Can Commander Chakotay and Summer Shields save us from Dark Ages Interval?

I do not believe that this is a very good one of these things.  I posted a couple of paragraphs from each of my previous bunch of blog posts, and came up with a different author each time.  I suppose “blogging” is not writing, or it is a type of writing which will bias everyone to certain authors over others — David Foster Wallace is an obvious skew, the footnotes within footnotes in Infinite Jest essentially a type of hyper-text.  Wallace is the first author who showed up twice.
My last post about Lyndon Larouche and the organization that surrounds him?  HP Lovecraft!  That seems appropriate somehow.

Regarding the Tea Party “Lenin, Obama, Hitler” sign controversy —

leave it to prison planet to provide commenters deploring the cowardice of the movement for taking the sign down.

Also not always that difficult to find a fusion point for Larouche Inc.

I wonder how long they had to search for someone who didn’t actually agree with the sign?

So, I went over and contacted Adolf Hitler for comment on the “Lenin, Obama, Hitler” sign.
He responded with such a fury upon seeing the sign, that I had to run out of the room in fear of my life.  Quite a spectacle.  I don’t speak German, so I didn’t quite get what he said.

Such a thing as “neo-cons” and “paleo-cons” exist, don’t they? Also, quite a lot of the politically left/progressive people posting on the countless Internet forums based in the United States who use language like ‘NeoCon’ and ‘Zionist’ and ‘PaleoCon’ are either Lyndon LaRouche acolytes or have been unwittingly influenced by LaRouche’s propaganda without being entirely certain of where they picked up that language and ideology. Any time you read an Internet posting where the OP sounds like Rosie O’Donnell with a conspiracist opinion about everything, you’ve basically entered LaRouche-land.

Reaches a frustration point.

If ONE republican –JUST ONE– would point out that the Obama-as-Hitler signs are from Lyndon LaRouche supporters– DEMOCRATS– I’d give the RNC $20 and give Lindsey Graham a kiss on the cheek
picklesgap on July 16, 2010 at 5:34 PM

Noteworthy.  Rick Barber.  The Republican Congressional Candidate who ran a campaign where he told various Founding Fathers that “He would impeach” Obama.  He lost the nomination — 60 to 40.  Discounting intimations surrounding Darrell Issa — which remain intimations, albeit of a type you can probably find with, say, Bob Barr in 1994 — that leaves Kesha Rogers in the “Impeachment” Caucus.

Breaking News!

Okay, we’re done with the breaking news, we now return to regularly scheduled programming.

Update on the Summer Shields campaign!

As they were packing up, Joe E. boasted that they’d interested many locals in the LaRouche platform during their afternoon stint in front of the Post Office.   They loaded up their literature and umbrella and were off to retrieve two other true believers who had been posted in a small foothill town for the day.  In our thirty minute discussion Joe continually tapped his finger on one of LaRouche’s books as if it contained Biblical prophecy; their candidate, Summer Shields, seemed barely an afterthought.

Today’s wikipedia updates.

Well, first of all, I knew full well what this question was getting at.

But is the current picture the best we can do for this movement or is this picture a fair representative of the movement’s Political Advocacy? Weaponbb7 (talk) 17:08, 28 June 2010 (UTC)
It might be surprising that I’m not a fan of the image for that purpose, though I don’t know if the mass choral singing will get the Larouchies any better propaganda points.
Anyway, looking at Weaponbb7’s profile — I guess he’s not your HK sock puppet.  But this is the reason the  Larouchies would hate that photograph use.

Face front and smile. Maybe wikipedia can get permission for that photograph?  I don’t know.

Wikipedia is currently stumbling on how to cover the activity surrounding Obama.
Meantime, Marshal MacMahon has been removed for “Sock Puppetry“.   He’s a big fan of Stanislav Menshikov, and resents a description of the word “blather” to describe his praise for Larouche.

And this seems a bit self-serving a “solution“.

If you were to move this section because there is an article devoted to LaRouche’s views, wouldn’t you also have to move the sections on the US Labor Party, Jeremiah Duggan and Kenneth Kronberg as well, because there are articles about them? That might actually be a good idea, because this article is too long. Marshal MacMahon (talk) 12:47, 14 July 2010 (UTC)

Wikipedia presents some problems on certain topics.  Here’s an issue with Webster Tarpley, for instance.  By any reasonable measure, the “Kennebunkport Warning” controversy should be covered in the Wesbter Tarpley topic, as it was a demonstration of his methodology in trying to claim credence from anti-war activists such as Cindy Shehan, and in the recripocal relationship whereby anti-war activists such as Shehan ask Tarpley to buzz off.  Yet, it was a controversy which existed in a very limited universe — the 9/11 Truth land — outside mainstream media not noting it.  There was this strange instigation from this cartoon published by rense, and served up several articles on this.   So, there you go : it exists in the weird virtual space that Webster Tarpley resides in, and can shuffle things away whenever he pops his head out of the ground.
So we get this as an explanation for its deletion.

Is that right?  We passed another Crash Point of Hyper-Inflation?

Another world-historical Lyn-forecasted “crash” was to occur, too. Crash, Crash, Crash. I am for skin. For skin. No more knife fights.
I thought July 16th 2010 was date certain and with interest. He has NEVER been wrong. Never. I thought I had lived THIS history. This is living history? Is this living? Living this is, or should be.
Does bread cost $100,000 in your area today? I bought hot dog rolls last night and got a good deal — two eight-packs for $1.50. Sale price. A two-fer right before Weimar. Wow. And in see-through plastic bags. Oil was used, somewhere.

You know, David Lindsay is really odd.

In fact, LaRouche’s theory of a nefarious global Anglophile network is also held by neoconservatives. And there is more than a touch of New Labour about him, with his hysterical hatred of Britain and his incessant abuse of the Queen.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown hate the Queen?

Anyway, while I’m trying to create a political coalition as described by David Linday, it seems a moot point.  The End Game is ON!!!

More centered here.  Oh, yeah.  Dark Ages round the Bend!  Dark Ages for Everyone!  It’ll be fun.


LaRouche (with his following) seems a throwback to the early 20th century; wherein scientists like the Huxleys also mused upon spiritualism. LaRouche claims descent from Vladimir Vernadsky, specifically. […]  Vernadsky and LaRouche remind me of Ayn Rand and other such holistic, secular prophets. LaRouche, perhaps more Randian in his interest in politics.

It’s enough to follow this: voiceofelijah2012  Says: July 14th, 2010 at 4:45 pm economy is tanking, the system is failing, but make sure you spend your money on this guy and make him rich. lol foolish people.

look my way through email spam.

My grief counselor suggested I make a list of things that might fill the sudden – but expected – void in my existence. […]

Clear out e-mail; send credit card information to Nigerian prince and Lyndon Larouche.

Help us, Commander Chakotay.  Only he can save us from the Impending Dark Ages Interval.

I went to a LYM meeting once they yelled about Cheney and then tried to get me to come back with promises of Commander Chakotay from Star Trek Voyager at the next meeting. I would have gone for Riker.

I confused LaRouche with LaVey for a second and got pretty excited over the OP but then I read on and was rather disappointed.

i wanna meet a larouche nut so i can tell him to stick a square up his rear end and double it.

5 Responses to “Can Commander Chakotay and Summer Shields save us from Dark Ages Interval?”

  1. Justin Says:

    I tend to want to hedge on citing members of the “Larouche Wikipedia Team”, in deference to the odd person who might float in and attempt an edit in “good faith”. They’ll make it easy to cite them as as “LWT” in good time.
    But I see immediately — Owen Roe is a Larouchie.

    He has a jonsing to greatly expand the essay on “Kesha Rogers”.

    I suppose it should never escape the political career of Gerry Birnberg that he said that. Then there’s this:
    My passion is recruiting young people to the profound and inspiring art of political statecraft, through a classical educational curriculum based on reliving the original discoveries of the greatest minds in classical art, music, and science, everything from J.S. Bach’s principles of classical musical composition, to the unique discovery of universal gravitation by Johannes Kepler.
    Shift through the debris and come up with all types of mishmashed jabbery.

    He also has an interest in Helen Thomas. Should her firing controversy be mentioned in the lead? Yes. Not in the opening sentence. Also, Helen Thomas’s entry should be significantly longer than Kesha Rogers’s.

    Pathetic Bunch of Fools

    Shame on the Journal for wasting precious space with these extremists. They are not doing anything constructive or particularly revolutionary. I have relatives who were murdered by Hitler and his minions, so I too find the comparison offensive. I despised the Bush administration, but I would never have sunk so low as to call them Nazis. What will the Journal do next to follow this up? – maybe they can start covering Klan rallies.
    — Anna Posts: 33 • Active since July 17, 2009 •

    Post Office Tour continues to Hacketsville. Here’s the Soundtrack.


  2. Justin Says:

    Fascinating re-invigorated tactics in Larouche-land. Check out this commenting exchange.

    Posted by Pleasanton4Life
    I got in a very interesting discussion with these guys who were promoting the need for high levels of industrial and scientific investment to rebuild the economy. This IS exactly what we need in this country. I’m definitely going to their townhall meeting in Livermore this Friday.

    Posted by livermore925, a resident of Livermore, 12 hours ago
    Now, I normally don’t agree with LaRouche’s controversial ideas, but for some reason he is making a lot of sense to me. I found myself even donating $50 to get one of his books and DVDs.
    The fact that THIS President (I emphasize THIS, because he is NOT my President), is slashing our NASA and scientific programs is ludicrous, and simply a spit in the face to future generations.
    I say get rid of him and Pelosi too!
    BTW, I think their Townhall info is at our Public Library this Friday starting at 3pm. I’ll see you there!

    Posted by Nancy
    Yeah, seems like you are a bit cooky Stacey. I’m not sure if your a pro-Obama freak, but I think the message is correct. I got a membership just recently and probably will go to the town hall on Friday. Don’t drink the kool-aid Stacey. I recommend you listen to Savage Nation to get your facts straight. Summer Shields was on there too!


    In other news:

    (rub eyes).

  3. Zimriel Says:

    Nice of you to link to me – I had no idea, in the last nine years, until now.

    Maybe you approved of my blog and maybe you didn’t. But – you linked.

    For today’s readers coming back here, I have provided a link to the chain of comments (start from the bottom) I’d posted on Kesha Rogers, shortly before putting my blog on the late-2010 hiatus. Rogers wasn’t LaRouche and isn’t LaRouche, and didn’t agree with the full conspiracy-theorising he’d gone into; although she’d attached herself to the LaRouche fanclub.

    I am not a LaRouchie, for my part. I am Dark Enlightenment. Nick Land, Moldbug, Henry Sumner Maine… that axis.

  4. Justin Says:

    So. Question. When did Kesha Rogers distance herself from anything Larouchian, conspiracy theorizing or otherwise?

    I do see that the post was attempting to analyze Kesha Rogers’s support in the black community, against a supposed dwindling of black support for Barack Obama. I will point out that in the general election of 2012, the ratio of Kesha Rogers voters with Obama looks to be very close to 1:1. In the end, she skipped to a different district for 2018 — the reason: narrative (now she’s campaigning against a man who wants to impeach the current larouche cause of Trump) and knowing she won’t win the party nomination again in that district. I don’t know if donor pool has anything to do with the jump of districts — unless there’s a thing to be gained from “taking on the one impeach trump democrat”.

    Also, in 2012 blacks voted for Obama at a greater percentage than in 2008 — it is one of any number of items you can single out for his re-election. (Likewise a drop off in 2016 for Hillary Clinton in Michigan in particular spells the story). The premise of your argument ends up flawed. Though, it’s hindsight and if it had come to pass there would be other, better variables than the larouchie running in Texas in a Republican district with nothing at stake in the general.

  5. Zimriel Says:

    I did indeed misjudge in 2010 how Obama would run 2012. I’d predicted Obama would run a centrist campaign again. Instead he ran on an antiRomney campaign, that he could protect us from mean old rich white people. This sacrificed Indiana and put North Carolina back in play but, otherwise, got his base out to vote.

    (Personally I didn’t even vote 2012. Romney didn’t HAVE a base and didn’t want Palin’s basket of deplorables.)

    But to answer your actual question : private conversation. Rogers’ team hosted some roundtable talks where LaRouche’s cultists taught us LaRouchism. Rogers herself – in 2010 – allowed the LaRouche team to run the meetings but didn’t much pipe in herself. And, talking to me one on one after one such meeting, she distanced herself from the weird stuff about the British Royal Family.

    But the cultists were the people who were running her campaign, and running campaigns is hard. So she let them run the meetings too.

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