The 1000 Point Dow Dump in retrospect: it’s drugs and sex, baby!

Bring back the Anarchists!

Sarah Palin groan:  to be fair, Obama called for God’s Guidance at the end of his speech.

Get to know the Constitution Party, the political party that endorses the Pauls, that Sharron Angle worked her way up through, that includes Yamhill County Commissioner run-off candidate Mary Starrett

Republican Party bought out many a Green Party candidate, so they know when the Democrats pick up the Tea Party of Florida, maybe?

Bringing back the Democratic Party to the principles of 1896, after losing its way with the Adlai Stevenson — John Kennedy Monster.

Remembering Dr. Franklin E. “Frank” Kameny, before Stonewall.

N.Korean Footballers Charm Fans in S.Africa, get their butts kicked in first game to be shown on N Korean state media.

What you didn’t know about Rebel Without a Cause: virtually everything.

Interesting reference?

One big circle jerk: Ron Paul on the Lew Rockwell Show????

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