Is this story of any interest? Probably not. Yet it dominated the blog aggregator.

Dave Wiegel.

There has long been this controversy, of sorts, surrounding the “JournOList” emailing list, I guess since either it began or since it was discovered to exist.  It took on a conspiratorial overtone — the Liberal Media, or at least the part that now throws out several blog posts at a good little clip — was hasing out the “Line” to follow for the day, and Journolist was today’s version of the ComIntern.

I was never all that impressed by this concept, the mental relationship of those that held onto this coming across like this New Yorker bit on how Children imagine the conversation at the “Grown Up Table” goes.  I imagined the actual conversations tossed about in this closed space were rather uninteresting, and that anything of interest would be the most likely items to end up farmed out into publically available opinion pieces, and a lot of stuff of rather “Villager Clique” inside-their-particular portion of the Beltway inconsequentiality.  The latter is what the leaked emails show.  This is not all that interesting or original an opinion of Matt Drudge.  Maybe there is something cabalist about the call to deny linking to the Examiner, which I guess we’ll see if this Standard Oil-ish Monopolistic Trust will be broken up any day now.

Really, the person who leaked this crap is a bottom feeder.  Motive?  I like this one I see that it was a liberal charging against his defense of Rand Paul.  But that’s too cute by half.  Myself, I cannot say that Dave Weigel registered with me — his links popped up to my consciousness on occassion — he amplified the odd assortment of Alabama politicians’ campaigns so en vogue these days.  I think he was the one who followed through in flushing out the odd assortment of politicians digging for the Birther vote.  And the three or four posts on the 90 year old ex-Trotskyite not fully comfortably ideologically classified Godwin’s Law breaking Perpetual Economic Doomsday Cult Leader — well, there’s always a better than even chance I’ll link to that.

I was aware, by breezing through the comments on the occasion I bumped to the link over to his blog, that “Movement Conservative” was hostile to him as a person following some doings and corners of corners of the “Conservative Movement” in unflattering manner.  I note that yesterday, the number one story in the blog aggregator I checked in with (nothing special — google) was the Dave Weigel story, and the number one slot — redstate dot com.  This is a weird set of priorities, all things considered — there are things of more import in the world, like, I don’t know… this is interesting.

Blackwater changed its name (it’s now called Xe), but its reputation has stuck to it like crude oil on a Gulf bird.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise that when news of a $100 million contract with the CIA broke this week, some members of Congress were very angry.

“I’m just mystified why any branch of the government would decide to hire Blackwater, such a repeat offender” Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Illinois, told ABC News. “We’re talking about murder… A company with a horrible reputation that really jeopardizes our mission in so many different, different ways.”

Cue Obama and Hillary Clinton campaign rhetoric, and…

Someone at the National Review’s corner marks this as the “low Point” for the relationship between the Conservative Movement and the Washington Post.  If they say so — I thought that happened when they published the investigative pieces about Watergate.  Weigel then slides into the argument from Newsbusters about the new Spitzer — Parker CNN program — Parker is too Alan-Colmish; Weigel goes on about kooks.

I don’t cry for Dave Weigel, barely aware of his existence, nod about here , and he’ll pop somewhere in a hurry.  Possibly something is said of the Washington Post, but nothing nobody already knew.  There’s something there in the bifrocation of sides — we have two sides, pick one or the other — Dave Weigel currently more useful to the Progressives, though change our partisan alignment 40 degrees or so to encampus different issues and he’ll become more useful to the Conservative Side in due time.

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