There is some rather odd reporting regarding the Missing Six Year old boy.  It was enough to make me suspect smoke signals are being sent — a quick radio report snippet that “tips are coming in from all over” — a Psychic called in that she conjured up his presence in Northern California, and a report came also came in from Northern California of a spotting with him with an elderly couple — that was checked up in, and it turned out to be a boy with the same appearance.

All right.  Good to know (perhaps?) about the high profile nature of the case coming up with a mist-sighting — but did we really need to know that a “psychic” called in?

Mostly, I suspect, we’re just filling time here.  It’s a story that’s got to be left into the public awareness, but there really just is not anything of substantive news.  Drop information on donation fund for “Search and Rescue” efforts, and what else?  It’s a sad story, and in a flash I can come up with a number of scenarios.  A “bad outcome” scenarios are more likely than than a “good outcome” scenarios.  From what I gather, the best outcome is that he was kidnapped by very benevelont (though, I guess, emotionally needy) kidnappers who are taking good care of him.  Seriously — you have anything better than that?

Meantime, the local chapter (or whatever) of the “National Alliance” has taken full advantage of the situation.  If you’re in whatever parts of the city, you’ve seen those godawful yellow stickers they place — in the dead of night, naturally — at posts.  “Preserve the White Race”, and blah de blah.  They’ve cheap adhesive, such that to remove them is to end up with difficulty scraping them off — by design, I suppose.  So, yesterday, and today, in the front of a free newspaper dispenser (The Portland Tribune, I believe) what is there?  A flier.  “Missing” — picture of a baby “White Children’s Future”, and blah de blah.  I, naturally, pulled them out, crumpled them, and threw them away.

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