There goes my 4th of July Plans

Now what am I supposed to do on Independence Day? Why, I might just have to, like, go out and do some actual activities of some kind.

SyFy (formerly Sci-Fi) has opted to replace its annual Fourth of July Twilight Zone Marathon with a Greatest American Hero marathon. First, I hadn’t realized there were enough GAH episodes for which to justify a “marathon, ” (pathetically, there are). And second, WHY?! Don’t they want people to stay on the channel for longALF too, make it a full-out Guantanamo Bay-style retreat. periods of time? They might as well have rolled out

I am crushed. For more than a decade I have settled in with family to watch the bi-annual event: Twilight Zone on New Year’s, again on the Fourth of July. Yes, a marathon of viewing, through the ham-handed and the sublime, the silly and the profound. Rod Serling, a corny but cool guide through the dimensions, signposts ahead. War, paranoia, love and fear. Superstition and weakness, bravery and resolve. This was the time to reflect, holed up in air conditioning with a thousand familiar archetypes: the key character who always loses it when a nuclear strike is imminent or he crash lands on a planet. The misfit. The hero. The shrill wife. The comely naif. The vexed soldier. The greedy fool. The old man. The insufferable snob who gets his. The cynical man who gets to go back. The astronaut who never will.

I have watched swatches of these things in comfortable company.  I have watches swatches of these things in aggravated and insulted company.  And so it goes.

I hear someone’s putting on a firework’s display somewhere.  Maybe I’ll see that thing?

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  1. SME Says:

    I would love to have been a fly on the wall (i.e. the smartest thing in the room) during the Sci Fi rebranding meetings. “”Sci-fi’s geeky, so we’re gonna change the name to a meaningless configuration of letters that still looks and sounds remarkably like ‘sci-fi’.”

  2. Justin Says:


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