Continuing Coverage about how much Rand Paul Sucks Eggs.

News about Rand Paul’s Donations listings.

Ten months ago, Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul said he would not accept campaign donations from U.S. senators who voted for the 2008 financial institutions bailout.

But on Thursday evening Paul, now the Kentucky GOP’s nominee as well as a tea party favorite, will benefit from the Republican Party’s fundraising machine at a Washington event hosted by senators, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who voted for the bailout.

Reading some comments in this story, I suppose there is something in the Defense of Transactional Politics, stringing along grass-roots supporters and admirers and leaving an ends justify the means Rationalization even if the means tell us all about the ends.  In this sense, Rand Paul’s campaign — and his defenders — remind me of some moments during the Obama Presidential Campaign where some — er– “strategic political shifts” were defended with a “You want to win, don’t you?”

Rand Paul is just another Neo-Conservative Pro-Military Industrical Complex Stooge and Corporate Puppet, sucking at the teet and with the teet of sucking at him the Big Bailout Banksters.  He’s come to take the Government Back from the Republican Policy Strategy Visionary Jim Bunning by advocating the same policies.

Maybe Rand Paul has a harder edge.  Where some Republicans advocate and demand a Fense on the Southern Border with Mexico, he is calling for something more intense.

Border fence proposals are a dime a dozen among Republican candidates, but Rand Paul’s is different: it’s underground, and it’s electrified. “My plans include an underground electric fence, with helicopter stations to respond quickly to breaches of the border,” state the Kentucky senatorial hopeful’s website—although Republican officials approached by the Huffington Post seemed baffled by the proposal.

“I have not heard that,” said National Republican Senate Committee Chair John Cornyn. “Underground? What would happen? How would that work?” Paul’s aides declined to elaborate on his fence plans, which, the Post notes, would likely cost well over $1 billion to implement and require the seizure of some private land, a move sharply at odds with Rand’s libertarian philosophy.

But Rand Paul is not so much Libetarianish, as he is Constitution Partyish.  And even there, he is not even the most Constitution Partyish politician out there.  That would be Sharron Angle.  Shouldn’t that anti- New World Order contingency be pumping up Sharron Angle instead of the watered-down New World Order Hack Rand Paul?

Interesting to note — I have long held that Reid will end up beating Angle.  There’s enough in the improbability of Harry Reid winning anything, even these circumstances, that I can envision the scenario developing that he loses — Rory Reid is running as Rory — a break from the typical first campaigns of political sons who tend to run with their forebear’s name highlighted — that we may end up with the classic low turnout large group of the electorate stretching the level at arm’s length with nose plugged to avoid the stench of this race.
What is interesting is that Angle’s “Disappearing Act” is her best road to election.  I sense something in the same genre with Jack Conway against Rand Paul, though with different reasonings.  Conway has to maintain a bit of a blank slate and come across as respectable and hope that Rand Paul ends up too insane.  Or so it seems to me.  (Note: I do predict, for the moment, Rand Paul wins the election.)

Sometime this week, for the sake of hearing Phil Hendrie, I turned on “Freedom 970”, the Suburban Barbecue Clip Art station, and they play a montage of a station promo that has a familiar ring.  It’s a bizarro version of the type of promo I’ve heard over the years on 620 KPOJ.  A bunch of Republicans, suggestions of bad tidings for the Democrats, paint a picture of Revolutionary Forment for a Congressional party switch in November.  All of which is pretty damned stupid.  The stranger thing is a promo with Nancy Pelosi calling out some hecklers, and a quip, “Spekaer Pelosis Under Fire on the Stump.  You’ll hear about it on Freedom 970.”  This was a terribly dull and uninteresting and unimportant story to hear about, but I guess it excites some audience… still rambling about it weeks later?

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