the New Deal and suggest a similar program to get the economy going again.

FINALLY — The Summer Shields Campaign continues:
“I think it’s an accurate description of the policies being presented by Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi,” said Michael Moberg, 76. “If we get Obama out of office we can save the country.”
Uncertainty towards the banner’s actual meaning and purpose was rampant, however, Alli Perebikovsky, a 23-year-old volunteer on the Shields’ campaign and the banner’s designer, said it was representative of the similarities she saw between Obama’s healthcare plan and Hitler’s Action T4 Euthanasia program.
According to the Larouche Org,  Summer Shields and his campaign have been reigniting the Scientific Community with multiple new projects.  Boing Boing has actually covered some of this.

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