Wishful thinking: Barney Frank’s commission recommends $1 Trillion in Defense Cuts

The futile attempt to get Rand Paul’s campaign to say something.

Log Cabin Republicans hold “Tea Bag” toss

Hey!  I’ve seen news headlines like that in the US of A.

Authorartian dealings in Russia.
(And yes, that is a pretty sleazy ad from “Right Shirts” — but, I guess no different than how Huffington Post picks up traffic).

Jobs!  Jobs!  We’ve got your Jobs!  No… wait… What?

The story of Doitchin Krasev: Model Employee.

The BP station  irony of the moment

Checking in with the Clint Didier Campaign.

Not quite my reaction to today’s Wizard of Id, but my thoughts run in the same ballpark.

The election is over, but it’s worth pointing out This American Life’s debunking of some campaign fodder from Stever Poiznerlink at the bottom of this page.

Must be weird to know you’re read and bookmarked by a Cult

Want to hear from “W”?

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