Freedom’s Waiting

Alpha Broadcasting has a building downtown where its radio stations are represented as that posters plastered with three each of that type of silhouette Clip Art.  Freedom 970 has a man barbecuing, a Soldier Saluting, and a woman shopping — denoting that, apparently, this is the height of Patriotism.

And Bush said, “Go shopping” after 9/11.

It’s a conservative station — natch, recently revamped with the addition of Sean Hannity and (because he comes with Sean Hannity) Mark Levine.  This is too bad — Phil Hendrie — a hold-over from previous corporate control at a less ideologically-straitened station — they clearly have deigned to get rid of — has been bumped to the wee hours of the night — in wait for eventual dropping.

Freedom’s Just another word for …?

Down aways, at the Max Stop in front of the Courthouse, I’m not paying attention to much of anything when a suit security detail of one sort or other — not the bulky type, but a management sort — shouts “I saw that!”  I look over, and see that he is communicating to this sort of pan handling-looking — reasonably clean — 20 something, I guess.  He shouts, “What?  What?”  The security says, “That little transaction.”  “I was just giving change for a dollar.  What?  You gonna hassle me?”  Security points to a camera.  Life goes on.

I am confused by this scene.  Down from this lad is a woman, scuzzier looking, with a sign of that “Need Money to Pay off Ninjas” variety, more conspicuous than this guy — so it can’t be an outlawing of “Spare Change?” Did he exchange the marijuana, or security believe he did so?  The latter possibility is unfortunate — the guy’s not going to have the benefit of the doubt if this goes up further — and that camera had better show something definitive for his sake.  As it were, I’m inclined to view this as a sort of act of Intimidation — “You’ve been warned”.

Meanwhile, I look around, planting three quick figures for silhouetting purposes.  Something vaguely iconic about it.

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